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(Occupy.com)  Like other Bernie Sanders delegates in Philadelphia a few weeks ago, I kept hearing about the crucial need to close ranks behind Hillary Clinton. “Unity” was the watchword. But Clinton has reaffirmed her unity with corporate America.

Rhetoric aside, Clinton is showing her solidarity with the nemesis of the Sanders campaign – Wall Street. The trend continued last week with the announcement that Clinton has tapped former senator and Interior secretary Ken Salazar to chair her transition team.

After many months of asserting that her support for the “gold standard” Trans-Pacific Partnership was a thing of the past – and after declaring that she wants restrictions on fracking so stringent that it could scarcely continue – Clinton has now selected a vehement advocate for the TPP and for fracking, to coordinate the process of staffing the top of her administration.

But wait, there’s more – much more than Salazar’s record – to tell us where the planning for the Hillary Clinton presidency is headed.

On the surface, it might seem like mere inside baseball to read about the transition team’s four co-chairs, described by Politico as “veteran Clinton aides Maggie Williams and Neera Tanden” along with “former National Security Adviser Tom Donilon and former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm.” But the leaders of the transition team – including Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, who is also president of the Clinton-Kaine Transition Project – will wield enormous power.

“The transition team is one of the absolute most important things in the world for a new administration,” says William K. Black, who has held key positions at several major regulatory agencies such as the Federal Home Loan Bank Board. Along with “deciding what are we actually going to make our policy priorities,” the transition team will handle key questions: “Who will the top people be? Who are we going to vet, to hold all of the cabinet positions, and many non-cabinet positions, as well? The whole staffing of the senior leadership of the White House.”

Black’s assessment of Salazar, Podesta and the transition team’s four co-chairs is withering. “These aren’t just DNC regulars, Democratic National Committee regulars,” he said in an interview with The Real News Network. “What you’re seeing is complete domination by what used to be the Democratic Leadership Council. So this was a group we talked about in the past. Very, very, very right-wing on foreign policy, what they called a muscular foreign policy, which was a euphemism for invading places. And very, very tough on crime – this was that era of mass incarceration that Bill Clinton pushed, and it’s when Hillary was talking about black ‘superpredators,’ this myth, this so dangerous myth.”

Black added: “And on the economic side, they were all in favor of austerity. All in favor of privatization. Tried to do a deal with Newt Gingrich to privatize Social Security. And of course, were all in favor of things like NAFTA.”

As for Hillary Clinton’s widely heralded “move to the left” in recent months, Black said that it “was purely calculated for political purposes. And all of the team that’s going to hire all the key people and vet the key people for the most senior positions for at least the first several years of what increasingly looks likely to be a Clinton administration are going to be picked by these people, who are the opposite of progressive.”

In that light, Salazar is a grotesquely perfect choice to chair the transition team. After all of Clinton’s efforts to present herself as a foe of the big-money doors that revolve between influence peddlers and government officials in Washington, her choice of Salazar – a partner at the lobbying powerhouse WilmerHale since 2013 – belies her smooth words. That choice means the oil and gas industry just hit a political gusher.

On both sides of the revolving doors, the industry has been ably served by Salazar, whose work included arguing for the Keystone XL pipeline. His support for fracking has been so ardent that it led him two years ago to make a notably fanciful claim: “We know that, from everything we’ve seen, there’s not a single case where hydraulic fracking has created an environmental problem for anyone.”

Salazar is part of a clear pattern. Clinton’s selection of Tim Kaine for vice president underscored why so many progressives distrust her. Kaine was among just one-quarter of Democrats in the Senate who voted last year to fast track the TPP. When he was Virginia’s governor, Kaine said that “I strongly support” a so-called right-to-work law that is anathema to organized labor. A few years ago he faulted fellow Democrats who sought to increase taxes for millionaires.

Clinton announced the Kaine pick while surely knowing that many progressives would find it abhorrent. A week beforehand, the Bernie Delegates Network released the results of a survey of Sanders delegates showing that 88 percent said they would find selection of Kaine “unacceptable.” Only 3 percent of the several hundred respondents said it would be “acceptable.”

The first big post-election showdown will be over the TPP in the lame-duck session of Congress. Clinton’s spokesman Brian Fallon reiterated a week ago that “she is against the TPP before the election and after the election.” But her choices for running mate and transition team have sent a very different message. And it’s likely that she is laying groundwork to convey anemic “opposition” that will be understood on Capitol Hill as a wink-and-nod from a president-elect who wouldn’t mind “aye” votes for the TPP.

Blessed with an unhinged and widely deplored Republican opponent, Hillary Clinton may be able to defeat him without doing much to mend fences with alienated Sanders voters. But Clinton’s smooth rhetoric should not change the fact that – on a vast array of issues – basic principles will require progressives to fight against her actual policy goals, every step of the way.

Norman Solomon is national coordinator of the Bernie Delegates Network, co-founder of RootsAction.org and executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy.

Hillary Clinton, corporate presidency, Trans-Pacific Partnership, TPP, oil and gas industry, fracking, Ken Salazar, John Podesta, Bernie Sanders, Tim Kaine, Democratic National Committee, DNC

– See more at: http://www.occupy.com/article/clinton%E2%80%99s-transition-team-corporate-presidency-foretold?utm_source=Website+%27Join+Us%27&utm_campaign=8b30cf5a6f-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_77fe4a462d-8b30cf5a6f-73720709#sthash.DrH3qr8w.dpuf

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(Occupy.com)  The banlieues, suburbs existing beyond the Périphérique on the outskirts of Paris, are part of a complex socioeconomic and cultural world which is seldom viewed outside the context of its issues and problems. It is a place only its working class residents truly know, and their stories often do not mirror the scenes in La Haine.

With his 1960 black and white short film “L’Amour existe,” referenced by Luc Sante in his book The Other Paris, Maurice Pialat introduced the banlieue not as the regressive dystopian zone it is frequently described as these days, but simply as a place to live and enjoy life. Voiced by Jean-Loup Reinhold, Pialat’s own words about the banlieues highlight the indelible imprint these places made in his life: “My first memory is a memory of suburbs. On the borders of my memory, a suburban train passes, as in a film.”

Now, we have a new interpretation of banlieues within the current cycle of global activism: Banlieues Debout.

David Cousy, a co-founder of Banlieues Debout, says the banlieues-centric movement is a spinoff of Nuit Debout Paris, but functions independently of the horizontal democracy-based movement from which it takes its name. Cousy says it takes him 40 minutes to ride the train from his Les Bleuets neighborhood in Créteil to Place de la République, which has functioned as the main site of the Nuit Debout Paris movement since March 31.

Cousy’s commute is easier than it is for many banlieue residents. He says their longer commute can be exhausting in and of itself. “Yes, it sometimes creates a sense of despair for people that have to take a crowded train for an hour and a half to go to work and then have to take the same time to come back home, which implies that they cannot spend the time they want to or need to with their families and relatives and can feel like their life is only sleeping, riding the train, working and sleeping again,” he notes.

Lately, in addition to the daily realities experienced by banlieue residents, there has been much focus on a case of police brutality involving a 24-year-old man named Adama Traoré, who died under questionable circumstances while in the custody of French police on July 19.

Quoi Ma Gueule, an organization that has focused on ethnic and racial profiling, as well as the controversial French paperless system – which does not produce citations or tickets, and which French President François Hollande promised to address before he was elected, but has failed to do so since – has spread awareness about police brutality in France by listing the names of people who have died at the hands of authorities, including Lamine Dieng (2007), Hakim Ajimi (2008), Ali Ziri (2009), Amadou Koumé (2015) and Traoré, whose latest autopsy declared he died of asphyxiation after an earlier autopsy attributed his death to infection and a heart problem.

“This kind of police brutality is maybe rare if we have to compare France with some other countries, but this is still too much and too often that it happens and most of the time, the citizens of the banlieues are the first victims of the abuses,” says Cousy.

Several protests and memorial tributes have been held in Traoré’s honor. In his letter to French prosecutor Yves Jannier, Dominique Sopo, the president of an anti-racism organization SOS Racisme, asked pointedly, “What is the chain of circumstances that led to the death of Adama Traoré? No one knows yet exactly but the issue of the responsibility of the police who effected his arrest is legitimately asked, whether you like it or not.” More than 10 years ago, in 2005, the deaths of Bouna Traoré and Zyed Benna, who died after being chased by police, led to a massive rebellion in the banlieues.

Other issues of the suburbs addressed by Banlieues Debout center around the economic realities of many banlieue residents. High unemployment remains a problem in the banlieues, where many residents could be described as working class. There are also middle class residents and some wealthy residents. However, sometimes residents who live in the suburbs find themselves in precarious positions and emergency situations.

Just recently in Montreuil, the same banlieue where Georges Melies’s old studio was demolished according to Pialat’s “L’amour existe,” a group of 13 Romani immigrant families were evicted from their homes and forced to live on sidewalks. “About the recent situation of the Romani families which were expelled and displaced from their homes recently which happened at 250 Boulevard de la Boissière in Montreuil, we wanted to show our solidarity with these citizens that are now homeless, with little children, and left alone in the streets,” says Cousy.

In another case, a working woman was threatened with being evicted from her apartment because the apartment had a major infestation of bed bugs and she felt it was unfair to continue paying to live in a place dominated by insects. According to Cousy, who is also president of a community organization called Créteil 3.0, Banlieues Debout organized a march of 50 people to address the issue. He hopes the action will result in the woman and her family being moved into better living quarters.

Since his involvement in Nuit Debout Paris, Cousy determined that the banlieues would be a better place to address the pressing economic and social issues facing residents than Place de la République in Paris. The movement in Paris originally focused on the draconian Loi Travail, or Loi El Khomri, a new labor law passed by invoking the authoritarian 49-3 clause of the French Constitution. He disagreed with the “neocolonial” idea of Nuitdeboutistes who don’t live in the banlieues attempting to organize on behalf of banlieue residents by creating a commission.

“That’s why we launched Banlieues Debout, calling for an independent mobilization in the banlieues, and more than 40 cities answered that call and began to meet at their public places each week to organize free and public democratic debates about their future and the future of their cities and the residents of the banlieues,” Cousy says.

Along the lines of making sure banlieue residents’ voices are heard in their own neighborhoods and cities, Cousy offers another way of looking at residents that debunks what he feels are rampant misconceptions and stereotypes of people who live in the banlieues.

“What I like about people who live out there is that everyone is very proud of their ‘banlieursarde’ identity. They are really hard workers and very creative people in every field, not only in sports and rap music; they have a strong will to succeed,” he says. Describing the suburbs as “a big concrete village where everybody knows each other” and which are also a lot less noisy than Paris, he adds: “Plus, you have really nice squares and parks in the suburbs, which means more nature and more places where you can go for a run or a walk. In a way, I think that life in the suburbs may be healthier than life inside of Paris.”

For now, if Banlieues Debout can draw further attention to the economic conditions facing people in the suburbs, it will be a step toward building the movement power achieved last spring by urban protesters with Nuit Debout.

Nuit Debout, Banlieues Debout, French street protests, Quoi Ma Gueule, police brutality, police violence, SOS Racisme, combatting racism, Créteil 3.0, David Cousy

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Don Tapscott: How The Blockchain is Changing Money and Business

TED Talk | TED.com: What is the blockchain? If you don’t know, you should; if you do, chances are you still need some clarification on how it actually works. Don Tapscott is here to help, demystifying this world-changing, trust-building technology which, he says, represents nothing less than the second generation of the internet and holds the potential to transform money, business, government and society.

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, U.S., August 25, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, U.S., August 25, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

By Michael Rosenblum (huffingtonpost.com)

August 25, 2016

Donald Trump is going to be elected president.

The American people voted for him a long time ago.

They voted for him when The History Channel went from showing documentaries about the Second World War to “Pawn Stars” and “Swamp People.”

They voted for him when The Discovery Channel went from showing “Lost Treasures of the Yangtze Valley” to “Naked and Afraid.”

They voted for him when The Learning Channel moved from something you could learn from to “My 600-lb Life.”

They voted for him when CBS went from airing “Harvest of Shame” to airing “Big Brother.”

These networks didn’t make these programming changes by accident. They were responding to what the American people actually wanted. And what they wanted was “Naked and Afraid” and “Duck Dynasty.”

The polls may show that Donald Trump is losing to Hillary Clinton, but don’t you believe those polls. When the AC Nielsen Company selects a new Nielsen family, they disregard the new family’s results for the first three months. The reason: when they feel they are being monitored, people lie about what they are watching. In the first three months, knowing they are being watched, they will tune into PBS. But over time they get tired of pretending. Then it is back to the Kardashians.

The same goes for people who are being asked by pollsters for whom they are voting. They will not say Donald Trump. It is too embarrassing. But the truth is, they like Trump. He is just like their favorite shows on TV.

Mindless entertainment.

Trump’s replacement of Paul Manafort with Breitbart’s Steve Bannon shows that Trump understands how Americans actually think. They think TV. They think ratings. They think entertainment.

We are a TV-based culture. We have been for some time now. The average American spends 5 hours a day, every day, watching TV. After sleep, it is our number one activity.

More shockingly, we spend 8.5 hours a day staring at screens — phones, tablets, computers. And more and more of the content on those devices is also video and TV.

If you spend 5-8 hours a day, every day, for years and years doing the same thing it has an impact on you. For the past 40 years, we have devoted 5-8 hours a day staring at a screen — every day. And we haven’t been watching Judy Woodruff. We have been watching reality TV shows. That is what we love. That is what we resonate to. “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

The French may love food. The Italians may love opera. What we love is TV. We are TV culture. It defines who we are.

In the 1950s, early television was allowed, with many restrictions, to be an observational guest at political conventions. They were quiet “flies on the wall,” carefully and quietly commentating on what they saw way down below. They did not get involved in the process. Today, they ARE the process. Today, political conventions are nothing but carefully directed TV shows. Likewise “debates.” They exist only to entertain a TV audience. TV and entertainment now dictate everything political. It is a never-ending show. The biggest reality show on air.

And Donald Trump is great TV.

He knows how to entertain.

He understands ratings.

Hillary Clinton is crap TV.

She may be smarter, better prepared, a better politician. It won’t matter. She is terrible entertainment.

That’s just how it is. Depressing, but true.

He is Kim Kardashian. She is Judy Woodruff.

Who gets better ratings?

Who would you rather watch for the next four years?


In 1825, the great French gastronom Brillat de Savarind said, “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.” Today, in America, we can safely say, “Tell me what you watch, and I will tell you what you are.”

And what do we watch?

It isn’t “PBS NewsHour.”

As previously posted in TheVJ.com

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Action Council Weekly Calendar (from Adrienne Fong and Patricia Gray)

Please keep Pat in your thoughts – she was in a car accident on Tuesday and is home recuperating.

If you know of events or have comments, send items for posting by Tuesday Noon to: pat1936@gmail.com 


~ Action Council ~

Occupy San Francisco Bulletin Board:


Wednesday, August 24

A 24, Wednesday, 11:00am, Protest to Fire Judge Persky

California Commission on Judicial Performance
455 Golden Gate Ave,
San Francisco, CA 94102

Demand justice for survivors: Remove Judge Aaron Persky

Brock Turner raped an unconscious woman behind a dumpster near a frat party, and was only sentenced to six months in prison because Judge Persky thought a longer sentence would have a “severe impact” on him.

A 24, Wednesday, 5:30pm – 7:00pm, Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline Solidarity Action: SF Bay (Rally)

SF Federal Building
7th & Mission Street

Construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline has been put on hold until a Washington D.C. court date on Wednesday, August 24th. Which was brought on by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

The tribe is suing federal regulators who approved the permits that allow the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which would move oil from North Dakota to Illinois, potentially polluting the water supply on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

The tribe has launched an international campaign, called “Rezpect our Water”, asking the Army Corps to deny the key permits for the pipeline.

Organized by Indigenous People Organizing for Change, Chinese Progressive Association -SF & Indigenous Women of the Americas Defending Mother Earth.

Info / History: https://www.facebook.com/events/641478426006992

A 24, Wednesday, 6:00pm – 7:00pm, Vigil. DA Gascón: Do the right thing! Charge the officers who killed Amilcar with murder!

Mission Police Station
Valencia & 17th St.

Mission Station is where the officers who killed Amilcar are stationed. We continue to shine a spotlight on them.

Info: http://us6.campaign-archive2.com/?u=1cffc40a58193b3d538400764&id=0717a458d9&e=6b241a1fbd

A 24, Wednesday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, Community Meeting “Search for SF Chief of Police” (4th community meeting) 

Scottish Rite Masonic Center
2850 19th Avenue

The San Francisco Police Commission is seeking community input on the recruitment process for the next San Francisco Chief of Police. Members of the public are welcome to provide public comment at the scheduled community meetings and / or take the on-line community input survey available at:http://www.ralphandersen.com/sfpc-survey/ . The deadline is August 31, 2016

Come voice your opinion! Demand transparency in the process.

The last community meeting will be on Monday, August 29th

 ▪Monday, August 29, 2016, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at St. Mary’s Cathedral, 1111 Gough Street, San Francisco

ACTION:  If you would like to be part of a presence from 5:30pm – 6:15pm on Monday, outside the Cathedral with others holding a 70 foot long paper ribbon banner with the names of those killed by the SFPD from 2000 – 2016, contact afong@jps.net.

A 24, Wednesday, 6:30pm, Urgent! Richmond  Shoreline Toxics Meeting

Richmond Field Station
1301 South 46th Street, Rm 454

The California State Dept. Of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) is holding a public hearing on the proposed clean up by Zeneca Inc of former chemical evaporation ponds on the Richmond Shoreline very near the SF Bay Trail.

These highly polluted ponds are a toxic soup of arsenic and proprietary pesticides dumped by Stauffer Chemical & Zeneca Inc., including the same chemical that was involved in the deadly Bophal, India accident.

Info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/278994939153465/

Thursday, August 25

A 25, Thursday, 4:00pm, City College of SF Board of Trustees Meeting

CCSF – Ocean Campus
Phelan Avenue
MUB 140

4:00 pm – Public Comment on Closed Session Agenda
6:45 pm – Open Session
Click for: Agenda

A 25, Thursday, 6:30pm – 9:00pm, OPP Workshop: Know Your Options in Chronic Health

955 – 7th Street


Because policing fails to meet people’s needs, and puts people in danger of arrest, imprisonment, and/or even death, we must eliminate connections between policing and healthcare.

Workshop is designed to increase people’s understanding of how policing, incarceration and gentrification drive health inequalities manifest as chronic illnesses and to empower folks who live with them to access the care they need with minimal contact with law enforcement.

Sponsor: Critical Resistance & Oakland Power Projects

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/121405968291882/

Friday, August 26

A 26, Friday, 6:00pm, Remembering Amilcar, and stepping up the fight

Meet at site where Amilcar was murdered

Folsom Street (between 24th and 25th Streets)

August 26th marks 18 months since the SFPD officers Craig Tiffe and Eric Reboli murdered Amilcar Perez Lopez by firing six shots to his back. Eighteen months and still the DA has not charged the officers with murder.

At the site where the police murdered him, we’ll remember Amilcar in story, song, poetry, dance, and prayer.

After gathering at his murder site, we’ll march to the site where Luis Gongora Pat was murdered then to Mission Police Station where the officers who killed Amilcar are now stationed.

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/942371939241850/

7:00  pm                     2969 Mission St.  (near 24th St. Bart)
                                  Between 25th + 26th St
                                  TRUMP IS POISON, BUT IS CLINTON THE 
                                  speaker Richard Becker
                                  Co Author of a new book on an in depth study
                                  Clinton’s foreign and domestic policies.
                                  refreshments served
                                  $3.00 – $10.00 requested. No one turned away
                                  for lack of funds.
                                  more info   415-821-6171

A 26, Friday, 7:30pm – A 27 Saturday, 9pm, Town Hall: Police Militarization Training in Pleasanton

4477 Black Ave.
Pleasanton, CA

Come out to learn more about “Urban Shield,” a police militarization training and venue for selling military-grade weaponry that will be held in Pleasanton on Sept. 9th. Urban Shield promotes the use of deadly force as a first level of response and is subsidized by federal money.

The town hall will be an opportunity for residents of Pleasanton and surrounding areas to understand what exactly Urban Shield is, the harmful impacts it has on our communities, and our efforts to call for the defunding of this harmful program. We will also explore more effective models of emergency response training and systems that are not based on a warfare-style mentality and approach.

URBAN SHIELD WebinarThis is the video/recording of a webinar on Urban Shield – it is about 45min long. But will help you understand the local, national and international implications of Urban Shield :https://vimeo.com/178061553

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/869048259890733/?active_tab=highlights

Monday Aug. 29
   6:00 – 9:00 pm          St. Mary’s Cathedral
                                  1111 Gough St.
                                   SEARCH FOR A NEW POLICE CHIEF
                                   Discussion of what we want in a new police
                                   Chief and a questionnaire seeking your opinion
                                   on the importance of attributes needed for a
                                   person to be successful in this job.
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You Have a Choice! (from Patricia Gray)

Endless wars on Terror based on the official story of 9/11.
Bailed out the banksters with trillions of our dollars.
Stripped us of rights to a trial, privacy and free speech.
The President may have anyone, anywhere killed by drones.
Institute austerity by cutting domestic programs.
For-profit health care with no price control on prescribed drugs.
Globalization with massive job loss in the United States.
Imprison whistle blowers for telling the truth.
Unfair tax system – the working people pay, rich people get tax cuts.
Fund the Israeli military to assist them in killing Palestinians.
Both major parties are funded by corporate ‘donations’.

Foreign policy based on international law and diplomacy.
Reduce the military by 50%.
Forgive student debt at public colleges and universities.
Medicare for all!
End the use of ‘enhanced interrogation’ (torture).
End ‘Extraordinary Rendition’ (kidnapping and killing people).
Repeal the Taft Hartley Act and forbid firing without cause.
Create a Green New Deal — jobs and renewable energy.
Set a $15.00 minimum wage nationwide.
Demilitarize the police and keep them under local control.
Green Party candidates accept NO corporate funding.


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Short calendar (from Patricia Gray)

I was in an auto accident this morning and have just come home from San Francisco General Hospital. I was rear ended and was the middle car in a three car accident.  I’m in not shape to put out the calendar for the week.  I’ll just tell you what I know is going on tomorrow.  I’ll do the rest of the week tomorrow.

Wednesday August 24
11:00 am           California Commission of Judicial Performance 
                         455 Golden Gate Ave. SF
                         REMOVE JUDGE PERSKY
                         He sentenced the rapist Brock Turner to only six
                         months in jail.
                         We demand justice for survivors!
                         sponsored by the Ultra Violet Team
5:30 pm     S.F. Federal Bldg.  90 7th St. S.F. 
                 REZPECT OUR WATER
                 A new oil pipeline, the Dakota Access Pipeline, is being
                 built between North Dakota to Illinois where it will link
                 with another pipeline to the Gulf of Mexico. The Standing
                 Rock Sioux has sued the Army Corp of Engineers for
                 violation under the National Historic Preservation Act.
                 They have launched an international campaign called
                “Rezpect Our Water”.
                 This action is hosted by Indigenous Women of the
                 Americas Defending Mother Earth.
5:30 – 6:30  Market and Montgomery St. 
                  PEACE VIGIL
                  As our government makes preparations to attack Russia
                  over lies that Russia invaded Ukraine, it is important
                  to demonstrate that all these wars must END.  We want
                  peace on earth and our tax funds to be used to meet
                  the needs of our people and our environment—not
                  for endless wars.
Since this is a shortened calendar I am going to add a subject
for the upcoming 5 year celebration of our Occupy movement.  I
know that when we began, we stated that we are not a political
organization, but I think that needs to be reassessed and that
we should discuss this at our gathering on Saturday Sept.17.
I am attaching a leaflet I made on the upcoming election—it is
information and not telling you how to vote. It is entitled,
         YOU HAVE A CHOICE! 
If you like it you can forward it to friends
          or print it out and give it to people.
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Pandora’s Promise – Official Trailer

Impact Partners presents PANDORA’S PROMISE, the groundbreaking new film by Academy-Award®-nominated director Robert Stone. The atomic bomb and meltdowns like Fukushima have made nuclear power synonymous with global disaster. But what if we’ve got nuclear power wrong? An audience favorite at the Sundance Film Festival, PANDORA’S PROMISE asks whether the one technology we fear most could save our planet from a climate catastrophe, while providing the energy needed to lift billions of people in the developing world out of poverty. In his controversial new film, Stone tells the intensely personal stories of environmentalists and energy experts who have undergone a radical conversion from being fiercely anti to strongly pro-nuclear energy, risking their careers and reputations in the process. Stone exposes this controversy within the environmental movement head-on with stories of defection by heavy weights including Stewart Brand, Richard Rhodes, Gwyneth Cravens, Mark Lynas and Michael Shellenberger. Undaunted and fearlessly independent, PANDORA’S PROMISE is a landmark work that is forever changing the conversation about the myths and science behind this deeply emotional and polarizing issue.

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The Revolution Continues

“Our Revolution” Organizing Kickoff

Full event details:


Organizing Kickoff
On August 24, Bernie Sanders will present a livestream address to the national network of volunteers who brought him close to victory in the recent Democratic primaries. His talk will present “Our Revolution,” the nationwide organization that grew out of that amazing campaign and lay out some of the next steps we can take as a movement to empower a wave of progressive candidates this November. 

Wednesday, August 24  •  5:30 P.M. 

St. Mark’s Urban Life Center
1111 O’Farrell St., San Francisco

 A free public forum — Wheelchair accessible

Cost: Free

Attend a watch party map: BernieSanders.com

Join Our Revolution
Find the nearest volunteer activity or meeting near you.

Our Revolution Locations

We have sunsetted our work on FeelTheBern.org but encourage all of you to follow Our Revolution, Bernie’s new nonprofit aimed at helping elect progressives up and down the ticket, throughout the country. Remember, this was never about Bernie Sanders specifically, so much as it was about the issues he has long and consistently fought for. #ourrevolution

Political pundits and the billionaire class are watching very closely to see what Bernie supporters do next. Some of them might be tempted to believe our political revolution is toast. They want our extraordinary phone banking, door knocking, and grassroots organizing efforts to stop. They want us to get discouraged. They want to vanquish our movement once and for all. We aren’t going to let that happen. That’s why, on the evening of August 24, we will kick off a new organization called Our Revolution with a major live stream address where Bernie will talk about the specifics of what we can do as organizers going forward to fight for every single issue that drove this campaign.

Thanks to all of your hard work through our campaign this past year, we’ve assembled a mass movement of millions of people ready to fight for the country we know we can become. On August 24, Bernie will address our national network of volunteers live at more than 2,000 organizing meetings across the country. Please attend one of those meetings in your area so you can get involved in the next steps for Our Revolution.

However, due to the large number of events coming on line, the site administrators have not yet been able to update the location from our original listing at our Unitarian Universalist Church meeting site.  St. Mark’s Urban Life Center is in the immediate vicinity.

San Francisco Progressive Democrats of America

Organizing Kickoff
On August 24, Bernie Sanders will present a livestream address to the national network of volunteers who brought him close to victory in the recent Democratic primaries. His talk will present “Our Revolution,” the nationwide organization that grew out of that amazing campaign and lay out some of the next steps we can take as a movement to empower a wave of progressive candidates this November. 
Wednesday, August 24   •  5:30 P.M.
St. Mark’s Urban Life Center
1111 O’Farrell St., San Francisco
 A free public forum — Wheelchair accessible 
PDA (Progressive Democrats of America: http://www.pdamerica.org/) is the nationwide organization that first urged Independent Bernie Sanders to run as a Democrat in the 2016 presidential primary election.
For more information, call 415-640-3498 or email SanFranPDA@aol.com

However, due to the large number of events coming on line, the site administrators have not yet been able to update the location from our original listing at our Unitarian Universalist Church meeting site. 

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Beyond Occupy Art Build

Beyond Occupy Art BuildAUG 21, Sunday 11 AM
Beyond Occupy Art Build
759 59th St, Oakland, CA

Come build some secret art for the gathering. Come for a short time or come for a long time. we’ll have snacks and laughs. I’m .7 mi from Ashby BART and we can come and give rides from there. personal msg me if that is something you’d like.

Kelly Johnson Revolutionary Photographywent through all the art yesterday and i think we have one more big build for the small art pieces then a lg construction build then we’ll be done.

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