Announcements for Wednesday & Thursday (Adrienne Fong)

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A. Intel Behind Trump’s Syria Attack Questioned (June 25 – Ray McGovern)

  -Seymour Hersh’s investigation

B. Luis Góngora Pat alter site on Shotwell St., SF  was destroyed this week

    From the photos it looks like a clean sweep!

C. BART joins sanctuary movement, will not enforce federal immigration laws (June 22, 2017)

D. Pride Parade Halted Briefly By Black Lives Matter Demonstrators (In Minnesota June 25, 2017)

 ~ Protesters Block Pride Parade, Demand Police Be Removed~


Wednesday, June 28 & Thursday June 29

Wednesday, June 28

1.  Wednesday, 12Noon – 1:00pm, Protect Our Healthcare: Emergency Action

SF Federal Building
90 7th Street

Alert sent out earlier.

FYI – Sen Mitch McConnell is using the next few days to gain support for the Affordable Health Care Repeal Bill among his colleagues. Please continue to make calls for the Alert that went out.


2.  Wednesday, 12 Noon – 1:00pm, Beyond Prisons: A Conversation

Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus
55 Columbus Ave.

Thousands of people in California prisons were sentenced to spend the rest of their lives locked up as youth.

Many are immigrants who resettled in the United States at such a young age often after being displaced by war or political instability in their country of origin. Immigrants who manage to overcome overwhelming obstacles to release only to face the additional punishment of deportation. 

Join Danny Thongsy, Asian Law Caucus’ 2017 Yuri Kochiyama Fellow, in a conversation with Ke Lam, Daniel Maher and Ny Nourn, on their experience growing up both outside and inside of prison and then fighting deportation after getting release


3.  Wednesday, 2:00pm – 4:00pm, Waterfront Lawsuit by Newsom Commission Against SF in Court

SF Superior Court
400 McAllister St.

Attorneys for San Francisco and a state commission chaired by Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom will go before a judge to make their case in a high-profile lawsuit that could reshape waterfronts along the coast of California. 

The lawsuit, California State Lands Commission v. City and County of San Francisco, was filed three years ago after 59% of San Francisco voters voted to approve the Waterfront Height Limit Right to Vote Act of 2014, also known as “Proposition B.” The passage of the measure made it city law that new proposals to raise the existing building height limits along the San Francisco waterfront require voter approval/

The State Lands Commission lawsuit alleges that Proposition B violates state law.

If the lawsuit succeeds, it could nullify environmental and coastal protections in communities up and down the coast of California

Earlier this month, the Sierra Club and former State Senator John Burton, who authored the state law at issue in the case, filed a legal brief supporting San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera’s defense of the voter-approved waterfront protection measure against the State Lands Commission’s lawsuit. 

The SF Chamber of Commerce, business and development interests filed briefs supporting the state.

Host: No Wall on the Waterfront


4.  Wednesday, 5:30 – 6:30pm, PEACE VIGIL (Weekly – most Wednesdays)

Montgomery and Market
One Post Street
(on the steps facing Market Street, below Feinstein’s office,
directly above the Montgomery BART/Muni station).

Join us at the large IMPEACH Banner

This week we will be distributing flyers for the IMPEACHMENT March on Sunday                                                    

5.  Wednesday, 5:30pm – 7:30pm, Renters Unite! Tenant Convention

Bayanihan Community Center
1010 Market St.

Come & join your neighbors to a Tenant Convention to:

– get FREE Legal Tenant advice 
– Learn what to do with an eviction, landlord meeting, buy-out, nuisance & other tenant issues
– Get to know your neighbors & defend your home and community

Food and refreshments // Tagalog and Spanish translation

Host: South of Market Action Network


Thursday, June 29

6.  Thursday, 10:30am – 12Noon, Press Conference to Free Maguiber

1401 Lakeside Dr., #1200

Join us Thursday to demand the release of Maguiber, a Alameda father of 3 who is currently in deportation proceedings because of local law enforcements collaboration with ICE.

Help us continue sharing his story as we demand the Field Director Jennings use his prosecutoral descretion to release Maguiber.

Sponsor: California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance


7.  Thursday, 4:00pm – 8:00pm, Final Budget Meeting – Invest in People, Not Status Quo

Oakland City Hall
1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza

Monday’s City Council was a victory!

While the conservative caucus (Reid/McElhaney/Campbell-Washington/Guillen) tried to ride roughshod over the people and pass their “status quo” budget giving money to the hills, developers and OPD – the people successfully interrupted the meeting and demanded a delay on the vote and that the only budget that gets passed is the people’s budget:

 -More money for youth jobs
– Less money for cops
– More money for arts & artists
– More money for the unhoused
– More money for housing protections

People locked down and then everybody in the chamber joined (what was for them a spontaneous protest)  The City Council meeting was adjourned with no vote on the budget.

Sponsor: APTP


9.  Thursday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, Healthy CA SB 562 Info-Hour – Make California a Healthcare Sanctuary

Almanac San Francisco Taproom
2704 24th Street

Come learn about the Healthy California Act, SB 562, the exciting new bill that would make California a healthcare sanctuary! SB 562 proposes a universal, single-payer, publicly funded healthcare program that would provide all evidence based care free at the point of service for all residents of California. 

Join us for an info-happy hour to learn about this bill and find out how you can support the movement for a single-payer healthcare system in California!


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“Hawaii Becomes the First State to Pass a Bill in Support of Universal Basic Income” by Dom Galeon (

June 15, 2017
This month has shown that Hawaii may be the U.S.’s most forward-thinking state. Earlier in June, it became the first state to formally accept the provisions of the Paris Climate Accord, and now, the state congress has passed a bill that puts Hawaii on the path to universal basic income.


Innovation and forward-thinking may be Hawaii’s two biggest exports in 2017. Earlier this month, the state earned the distinction of being the first in the U.S. to formally accept the provisions of the Paris Climate Agreement after President Donald Trump decided to withdraw the nation from it, and now, Hawaii is taking the lead in embracing yet another innovative idea: universal basic income (UBI).

Today, Hawaii state representative Chris Lee wrote a Reddit post about House Concurrent Resolution 89, a bill he says he introduced in order to “start a conversation about our future.” According to Lee, “After much work and with the help of a few key colleagues, it passed both houses of the State Legislature unanimously.”

Lee also mentioned the development via Twitter:

The bill has two major provisions. First, it declares that all families in Hawaii are entitled to basic financial security. “As far as I’m told, it’s the first time any state has made such a pronouncement,” wrote Lee. The second provision establishes a number of government offices “to analyze our state’s economy and find ways to ensure all families have basic financial security, including an evaluation of different forms of a full or partial universal basic income.”

The congressman thanked “redditors” in his post, as he said the site became his first resource in considering UBI, and added a Reddit-standard TL;DR at the end: “The State of Hawaii is going to begin evaluating universal basic income.”


Under a UBI program, every citizen is granted a fixed income that’s not dependent on their status in life. Despite the current focus on the concept, it actually isn’t particularly new. In fact, former U.S. President Richard Nixon actually floated the idea back in 1969.

Universal Basic Income: The Answer to Automation?
Click to View Full Infographic

However, the benefits of such a program have become more appealing in light of recent technological advances, specifically, the adoption of automated systems that could result in widespread unemployment.

Proponents of UBI have highlighted how it would be an improvement on existing social welfare programs while mitigating the effects of the joblessness expected to follow automation. Critics think that UBI would encourage a more lax attitude about work and argue that funding such a system would be difficult, if not impossible.

Existing pilot programs, however, seem to indicate otherwise.

Hawaii may be the first U.S. state to pass any sort of UBI-positive legislation, but several countries around the globe are already testing the system. Finland began its two-year UBI pilot in 2016, and Germany has one as well. Canada plans to start trials in Prince Edward Island (PEI) and Ontario, while India is currently debating the merits of UBI. Several private UBI endeavors are also in the works, including one that uses blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Of course, the implementation of any major UBI program requires a great deal of political will. As Lee wrote, “Planning for the future isn’t politically sexy and won’t win anyone an election […]. But if we do it properly, we will all be much better off for it in the long run.”

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Turkish police clash with Gay Pride activists in Istanbul

© BULENT KILIC / AFP | Turkish riot police officers block an access to Istiklal avenue to prevent LGBT rights activists from going ahead with a Gay Pride annual parade on June 25, 2017 in Istanbul

Video by FRANCE 24


Latest update : 2017-06-26

Turkish police on Sunday thwarted an attempt by Gay Pride activists to hold a parade in the country’s largest city Istanbul in defiance of an official ban from the local authorities.

Police fired rubber bullets at a group of around 40 activists, an AFP journalist reported, a day after the city governor’s office banned the march citing safety and public order concerns.

Small groups gathered at Taksim Square but witnesses said a heavy police presence outnumbered the activists, and at least four people were detained.

It is the third year in a row that the march has been banned, and organisers denounced the move.

“We are not scared, we are here, we will not change,” the Pride Committee said in a statement on Sunday. “You are scared, you will change and you will get used to it.

“We are here again to show that we will fight in a determined fashion for our pride.”

‘Governors change, we stay’

In one of the biggest LGBT events in the mainly Muslim region, the 2014 Gay Pride parade in Istanbul drew tens of thousands of people.

Last year, with the city on the edge after bombings blamed on the Islamic State group and Kurdish militants, organisers were denied permission to march.

Riot police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse protesters who defied the ban.

Eleven activists went on trial in Istanbul this week for defying last year’s ban on the Gay Pride march, but they were all acquitted.

This year, the parade coincided with the first day of Eid, the festival marking the end of the holy Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

City authorities banned the parade after threats from far-right and conservative groups.

Critics accuse President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of having overseen a creeping Islamisation since he came to power, first as prime minister in 2003 and then president in 2014.

He has repeatedly infuriated activists with his conservative comments on sex and family planning, but has generally steered clear of commenting publicly on gay issues.

But in 2010, former family minister Aliye Kavaf, a woman, described homosexuality as a “biological disorder” and a “disease”.

Homosexuality has been legal in Turkey throughout the period of the modern republic but gay people in Turkey regularly complain of harassment and abuse.

“We are not alone, we are not wrong, we have not given up,” the Pride Committee’s statement said Sunday.

“Governors, governments, states change and we stay. Threats, bans, pressures will not deter us … We will not give up on,” it added.


Date created : 2017-06-25

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SF Berniecrats and OccupySF Action Council on single payer for California

Note from SF Berniecrats:

As you all know, Speaker Anthony Rendon decided to shelve SB562, preventing it from moving through the State Assembly. If he thought the bill had weaknesses and wanted to improve it, he shouldn’t be preventing any amendments from being made. So, if you haven’t yet, please make sure to:
Note from Occupy San Francisco Action Council:


California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon

TEL. 562-529-3250  &  916-319-2063



Tell him to REVERSE his decision and STOP BLOCKING  Healthcare for Californians

before the Rules Committee this Thursday, June 29th!

Demand that he allow assembly members to discuss, amend, and vote on S.B. 562.

Rendon is the California Democratic Head of the CA Assembly. On Friday, June 23rd – before 5pm he blocked SB 562 by sending it to the Assembly Rules Committee where bills sit to die. Speaker Rendon is preventing the Assembly from voting on S.B. 562, The Healthy California Act.

The California Nurses Association has done extensive research on S.B. 562. The U Mass Amherst  study released in May 2017, lays out a viable, evidence-based single payer funding and cost reduction strategy. of SB 562,

DEMOCRATS Kill Single Payer Healthcare In California.  Youtube:

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~

Emergency Rally for SB 562

The Healthy California Act

11am to 1pm Wed June 28 in Sacramento

Car Pooling from San Francisco at 9:00am (must RSVP)

Let Don B.  / 415-810-5826

Let him know if:

-You can drive and how many people you can take


-If you need a ride.

Leaving from the corner of Fulton and Larkin Sts. by the Asian Art Museum at 9:00am.

Meet up in Sacramento at 11:00am. Meet at intersection of  11th and “L” Street outside of Chicory

Face book

Graphic from California Nurses Association

Image may contain: text

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Jackson, Miss. Mayor-elect Chokwe Lumumba: I Plan to Build the “Most Radical City on the Planet” We end the show today in Jackson, Mississippi, where just one week from today social justice activist and attorney Chokwe Lumumba will be sworn is as the city’s next mayor. He has vowed to make Jackson the “most radical city on the planet.” He is the son of the city’s former mayor, the late Chokwe Lumumba, who was once dubbed “America’s most revolutionary mayor.” We air the mayor-elect’s speech at the People’s Summit and speak to him in Jackson about his plans for the city and his father’s legacy.

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“The Museum of Capitalism opens in Oakland” by Charles Desmarais (

Dread Scott’s “Poll Dance” (2010) is on exhibit at the new Museum of Capitalism in Oakland’s Jack London Square. Photo: Museum Of Capitalism

Photo: Museum Of Capitalism.  Dread Scott’s “Poll Dance” (2010) is on exhibit at the new Museum of Capitalism in Oakland’s Jack London Square.

You may not have heard, so under the radar have things been thus far, but the Bay Area got its newest museum this week. Situated in Oakland’s Jack London Square, at the intersection of Politics and Art, the Museum of Capitalism opened Sunday, June 18.

The culmination of several years of planning, the startup cultural institution is a formidable effort. Featuring more than 80 artists and artist teams, the first exhibition at the 10,000-square-foot museum is supported by a $215,000 grant from the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation.

Organizers say the museum is “the first of its kind in the United States.” As a pop-up, it’s anybody’s guess how long it might continue past the Aug. 20 closing of the first show.

Among the artists participating are such long-established figures as Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison, Chip Lord and Bruce Nauman. Most of the works, however, come from artists whose work has seen acceptance in this century, including UC Santa Cruz film and media professor Sharon Daniel, Stanford lecturer Jenny Odell and Bakersfield artist Jesse Sugarman.

The exhibition represents “the collaborative efforts of a multidisciplinary team of curators, historians, artists, and designers,” according to a press release. The museum is the brainchild of Timothy Furstnau and Andrea Steves, a husband-and-wife team calling themselves Fictilis. They presented a related idea last year as a final MFA project at UC Santa Cruz.

Heather Pontonio, art program director at the Tremaine Foundation, said in an email that the jury for its prestigious Exhibition Award “unanimously … felt that the Museum of Capitalism exemplified the mission of the Award — to further discourse in contemporary art.” She added that the museum “has engaged the most artists … in our 19-year, 25-award history.”

Savlan Hauser, executive director of the Jack London Improvement District, said in a telephone interview that her group supported the museum because “creative place-making has a real, positive impact on the neighborhood. … The buzz and interest and collaboration has already made it a success.”

Charles Desmarais is The San Francisco Chronicle’s art critic. Email: Twitter: @Artguy1

The Museum of Capitalism: 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Wednesdays-Sundays, Fridays to 8 p.m. June 18-Aug. 20. Free. 55 Harrison St., Suite 201, Oakland.

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Planned Parenthood Supports Shelving Single-Payer (Again)

Bernie Sanders Pleas for California Assembly Speaker to Reconsider SB 562

Photo Credit: @rendon63rd – Twitter

In a press release from Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, President and CEO Crystal Strait expressed support for California’s Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon’s shelving of California’s single-payerSB-562 bill this past Sunday:

Right now, health care for millions of Americans is under attack. The bill the US Senate is considering is the worst policy change for women in a generation. In addition to “defunding” Planned Parenthood and slashing Medicaid, it guts maternity coverage and prescription drugs. Thirteen million women could lose coverage.

That’s why Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California supports Speaker Rendon’s focus on what’s at stake right now. As disappointed as many are, we know he made a hard decision to keep the pressure on defeating the GOP actions in Washington D.C. We pledge to continue to work with the Legislature and our partners to defeat Trumpcare. And we will work together to make sure our state’s health system provides quality, affordable access to care for all Californians.

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains has serious concerns about Amendment 69, and as a result is taking a position in opposition. PPRM, perhaps more than most organizations, knows that the ballot process is a risky tactic for implementing sweeping policy change. Things can unintentionally go wrong. We believe this would be the case here, and that Amendment 69 would further stigmatize and fragment abortion care in our health care system.

While we recognize there is a strong argument for increased access to health insurance for all, the unintended consequence of Amendment 69 is that under the structure of a totally state-funded health care system, the only way women could obtain an abortion is if they paid out of pocket. There has been a constitutional prohibition on state funding of abortion since 1984, and this ballot amendment would not supersede that mandate. Because of that 1984 amendment many women with public coverage today, including state and municipal employees and Medicaid beneficiaries, are already without coverage that includes abortion care. Amendment 69, if passed, would add to that number. We need to be working to remove barriers like these, not expanding them.

We applaud Senator Aguilar and the leaders of Amendment 69, and we thank them for starting this important conversation. We too believe we must respond to the rising costs of care and the barriers too many Coloradans continue to face. We have fought for, responded to, and continue to believe in the need for universal health care. However, we believe universal health care means access to ALL services Coloradans need, including safe and legal abortion.

In what may seem like a surprise to many, Bernie Sanders possibly saw this coming as he referred to Planned Parenthood as “establishment” in his presidential campaign.

Planned Parenthood has a long and complicated past and has now built up a solid history of not supporting Single-Payer wherever it materializes.

Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California have not responded to our request for comments at this time.

Jeanette Nelson contributed to this article.

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