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  1. Sarah Jessica says:

    Native Nation March T-shirt: #risewithstandingrock
    If you marched in a woman’s march rally in your city or Washington,
    I hope to see you all marching for #NoDAPL in the coming days.×9999/front.jpg?v=2017-02-09-07-30

  2. cat says:

    I’m not sure if occupy SF is involved with the Black Lives Matter outreach efforts around the city. I live in Glen Park near Mission Terrace, it’s a diverse area and a very aware community.

    For several weeks a person with long blonde hair has been yelling at members of our small community about “hip hop and social justice”. I’ve actually worked with music rights in the hip hop community and stopped to talk to this person the first time I saw him. He continues to yell at me as I pass, he does not recall our conversation. He is quite agressive and local businesses have asked him to move along. I’ve discussed this with the manager of Canyon Market, and with several employees there – the market is out community watering hole – and this person is now unwelcome there. this persons efforts might be better used in another neighborhood, or in another setting where feedback may be provided regarding tone, demeanor, and yelling at people (often people with small children in tow).

    Again, Glen Park is a very small and socially aware community, his message has been heard and at this point many community members feel the same way that I do – we got the message, continuing to yell about it has caused business owners to speak with this person about finding another location. My next message will be to the Glen Park library, this person was posted outside the library yesterday.

  3. Shannon Geis says:

    Help!!!! We are getting a prop on the ballot called CA Free Act and we are doing it with our small act of democracy campaign. We need Occupy SF! We are doing videos, gathering canvasers, and and asking people to print, sign, get 3 signatures, and mail them to American’s Take Action. We are an offshoot of Wolf-Pac. We are overturning the ban on Publicly Funded Elections PFE in California as an example to the nation. We need partners in California and we need Occupy SF. Please go to our website and do an act of democracy. Baby steps toward the American dream!!! Can I come talk at one of the meetings? We need 500,000 signatures by March and Snoop Dogg isn’t answering my tweets! Help us Occupy!

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