Action Council Events — October 29 to November 3

Thursday Oct. 29 
               11:00 am.  corner of 26th St. and Van Ness Ave.
                Protest building 165 luxury condos in the Mission dist.
                when we need affordable housing NOT high priced
                This was planned two years ago and people protested
                and caused Lennar said they were not going ahead with the
                plan — but that was a lie!  Lennar has gotten “sweet heart”
                deals in a land give aways in the Bayview and on Treasure
                Island.  Our city needs homes for the people living in the
                city now and getting kicked out by “gentrification”.  We
                need housing for working class people!
                 more info:
Thurs. Oct. 29    4:00 pm  3711 19th Ave at Holloway (Park Merced)
                  Rosania is an out of town developer who wants to build the
                  Monster in the Mission and who has fired the Park Merced
                  Union janitors.  He has contributed $180,000. to the NO on
                  Prop I,  His company has given $500,000. to that campaign.
                  Come to call out Rosania for his greed and disrespect for
                  workers and our community.
Friday Oct. 30
                  7:00 – 10:00 pm   1929 Cedar St. & Bonita St. Berkeley
                  UU Fellowship Hall
                  Panel discussion about hiring for the police and police
                  training.  Should police officers live in Berkeley?
                  Panel: Ms. Richie Smith NAACP   Ms. Amanda
                  Weatherspoon, Divinity student, Black Lives Matter,
                  Mr. Jesse Arreguin, Berkeley City Council,  Andrea
                  Pritchett, recipient of an Courageous Spirit Award,
                  and a singer and songwriter
                  suggested donation  $5.00 to $10.. no one turned away
                  more info:   510-275-4272
                  7:00 pm.  2969 Mission St. 
                  Speakers:  Eyad Kishawi, Palestinian Activist
                  Richard Becker, Author
                  Palestine, Israel and the US Empire
                  Discussion following.
                  more info:  415-821-6545
Saturday  Oct. 31
                  6:00 – 9:00   189 Elsworth St on Bernal Heights   S.F.
                  DAY OF THE DISPLACED
                  Join the Commons SF celebrating the spirit and the spirits
                  of people displaced by the real estate boom.  Bring your
                  tales of those who have departed as we build up our spirits
                  to fight back against the gentrification.
                  Kids and live music are welcome
                  RSVP are welcome in our planning the vegetarian meal.
Sunday Nov. 1
                  9:00 – 11:00 am    UU Church 1187 Franklin St.  S.F.
                  SUNDAY FORUM
                  Pros and cons of SF. Prop I
                  speakers:  Pro  Peter Cohen
                                  Con   Tim Cohen
                   Q & A following
                   breakfast for a nominal fee
                  Our regular space is needed for political work for the
                  election. Next meeting on Sunday Nov. 8
Monday Nov. 2  
                Regular meeting of the Occupy Forum
                the topic unknown.
Tuesday  Nov. 3
               6:00 – 9:00   145 9th St. S.F. 
               Independent Film Center
               A film about the film makers chasing the monsoon from Kerela
               at the coast to India’s north eastern state
               A cinematic journey into the terrain where nature, science,
               belief and wonder of he most astonishing and breathtaking
               landscaper on Earth.  The film catches the human engagement                  with the natural world.
               more info:


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