COP WATCH — These Streets are Watching

OccupyForum is organizing an OccupyForum field trip to go to a COPWATCH meeting in Berkeley (I think it’ll be at the Unitarian Universalist Church but will let you know) at 7pm Monday night. I’ll send an announcement with all the information, but wanted to send this out to you to save the date, and even RSVP to me at this email, or to my phone (415) 515-1259.

This is gonna be deep: they’re discussing what they’ve learned and want to work on re: the militarization of police, police accountability, training, your rights on the street for yourself and others, how to be a copwatcher, and more. Apparently there’s a video we can watch online beforehand called These Streets Are Watching: so you’re up to speed on what they’re doing.

I want to get a number of people to commit to coming ahead of time so I can let them know; also to give you guys an opportunity to hear first hand about this and possibly use it in your organizing work and your thinking about these issues.

Let me know what you think and if you can come!
Hugs, love and solidarity,

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