Liberal Buzz Show — October 15, 2015

Topics include Wiener roast at Supervisor Scott Wiener’s condominium because of his intolerance towards low income folks, over policing of homeless people, shutting down recycling centers. Mike Zint is a homeless strategist, very smart. He started an encampment at the Berkeley post office to save the post office. He has run it there for months. It has become a community center valued and visited often by Berkeley citizens. Mike is an occupier who got run off Market by the police. He is a seasoned warrior.

Uncharted: The Berkeley Festival of Ideas

BERKELEY, Calif. – The city that birthed the Free Speech Movement and was the staging ground for America’s cultural revolution of the 1960s is now building on that past with a festival to reinvigorate the spirit of active political and intellectual debate.

“Uncharted: The Berkeley Festival of Ideas” runs Oct. 16-17 in the Bay Area city’s historic Arts District and features nationally recognized thinkers and innovators hosting forum discussions, workshops and debates around critical social issues – from criminal justice and drug policy reform to drone use, GMO foods, Black Lives Matter, the housing crisis, free speech and globalized education.

“Just like somebody who stages a music festival for people who love music, we’re staging an ideas festival for people who love ideas,” said Lance Knobel, co-founder of the independent news site Berkeleyside which is organizing the festival, now in its third year. “There’s a really strong constituency out there of people who want to engage with ideas on the edge. They may be interested in politics, technology, economics, health – they’re the people I sometimes call infovores, people whose diet is information and ideas.”

Knobel said Uncharted belongs in Berkeley because of the city’s “extraordinary tradition” of activism and its pioneering work as a thought leader driving American culture. “We’re this region where so many of the ideas, movements, trends get established. It’s where the disability movement started, where community and neighborhood policing had its origins in the 1920s, where busing was first used to integrate schools and [more recently] cities subsidizing solar panels for residents.”

Unlike the TED talks, he added, this ideas festival isn’t shy about confronting politically controversial themes.

“To say the least we’re not afraid of politics,” Knobel said. In fact, “we’re really eager to discuss the politics of things that aren’t always seen to be political – that may be science or technology, or Black Lives Matter, or the coming election, or economic policy, or the role of higher education, or where the feminist movement is now. All of these things have deep and profound political aspects to them, and we’re eager to talk about that.”

What’s on tap

The participants and forum discussions at Uncharted include among others the following debates:

  • Alex Kozinski, a judge on the Federal 9th Circuit Court, discusses flaws in the criminal justice system with First Amendment expert and UC Berkeley Media Studies professor William Turner.
  • Ethan Nadelmann, one of the nation’s most recognized supporters of drug policy reform, talks with journalist and Berkeleyside co-founder Frances Dinkelspiel about alternatives to the War on Drugs.
  • Pastor Michael McBride (“Pastor Mike”), a national leader in the Black Lives Matter movement who was recently named member to President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, discusses racial justice tensions and solutions with journalist and KQED newscaster Joshua Johnson.
  • Journalist, robotics pioneer and DIY Drones founder Chris Anderson talks about the brave new era of drone use with Reinvent CEO and tech innovator Peter Leyden.
  • Wild water advocate and nature activist/writer Wallace J. Nichols discusses humans’ changing relationship to water with Uncharted festival founder Lance Knobel.
  • RightCare Alliance founder and “Overtreated” author Shannon Brownlee talks about the consequences of medical overtreatment in the healthcare system with KQED health journalist Lisa Aliferis.
  • Author and New Yorker journalist Masha Gessen talks with festival founder Lance Knobel about human rights and political issues in Russia under Vladimir Putin.
  • Culture writer Scott Timber discusses the crisis of the creative class with theater activist Patrick Dooley.
  • Food safety advocate and Small Planet Institute co-founder Anna Lappé talks about current issues in the GMO-free food movement with author and Butcher’s Guild co-founder Marissa La Brecque.

Other highlighted “pop-up” events at Uncharted include a social-political comedy performance by W. Kamau Bell, whose show United Shades of America debuts on CNN. And in direct response to the housing crisis that has gripped the Bay Area, a 90-minute hands-on workshop entitled “The rent is too damn high” features experts engaging with the community to devise policies, approaches and solutions for tackling the region’s ever-rising cost of rent.

“Housing and gentrification are big issues relating to the Bay Area,” said Knobel, so Uncharted seeks to provide a “laboratory” kind of framework for the public to “work on actual solutions where the housing market has gotten so crazy, and the diversity and composition of neighborhoods is so very much up in the air.”

Knobel added: “In a 90-minute workshop you’re not going to solve all the ills of the world – but you might experience working with people and it’s extraordinary how taking a different approach, [through] design thinking to solve really complex, knotty problems can open up possibilities that maybe people hadn’t seen before.”

Issues like economic inequality, money in politics and corporate corruption will interweave throughout the festival. As author Brownlee recently told the Bay Area News Group: “Medical overtreatment is a disease that is driven by a health care system driven by money. The more treatment is given, the more money somebody makes.”

But aside from its political draw, Knobel said the ideas fest is ultimately about bringing brilliant individuals together to share what they know with the widest audience possible – sparking discussions that carry beyond the two days of Uncharted.

“Really interesting thinkers are very interested in telling people what they think,” he said, “and we provide a platform and opportunity” for them to do that.

Go here to purchase tickets and learn more about Uncharted: The Berkeley Festival of Ideas.

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OccupyForum presents . . . Lessons from the Vietnam Antiwar Movement featuring Rennie Davis, Judy Gumbo and Frank Joyce (on Monday, October 19)

Monday, October 19th from 6 – 9 pm at Global Exchange

2017 Mission Street near 16th Street BART

Information, discussion & community! Monday Night Forum!!

OccupyForum is an opportunity for open and respectful dialogue

on all sides of these critically important issues!

Occupyforum presents…

The People Make the Peace:

Lessons from the Vietnam

Antiwar Movement

Featuring Rennie Davis, Judy Gumbo

 and Frank Joyce

Forty years after the Vietnam War ended many in the United States still
struggle to come to terms with this tumultuous period of U.S. history. The
domestic antiwar movement, with cooperation from their Vietnamese
counterparts, played a significant role in ending the War, but few have
examined its impact until now.  In The People Make the Peace, nine U.S.
activists discuss the parts they played in opposing the War at home and
their risky travels to Vietnam in the midst of the conflict to engage
in people-to-people diplomacy.

Join us to hear the stories of three of these distinguished activists, Rennie
Davis, one of the Chicago 7, Judy Gumbo, an antiwar activist and Yippie
and Frank Joyce, a labor and peace activist from Detroit. They returned
together to Vietnam in 2013 and contributed essays to this outstanding new
book. Their successes in antiwar organizing will challenge the myths that
still linger from that era, and inspire a new generation seeking
peaceful  solutions to war and conflict today.

Time will be allotted for Q&A, discussion and announcements.

Wheelchair accessible, ride shares announced.

Donations to OccupyForum to cover costs are encouraged; No one turned away!

Contact: Erica Marcus

Action Council Events . . . October 15 to October 21

Thursday Oct 15
                          6:00pm   456 Montgomery St.   S.F.
                          DEMO AT THE ISRAELI COUNSULATE
                          Israel is killing Palestinians at an increasing rate.
                           6:00 to 7:30pm   Koret Auditorium at the Main Library
                           TOMORROWS  TRANSIT: THE FUTURE OF THE
                           DOWNTOWN PLAN
                           Panel discussion with Q and A
                           Moderator, Tom Radulovish
                           Panelists:  Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan, Kevin Conger,
                           and Joshua Switzky  (leaders in downtown transit,
                           architecture and planning)
                           a free event
                           8:00 – 11 pm     Sweet Fingers, 464 E 14th St.
                           San Leandro,
                           RISE UP OCTOBER
                           Concert and show.  A fund raising event on Oct. 24th
                           Against police brutality and mass incarceration.
                           $10. –  $20. donation requested
Friday Oct 16 – Oct. 18
                           8:45 am –  8:45 pm  Marin Center  10 Avenue of the
                           Flags in San Rafael
                           2015 BIONEERS CONFERENCE
                           Revelations from the heart of nature
                           Speakers, Family Fair, Change makers fair, Organic
                           Grass up!  celebration of farmers and food systems
                           to create a healthy fair food system.
                           more info at
                            6:00 to 8:00 pm    Masonic and Fell St.  S.F.
                            HAIGHT ASHBURY PEACE VIGIL
                            Every one welcome.  We have signs, music and
Saturday Oct. 17th
                            7:00 – 10:00   Omni Commons  4799 Shattuck, Oakland
                            TO CHANGE EVERYTHING: THE PROMISE OF 
                            Panel discussion with Q & A to follow
                            speakers are organizers from Latin America, Eastern
                            Europe, the Balkans and North America.
                            more info:
Sunday Oct. 18th
                            9:30 am    UU Church    1187 Franklin St.  S.F.
                            SUNDAY FORUM
                            Speaker Senator Mark Leno
                            light breakfast served   donation $3.00 requested
                            2:00 – 4:00   215 Golden Gate Ave.  S.F.
                            S.F. OCCUPY ACTION COUNCIL
                            Open discussion to share ideas on how to effect
                            positive change in our government.  We need to make
                            personal connections with activists from the many
                            groups active in the Bay Area to better plan
                             7:00 to 9:00 pm  518 Valencia St. S.F. (near 16th)
                             THE STRUGGLE IN TURKEY AND THE FIGHT TO
                             DEFEND HUMAN RIGHTS AND LABOR RIGHTS
                             Video screening and speakers from the Turkish
                             community, the Kurdish community, the Armenian
                             community and speakers on labor conditions.
                             This event is sponsored by Solidarity Committee with
                              the people of Turkey, KPFA Workd Week Radio and
                              United Public Workers for Action.
                              more info  415-282-1908
Monday Oct 19
                               6 to 9 pm at Global Exchange
                                2017 Mission St near 16th St.
                                Occupy Forum
                                THE PEOPLE MAKE THE PEACE
                                LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE VIETNAM
                                ANTI WAR MOVEMENT
                                Come and hear the stories of Rennie Davis,
                                one of  the Chicago 7,  Judy Gumbo, anti war
                                activist and Yippy, and Frank Joyce, a labor
                                and peace activist from Detroit.
                                followed by Q & A
                                donations requested but no one turned away
                                more info:
Attending the Occupy Forum will get you connected to good people
who are active in the many groups trying to change conditions in
our nation for working people.  We will all be stronger and more
effective when we have allies.  In unity there is strength!
                              7:00 pm  Sonoma State University in the Commons
                              DOLLAR DEMOCRACY: WITH LIBERTY AND 
                              JUSTICE FOR SOME.  HOW TO RECLAIM THE
                              AMERICAN DREAM FOR ALL
                              Speaker Peter Mathews exposing the influence
                               of corporate campaign and lobbying money that
                               bought our politicians.
                               sponsored by Project Censored and Vets for 
                               7:00 – 9:30   440 Grand Ave.  Oakland
                               WHERE THERE IS HOPE: THE ART OF MURDER
                               Open forum and film screening
                               Film tells the story of police murder of disabled
                               persons.  Over 50% of the victims of police brutality
                               have a disability that contributed to the incident.
                               Hip hop artists Leroy More, Keith Jones with
                               Kin Folkz and Tiny of Poor Magazine.
                               $5.00 donation requested at the door
                                7:00 pm  2969 Mission St.
                                 Speaker – Venezuela Supreme Court Magistrate
                                 Fernando Vegas Torrealla.  will explain the
                                 Venezuela Bolivian Constitution, its Judicial
                                 system and electoral system.
                                 $5.00 to $10.00 donation  (no one turned away)
                                  Sponsor Answer Coallition
                                  more info
Wednesday Oct. 21 
                                5:30 – 6:30  Montgomery and Market S.F.
                                CODE PINK PEACE VIGIL
                                 Join others under the large peace banner and
                                 distribute leaflets to the public on the issues of
                                 the day.  Bring your signs and leaflets to distribute.
                                  6:00  San Francisco City Hall rm. 408
                                  OPEN SOURCE ELECTION SYSTEM
                                  We want no corporate secrets in our voting
                                  machines.  Come to encourage San Francisco
                                  to implement a solution to the national election
                                  crisis.  Demand the removal of corporate control
                                  from our vote counting process.  Speak up for an
                                  open source voting system.
“We are the 99%!” is the truth—but we have to work together to be powerful.  If your group  is planning some activity please send an email to by Wednesday before your event.  The calendar goes out each Thursday.

If you’re in Paris tomorrow . . .

Nanterre, France

The hackathon to invent participatory city is already tomorrow! >>

There are already over 50 registered on the site of the city of Nanterre. For those who decide to come at the last minute, we still have a few places that you have been kept warm right here:

Even if you can not attend the entire event, please go see us at 19h Friday night or Saturday for debate teams for presentations at 16:30.

–Virgile De vile (DemocracyOS Paris)

Occupy the Sidewalks starting Black Friday in San Francisco

Occupy the Sidewalks
Starting Black Friday in San Francisco

October 10, 2015

We will be targeting the sit lie law in San Francisco. The plan is to use the fourth exception to gut the laws effectiveness. We will be printing buttons that say “I protest sit lie” for distribution. The applicable permit is the constitution. Wearing these buttons allows people to sit in protest under the protection of the exception.

This law is used to target and harass homeless while housed are allowed to sit just feet away. If the homeless are disabled, they still harass them. To apply rules to the public sidewalk to target a class of “undesirable” people is all this law is used for. The commons belong to all, not just the housed!

Below is the law. Thank you.

–Mike Zint
First They Came For The Homeless

San Francisco’s Civil Sidewalk Ordinance, Section 168 of the San Francisco Police Code, makes it unlawful, with certain exceptions, to sit or lie on a public sidewalk, or on an object placed on a public sidewalk, between 7AM and 11PM.
(1) sitting or lying on the sidewalk due to a medical emergency;
(2) using a wheelchair, walker or similar device as a result of a disability,
(3) operating or patronizing a commercial establishment conducted on a public sidewalk under a sidewalk use permit;
(4) participating in or attending a parade, festival, performance, rally, demonstration, meeting or similar event conducted on a sidewalk under and in compliance with a street use or other applicable permit;
(5) sitting on a fixed chair or bench supplied by a public agency or abutting private property owner;
(6) sitting in line for goods or services if not impeding pedestrians from using the sidewalk or entering a door or other entrance along the sidewalk;
(7) who is a child in a stroller; and
(8) in an area designated as a Pavement to Park