3 Action Alerts from Action Council

3 Action Alerts 

1)  Tuesday, December 1st – Actions Around Berkeley City Council Meeting

2)  Wednesday, December 2nd –  Plans for New San Francisco Jail

3)  Wednesday, December 2nd – Picket to Support City College of San Francisco Faculty in Contract Negotiations 

Tuesday, December 1

1)  D 1, Tuesday, 4:00pm – 7:00pm, Actions Around Berkeley City Council Meeting (Three major items on agenda)

   Actions are combined into one alert! Indybay and Facebook sites provided

Agenda Items:

– Council is trying to push through 6 new laws to further criminalize homelessness, above ordinances already passed.

– Report about Berkeley Police actions during the December 2014 Black Lives Matter protest.

– Urban Shield – Council members will be discussing city’s involvement and participation with Urban Shield

4:00pm, Rally / Speakout – Meet at Old City Hall (Liberty City, Berkeley City Hall Occupation)

Allston Way and MLK (nr Downtown Berkeley BART)


For Rally in support of Homeless Protest and Black Lives Matter

 6:00pm, March – to Longfellow Middle School  (led by the BLO)
1500 Derby

6:30pm, Press Conference – Longfellow Middle School
1500 Derby

7:00pm, City Council Meeting  – Longfellow Middle School


FB – No to Urban Shield: https://www.facebook.com/events/797260987050030/

FB – March to Berkeley City Council Meeting:https://www.facebook.com/events/1642689142685414/1642702812684047/

FB – Berkeley Copwatch: https://www.facebook.com/events/548429061981049/

Indybay: https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2015/11/28/18780440.php

Indybay: https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2015/11/29/18780499.php

Wednesday, December 2

2)  D 2, Wednesday, 10:00am, Speak Out Wednesday: Last Stand to Stop the New San Francisco Jail!

SF City Hall, Budget & Finance Committee
Room 250

Speak out against the new jail. Join with the community in saying NO NEW JAIL in SF!

Ed Lee and his allies on the Board of Supervisors are under pressure to push the jail plan through as soon as possible

The Capital Planning Committee voted to move forward with the project, recommending the City accept the $80 million award from the state, authorize $215 million in high-interest loans, and authorize $11.3 million to purchase the property

The Budget and Finance Committee Meeting will decide details about SF accepting state money to build the proposed jail.


Attend the meeting

Call Supervisors Farrell (Budget Finance Chair) and Breed (Board President) on Monday! Insist that they postpone the hearings so there is time for a budget analysis, a hearing on alternatives to jail expansion, and community input.

Supervisor London Breed – (415) 554-7630

Supervisor Mark Farrell – (415) 554-7752

It is unacceptable to move forward with a jail that promotes the repression of the City’s most marginalized residents. Of those imprisoned in San Francisco’s jails:

  • 85% are pretrial; most are held because they cannot afford bail
  • 56% are African American, and at least 70% are people of color
  • 25% are homeless

Statistics: Californian’s United For a Responsible Budget

No New SF Jail Coalition / RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/133313037033201/

3) D 2, Wednesday, 2:00pm – 3:00pm, Picket to Support CCSF Faculty in Contract Negotiations

City College of San Francisco, Ocean Campus
Wellness Center
Ocean Ave. & Howth (gather on Ocean Ave. side)

Join faculty, students, staff and community in a picket to tell the CCSF administration to negotiate a good contract with faculty to provide wages on par with other area colleges, and with no cuts to classes. Bring Signs

  • The administration is offering an unacceptably low salary restoration for fulltime faculty, but none for part-timers.
  • With plans to cut classes by as much as 26%, the future of many jobs is in question, especially for part-timers, while the remaining classes will increase in size and faculty salary will be based on “productivity” (class size).
  • As pay and working conditions worsen and class sizes increase, students’ learning conditions are also eroded.

–Organized by the Ad Hoc Committee of Rank and File Faculty

Info: https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2015/11/29/18780500.php

Berkeley City Hall Occupation — First GA and Cooking Equipment Request


Sarah Menefee's photo.
Sarah Menefee's photo.
Sarah Menefee's photo.
Sarah Menefee's photo.
Sarah Menefee's photo.

November 29, 2015

Liberty City, Berkeley City Hall Occupation. Day 14.

The name, Liberty City, had 100% consensus.

Tuesday we have a loosely organized action. A 4pm assembly, and a possible 4 pm first march to Longfellow Middle for the worksession. From 4 to 6, a speak out. At 6, the main march to Longfellow Middle, led by the Brass Liberation Orchestra. We are hoping BLM and Urban Shield join us. Spread the word on the times. We already have coordinated with groups coming in for this march. Get the word out please. A few thousand ticked off humans may have an impact.

First they came for the homeless's photo.

November 29, 2015

Berkeley City Hall occupation. First GA.

The principals of self governance:  Liberty City, A.K.A the occupation.

Our first General Assembly was tonight. The Principles of self rule were distributed. I made a brief statement about the occupation rules, police contact, and the provocateur behavior that is now showing up. I praised the group for the awesome job they were doing. Then I explained my dictatorship ends, and I’m the coordinator now. Chaos ensued, and was resolved in minutes. With a little guidance, the community rapidly put in processes, set up the next meeting time, named the occupation Liberty City, and scheduled a security meeting. They decided to video the meetings for the minutes. All issues will be discussed over the next week. Next Sunday at 6 we hold our second GA. The video will be posted tomorrow.

Self rule with consensus. A desired 100% consensus, with a graduated scale. 70% minimum to approve, but must be revisited monthly to revise and improve consensus percentage. At 80% approval, item gets revisited every two months to revise and improve consensus percentage. At 90% approval, item gets revisited every 6 months to revise and improve consensus. Once 100% approval is reached, the only way to revisit is with 51% approval to revisit.

If an item goes from above 70% to below 70%, it is dropped as an item unless resubmitted.

To submit, a proposal needs to be made with 10% community backing.

To revisit early requires 51%.

Items must be revised before being resubmitted.

Changes in the government can be made following these basic rules. Unpopular items can be revisited and lose consensus. As the village evolves, these guidelines will allow for the government and community guidelines to evolve. Lobbying and stacking the meetings for consensus will occur. This is wanted. Stacking a meeting will cause more community participation for the next meeting. Unpopular items are easily removed. Lobbying gives the group an idea if an item has a chance for consensus, without even introducing it.

–Mike Zint


The Berkeley Old City Hall Occupation would very much like a very
large pot / turkey cooking pan (or two not-quite-as-large ones).

They have some turkey leftovers that they want to make large
quantities of soup / stew with, if I understood Mike Z correctly.

If you have such and can donate it to their use bring it by the camp
(Allston & MLK Jr Way, Berkeley) or send me a note.

–JP Massar

COP21 begins: It’s now or never to participate in Paris climate conference

Join the the first worldwide online citizens’ debate on the COP21 and climate related issues app.opencop.org

COP21 starts today!  What should be the most important to us in fighting climate change?

Most of us agree on the urgent need to fight climate change, but many different goals are possible — and not all are compatible with each other. Some think the most important goal is to achieve an agreement on reducing global temperature rise to two degrees or less. Others think that the measure of success should be ecosystem health, adoption of renewable energies, or protection of human rights.


Which are the most important goals to you? Which goals can we pursue together, and what trade-offs will we have to make?


Discover what’s new on OpenCop21

Tuesday 1st and Friday 4th we will be at  “Espace Generation Climat” next to the UN conference center in Le Bourget where 600 projects will be gathered for citizens to see.
Book your ticket :
for 1/12
for 4/12
December 4th, we will be presenting OpenCOP21 at the Grand Palais for Breakthrough Night.  This event will gather the innovation ecosystem working actively on the carbon shift economy.
Propose a debate
A first debate proposition went through last week with 14 upvotes. The topic : the interdiction of the global march in France.


OpenCOP21 is brought to you by :

Berkeley City Hall occupation — day 13

Mike Zint

“Day 13 at the Berkeley City Hall Occupation. Today I sent an email to a mailing list I am on. It got forwarded to the police chief and at least one council member. Here it is. Last week while the police where here, we explained that the people close to the police station are not part of the protest. We allowed the bad side to develop. Know, the bike chop shop is operating there. The drugs and dealers are coming through. If BPD wants crime off the streets of Berkeley, they should walk out their front door. If BPD sends two officers out every hour, starting at midnight, they will catch some of the people they are after. Their presence will also benefit our safety. The police only need to come as far as the steps of City Hall to have an impact. If more than two cops come out, we will consider them a threat to the protest and point our cameras at them. I have respect for police. I want respect in return. I can’t call the police directly because I can’t snitch. Its part of the street rules we are forced to live by. Can you forward this to BPD on our behalf. Thank you. The goal of the email is to protect and preserve the protest. Tomorrow we have our first General Assembly. The self ruling tenants will be explained. These tenants are the foundation and cannot be changed. This system is participation based, and rapidly self correcting. Today’s photo album shows a lot of the creativity of the protesters. Thank you to my co-founder Sarah Menefee. She is doing most of the photographic documentation of this occupation.”

–Mike Zint

Request for help from California Free Act of 2016

Help!!!! We are getting a prop on the ballot called CA Free Act and we are doing it with our small act of democracy campaign. We need Occupy SF! We are doing videos, gathering canvasers, and and asking people to print, sign, get 3 signatures, and mail them to American’s Take Action. We are an offshoot of Wolf-Pac. We are overturning the ban on Publicly Funded Elections PFE in California as an example to the nation. We need partners in California and we need Occupy SF. Please go to our website http://cafreeact.com and do an act of democracy. Baby steps toward the American dream!!! Can I come talk at one of the meetings? We need 500,000 signatures by March and Snoop Dogg isn’t answering my tweets! Help us Occupy!


Thousands of volunteers across California are gathering together to sign our petition to get a proposition on the 2016 ballot that will work to end the corrupting influence of corporate greed in our political system. Simply click “Small Act for Democracy” above in order to sign our petition and mail it back to us. To volunteer with us, click “Take Action.” Hurry! We only have 14 weeks left to reach our goal of 500,000 signatures. With your help we will combat corruption in a real, systemic way. This is a real petition that will create real change. We are going to overturn a ban on publicly funded elections in California and ensure that those who violate our campaign laws can no longer profit from their crimes. You won’t want to miss being part of this historic campaign that is truly of, by, and for the people.

Government proposal for occupation (from Mike Zint)

Mike Zint

Our first proposed government here at the Berkeley City Hall Occupation is done. We may need some minor adjustments as we develop and grow.

Self rule with consensus. A desired 100% consensus, with a graduated scale. 70% minimum to approve, but must be revisited monthly to revise and improve consensus percentage. At 80% approval, item gets revisited every two months to revise and improve consensus percentage. At 90% approval, item gets revisited every 6 months to revise and improve consensus. Once 100% approval is reached, the only way to revisit is with 51% approval to revisit. If an item goes from above 70% to below 70%, it is dropped as an item unless resubmitted.

To submit, a proposal needs to be made with 10% community backing.

To revisit early requires 51%.

Items must be revised before being resubmitted.

–Mike Zint, “First They Came for the Homeless”

“Homeless Not Helpless: Diary of an Occupation” by JP Massar (dailykos.com)

On November 16th, on the eve of the Berkeley City Council’s consideration of three anti-homeless ordinances, homeless in Berkeley opposing the proposed laws and housed allies began a sleepover protest.

 photo homeless-diary-header_zps0ijsqrqb.jpg

In the week and a half since the Council passed the first reading of these ordinances, which allocated no money, created no plan nor defined a timetable for additional services the Council said they wanted to provide for the homeless, the protest, organized by First They Came for the Homeless, has grown to some fifty people and more than a few pets in perhaps half as many tents. With signs, food prep, clothing provisions and security patrols, the Occupation is well organized and, despite some of the coldest nights Berkeley has seen in a long time, determined to hold on (where else would they go?).

Not content to oppose anti-homeless legislation just in Berkeley, First They Came For the Homeless has also organized a number of protests in San Francisco, where, years ago, they had been based.  In fact, today at 2:00 PM in Union Square, shopping HQ for downtown SF, they put together an “I Protest Sit and Lie” demonstration, sitting on the sidewalk — illegal in San Francisco for the homeless – in opposition to such treatment.

The Berkeley City Council will take their 2nd vote on the ordinances (item #4) on Tuesday, December 1st. There will be a protest/rally beginning at 4:00 PM at Old City Hall, and a march at 6:00 PM to Longfellow School where the Council Meeting is to be held.

Here is the story of the Occupation’s inception and development, using excerpts of posts by Mike Zint, a First They Came for the Homeless organizer, and pictures by Sarah Menefee, put up on the FTCftH Facebook page over the last eleven days.

Follow continuing developments here.

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OccupyForum Night Out . . . “Reassessing and Recommitting To Your Activism in Dire Times” (on Monday, November 30)


Monday, November 30th from 6 – 9 pm at PUERTO ALEGRE

546 Valencia SF 94110 near 16th Street BART

Information, discussion & community! Monday Night Forum!!

OccupyForum is an opportunity for open and respectful dialogue

on all sides of these critically important issues!

Occupyforum Night Out…

Reassessing and Recommitting

To Your Activism in Dire Times

We are coming to the end of another year of our activism, which invites us to reassess and hopefully recommit. This year has seen a surge of resistance: Black Lives Matter, anti-incarceration, climate justice and environmental justice locally and globally, immigration activism, anti-gentrification and protection of those victimized by it, Indigenous leadership, peace activism — way too much to list. At OccupyForum, we’ve been hearing from activists in all these battles and are an active part of this Movement.

But in our own circles, we take time out to express our frustration, anger and fear that what we see in the world is just too much. We have been to workshops and read books about taking care of ourselves when we are dealing with the world’s trauma, and getting help staying sane. The topic tonight, instead, is how to stay inspired (not just functioning!). How do we keep our work strong and focused when we are feeling afraid, defeated, and hopeless about our progress as a Movement?

 “Much of life is sad, and there’s nothing to be done about it. (All my activist friends are more than a little disappointed in the complacency of a populous who still refuse to join us in the streets, even as our corporate masters destroy the planet.) Sometimes we ignore happiness and healing when it’s dangled in front of us… There is one, and only one solution, but people are too scared to embrace it. Suffering, when you’re used to it, can feel safe. That solution is: come together, right now, over us.”   Peter

 “I personally need to make sure I name the whole spectrum of my feelings in order to redouble efforts in the face of the madness. I’m so angry about what’s going on with black lives in this country I don’t know what to do. We protest and it flies back up in our face. We are living in an insane asylum in Amerikkka….but it doesn’t mean we can afford to give up. Gandhi says you have to keep tipping the scales drop by drop.” – Ruthie

This Forum is for YOU. Please come to share your own feelings in the face of insanity, and tell us what advice you have for the rest of us to help focus the rage and despair into productive activism.

We have a little extra $ to help pay for food if you’re broke!

Don’t let cost keep you away!

Black Friday protest at Union Square

November 27, 2015

SFPD policy enforcement, not law enforcement:

Today we went to San Francisco to protest sit lie. The SFPD don’t follow the law, they follow policy. I don’t have patience for discretionary policing from the police state.

This 3 minute video shows how I deal with cops trying to violate mine or my protesters rights. Please share.

–Mike Zinta with Kelly Johnson and 38 others.