“Homeless Protest City Council’s Camping Ordinance By Camping At City Hall” by Bob Moffitt (capradio.org)

A group of homeless people plans to pitch tents and sleep at Sacramento City Hall tonight to protest the city’s camping ordinance.

Organizers from the “Community Dinner Project” say the ordinance is illegal. They base their claim on the opinion of a member of a federal Department of Justice homeless task force.

The city attorney’s office says two courts have found the ordinance is valid.

The Sacramento Police Department says protestors and their tents may stay on city property during tonight’s city council meeting. But once the meeting is over, officers will ask the protestors to leave.

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Bob Moffitt

Bob is the Sacramento Region Reporter. He has been at the forefront of the coverage of the Sacramento Kings’ saga and the effort to build a new arena in Sacramento. He also covers education, business, environment, and sports stories.

Note from Mike Zint:

Sacramento has a law that tortures homeless, and is unconstitutional. Now, Sacramento City Hall has been occupied. I do believe more City Halls need to be occupied as well.

Stay strong. Stay safe. Hold it down. We can do this. And I think we can win.

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