Berkeley Post Office occupation update — December 28, 2015

December 28, 2015

Note from Mike Zint:

Property owners dictate policy through the D. B. A. They even have “private security” disguised as street janitors. Here in Berkeley, ambassadors have attacked homeless. They beat them, lied about them, got them locked up, and I just found out that one of these ambassadors now has a job with the city. How did she get a city job after being caught on video participating in a beating and cover up?

The video shows what happened. The homeless people got arrested, and plead guilty.

Then this video is released. All charges dropped. So, how did Carmen get a job with the city? It’s simple, you get a promotion for beating the homeless. What other message is there?

Published on Mar 22, 2015 — Berkeley Ambassadors harassing, roughing up, and punching homeless men in an alleyway

DBA is mostly funded by a special tax called a
“property-based business improvement district”
(aka “PBID”). Only property owners downtown pay
this tax.

For those not familiar with it, a PBID is formed
vote of property owners in the area.

The vote is not one-owner, one-vote. Instead,
the vote is 1$ of property value = 1 vote. Thus,
if there are a few commercial property owners who
own most of the assessed value of downtown property,
those owners can decide to impose the PBID on everyone

A PBID *also* requires the approval of City Council which,
of course, this council is happy to provide.

Next year the PBID is predicted to collect about $1.27 million.
If they have any money left over from earlier years, they
can spend that as well.

The City of Berkeley itself owns property downtown. Therefore,
tax payers from all over the city have to indirectly pay the
PBID tax on that public property.

The city says: “In FY 2016, the total assessment from the City
is expected to be approximately $109,875 and will be paid for
from General Fund”.

The DBA gets to decide how to spend all that money, within some
broad parameters. The board of directors of DBA is elected
by DBA members.

It would seem that DBA board candidates picked by the large
property owners have an advantage in that election. For
example, the owners of businesses downtown are presumably
not enthusiastic about putting forward any candidate who
the landlords would not like.

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