San Francisco and the homeless (from Mike Zint)

San Francisco steals and crushes gear regularly. They make no attempt to follow the law. And the victims of this cannot fight back. This situation is not unique to San Francisco. The Liberty City village was thrown away by Berkeley. An entire village of poor people’s belongings destroyed without regard of the law. State law requires confiscated gear to be held for 90 days.

The walker being crushed wasn’t even held for 90 seconds. And now this disabled person is unable to walk, or possibly even stand in a city where it is illegal to sit.

Kelley Cutler's photo.
Kelley Cutler in San Francisco, California.

February 23, 2016

See the walker in the back of the dump truck? That belongs to a senior who is a disabled veteran who is experiencing homelessness. I told the DPW worker that I know the man who owns this walker and asked if they would tag this property so he could come pick it up. They said no and ended up crushing it up in the dump truck. So wrong!

 –Mike Zint
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