“Support 97-Year-Old Marie Hatch’s Eviction Fund” by Lisa Krieger (gofundme.com)


Marie Hatch is my sister’s former mother-in-law, and she is 97 years old. She has lived in the same house in Burlingame for 66 years.  As she has no email or tech savvy at 97 years of age, and as her life-long friend, I am starting this fund for her. On Feb. 11, she was served with a 60-day notice to vacate the house or be tossed out by sheriff’s deputies. Marie is fighting her second battle with cancer and has no more in her savings account.  The man who is evicting her inherited the house by default from his estranged wife who was murdered.  His wife, her mother AND her grandmother all promised Marie that she could live out her natural life in the house. The current owner knows about this, but because there is no written contract, he is choosing to ignore the vow. That’s his right. He wants his two sons to have the money now. There are two homes on two lots that should sell for approximately $3,000,000.  The plan is to demolish them and build a large mixed-use  building on the property. We only want Marie to be able to stay at home for longer than two months, as she is ill with cancer and in no shape to move.  Nor can she afford to move.  But if the eviction proceeds, Marie will need money for obvious reasons.

You can read about Marie’s situation on the following link:

Marie worked very hard her entire life and should be able to stay in what has been her home for 66 years.  She can’t do it without your help.

Go to:  https://www.gofundme.com/mjqf7pjw

Thank you so much.

Lisa Krieger
Burlingame, CA


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