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Wednesday March 23 __________________________________
5:30 – 6:30pm     Montgomery and Market Peace vigil
                        SHUT DOWN CREECH KILLER DRONES
                        Sponsors, Code Pink, World Can’t Wait, Occupy
                        Action Council
6:00 – 9:00pm     Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library
                         6501 Telegraph, Oakland
                        Rally against the torture of prisoners.  Come and
                        show support of the prisoners class struggle to end
                        solitary confinement.
                        Host: Hip Hop for Change
7:00 – 9:00pm  New Valencia Hall    747  Polk St. S.F. 
                      Reading and discussion of
                      a Marxist analysis of African American liberation.
                      sponsored by the Freedom Socialist Party
                      info   415-864-1278
7:30                The Marsh  1062 Valencia St. S.F.
                       Theater for Solo Performances
                       SOLITARY MAN; MY VISIT TO PELICAN BAY 
                       STATE  PRISON
                       Written and performed by Charlie Hinton with music
                       by Fred Johnson
                       55 minutes with some disturbing content
                       tickets $10.00 to $15.00 sliding scale
 Thursday, March 24   ______________________________________
2:30                  San Francisco City Hall, rm. 250
                        Neighborhood Services and Safety Committee
                        DECLARING A STATE OF EMERGENCY ON 
                        HOMELESSNESS IN SAN FRANCISCO
                        Learn about opportunities for action and advocacy.
6:00 pm            1395 Mendell St in Bayview  Joseph Lee Gym
                        JUSTICE 4 MARIO WOODS
                        Town hall meeting
                        updates on the coalition movement for justice
7:00 pm             UU Center Fireside Room  1187 Franklin St. @ Geary
                         speaker Naty Dervin of the International group 350*
                         CAN WE WIN THE BATTLE AGAINST CLIMATE
                         Sponsor:  Progressive Democrats of America
Friday March 25  _____________________________________________
11:00 am to March 27 2:00pm
                         3rd St. and Oakdale in Bay View
                         8TH ANNUAL FEED THE PEOPLE
                         Free lunches, food and hygiene products will be
                         given to people.
                         This is hosted by the Kenneth Harding and Kiss my
                         Black Arts Collective and they are requesting that
                         people bring more food to distribute.
7:00 pm             Omni Commons  4799 Shattuck, Oakland (at 48th)
                        speaker  Selma James, founder of Wages for house
                        work and author of Sex, Race and Class – the 
                        Perspective of Winning
                        info   415-626-4114
7:00pm             2969 Mission St. S.F.  
                        Public Forum
                        THE CORRUPT U.S. ELECTION SYSTEM: CAN IT
                        BE FIXED?
                        Our electoral system is rigged to protect the interests
                        of the  bankers, super rich and the capitalism system
                        itself.  Join us for a discussion of the history and
                        the present reality of our elcctoral system and what
                        can be done about it.
                        sponsor   Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Saturday March 26  ____________________________________________

11:00 to 1:00 pm   Oscar Grant Plaza 
                           1 Frank Ogawa Plaza, Oakland
                           COMING OUT OF THE SHADOWS
                           A gathering of COOTS (coming out of the shadows)
                           undocumented youth declaring themselves
                           UNDOCUMENTED AND UNAFRAID has been a
                           national event for five years in the month of March.
                           sponsored by East Bay Immigrant Youth Coalition.
Sunday March 27  ______________________________________________
3:00 pm               2940 16th at Mission   room 302
                           Speakers:  Paul Kangas and David Grace, members of
                                            Solar Justice
                           HOW TO BUILD SOLAR HOMES TO CREATE 
                           JOBS AND STOP GLOBAL WARMING
                           We need to require utilities to pay $0.33 kwh for
                           solar power to the grid.  information and advice on
                           how this can be done.
                           info:  415-368-8581
Monday March 28  ____________________________________________
12 noon               Oracle Conference Center
                          350 Oracle Parkway, Redwood City
                           STOP PUBLIC FUNDS FOR ORACLE CHARTER
                           SCHOOL AND MORE PRIVATIZATION OF 
                           OF PUBLIC EDUCATION
                           This   proposed charter school is a way of taking
                           over school testing programs and increasing profits
                           by selling computers and soft ware programs.
                           If billionaire Larry Ellison wants to build and run a
                           school, that’s fine—but NOT WITH PUBLIC FUNDS.
                           Sponsored by Repeal Charter School Citizens for
                           for Education Restoration and United Public Workers
                           for Action.
1:00 pm               518 Valencia St. (near 16th st. BART)
                           SOLIDARITY WITH KOREAN WORKERS AND 
                           PEOPLE FIGHTING FOR LABOR, HUMAN 
                           RIGHTS AND DEMOCRACY
                           speakers Ho-joon Song and Park Young Chan,
                           union leaders in Korea. who will discuss the massive
                           attack on labor and human rights.  More than 50%
                           of workers have been made temporary workers by
                           deregulation.  They oppose the U.S. Free Trade
                           Agreement and the Trans Pacific Partnership Act.
                           This drive for militarization and repression of
                           Human Rights has a long history.
                           info:  415-282-1908
6:00 to 9:00 pm     Global Exchange 16th and Mission 
                            Occupy Forum
                            speaker Steve Martinot
                            ON CORPORATIONS
                            Discussion and  announcements following
                            No charge but donations accepted.
Wednesday March 30  _____________________________________
7:00 – 9:00 pm       New Valencia Hall
                            747 Polk St. S.F.
                            Reading and discussion circle on
                            REVOLUTIONARY INTEGRATION: A MARXIST
                            To be continued on April 6 and 13th.


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