Action Council Events — March 30 to April 5


~ Action Council ~

Occupy San Francisco Bulletin Board:

Wednesday March 30
       5:30 – 6:30         corner of Market and Montgomery St. in S.F.
                                WEEKLY PEACE VIGIL
                                Theme:  Bill Clinton’s mass Incarceration program
                                 Sponsored by Code Pink, World Can’t Wait, Occupy
                                 Action Council
        7:00 – 9:00       New Valencia Hall, 747 Polk St. S.F.
                               Reading and discussion on
                               REVOLUTIONARY INTEGRATION: A MARXIST
                               ANALYSIS OF AFRICAN AMERICAN LIBERATION
       7:30 – 9:30         Humanist Hall 390 27th St. Oakland
                               HARRP AND MIND CONTROL
                               Film of series on Chem trails.
                               pot luck at 7:00, film at 8:00, discussion following
                               info:  510-681-8699
Friday April 1
      5:00 pm            Hass Pavilion 2391 Bancroft, Berkeley
                              PROTEST MASS INCARCERATION 
                              Bill Clinton is speaking at UC Berkeley of his years in
                              office when he backed cutting welfare, tough on crime
                             (instead of helping people he would put them in jail) He
                              gave us NAFTA and unemployment
      6:30 pm           24th and Mission St. S.F.
                             RALLY FOR JUSTICE FOR ALL VICTIMS OF 
                             POLICE BRUTALITY
                             With the recent sham trial surrounding the murder of
                             Alex Niento that reinforced the right of officers to kill
                             with impunity, it’s time to stand up and fight back
                             against the militarization of our police.
                             Sponsored by Answer Coalition
                             info:  415-821-6545
Saturday April 2     at your computer
                            any day this week, any time of day
                            SAY NO TO TASERS IN SAN FRANCISCO!
                            The Police Commission will be making a decision on
                            Chief Shur’s request to arm all officers with tasers.
                            There have been enough people to stop this request
                             five times since 2004.  We can do it again if you
                             take the time to email them your opinion.
Monday April 4
         12 – 1 pm    Redwood Conference Room, 425 Bush St #300, S.F.
                          Brown Bag lunch discussion on
                          KEEPING FOSSIL FUELS IN THE GROUND
                          Ilana Solomon, director of the Sierra Club’s D.C. based
                          Trade Program will be in town to update us on what is
                          going on with the T.P.P.
                          info: contact Elizabeth Swager at 503-784-1951
       3:00 pm         Japanese Consulate 275 Battery at Sacramento
                            RALLY TO SHUT DOWN DIABLO CANYON 
                            NUCLEAR PLANT 
                            We must learn from what happened in Japan.
                            We don’t want that to happen to us!
Tuesday, April 5
         6:30 pm       Home Depot,  3838 Hollis Rd. Emeryville
                            Direct Action
                            WHO’S AT WAR? 
                            Action against Emeryville Police Dept.’s use of AR-15s
                            in our community.  Why does our police force use
                            military weapons when serving it’s community?  We
                            believe the police should not be at war with the
                            sponsor   Anti Police-Terror Project
If you know of an event that might be of interest to activists in our
community please tell me and I will put it on the Occupy Calendar.


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