Berkeley Occupation (from Mike Zint)

First they came for the homeless's photo.
First they came for the homeless's photo.
First they came for the homeless's photo.
First they came for the homeless 

February 29, 2016

What started yesterday’s confrontation with police was “the blue tent was obstructing the sidewalk.” An accusation of spitting was next. A demand for ID, and a threatened arrest for having none. No ID is not a crime. No accuser, no proof, and you are not allowed to resist illegal police activity.

Welcome to Berkeley.

–Mike Zint

Police sweeps on Division Street (from Adrienne Fong)

SWEEPS on Division Street
(From Amy Weiss)

Today (March 1) at 4PM at 101 Grove Street Room 300, the DPH will discuss “Public Health Concerns Along Division Street”.

If the concern is so great for the health and well-being of unhoused residents, then why wasn’t the DPH providing port-a-potties?

And does anyone from DPH truly believe that the current amount of interim shelter is sufficient to provide a place for the thousands of people living on our streets?

“The San Francisco Department of Public Health posted notices outlining public health concerns on Division Street on February 23, 2016. These notices provided 72 hours to vacate Division Street between South Van Ness Avenue and 11th Street on the east and west sides.

The Health Department’s Homeless Outreach Team has been working for months with people living in tents on Division Street. Though we have been able to match many people to resources, we remain extremely concerned about the health and well-being of this population. Unfortunately, conditions where multiple tents are congregated have become unsafe, and people have been living without access to running water, bathrooms, trash disposal or safe heating or cooking facilities.

The Homeless Outreach Team continued their efforts throughout the week to encourage people to relocate to other locations, including the new shelter at Pier 80. We will provide an update at
today’s meeting.”

Two different sources have stated that there might be  SWEEPS on Division St. on Tuesday, March 1st.

So me folks plan to be at Division and 11th Street at about 4:30 am.

Direct Action & Overnight Vigil on Division (The FB site was originally developed for an action last week)