Action Council Events — June 1 to June 6 (from Patricia Gray)

The future of our nation and our democracy looks bad for the
working class people of our nation.  Most of us realize that our
democracy is in tatters.  It is election time—but who really thinks
that a new bunch of elected officials will really stop our decline
and end the corruption?  We know the government of our nation
is planning a new war against Russia and China.  We know
our tax funds are being used for endless wars that are not in the
interest of the people of this nation.  This is causing  severe cuts
in all of our domestic programs.
All of us, of whatever color of our skin or ethnicity, must join
together and support each other in our many activities to get
liberty and justice for all.
Our democracy works only when our elected officials are frightened
by the people out on the streets.  That is our only hope to get them
to heed the voice of the many, not the few.
Wednesday June 1
9:30 am     S.F. City Hall room 205
                  PUBLIC HEARING – AIRBNB
                  Join us at the Government Audit and Oversight (GAO)
                  on new enforcement of rules for converting apartments
                  into hotel rentals.
12 to 1:00 pm     S.F/ Mayor’s office of Housing and Community
                           Development    1 South Van Ness Ave.  5th floor
                           RENT CONTROL RALLY!
                           They are planning to codify rent increases of 30%
                           for long term tenants. These rent increases will
                           drive out working class families in the Filmore/
                           Western Addition neighborhoods.
                           Join us to demand continuation of rent control!
5:00 pm      Police Commission Meeting    City Hall room 400
                   STOP TASERS!
                   The Police Commission is considering tasers for the
                   S.F.P.D. at this meeting.  Come and join in the public
                   discussion of this plan.
7:00 pm     African American Cultural Complex
                  762 Fulton St.  S.F.
                  MANIFESTING ACCESS
                  Come and see a collection of short movies the expose
                  truths at the intersection of disability and police terror.
                  Disabled people are among the highest targeted by the
                  police violence.
7 – 9:00 pm   Marines Memorial Theater
                     609 Sutter St.  (at Mason)
                     6 BIG NEW CLEANTECH IDEAS
                     Berkeley Lab’s popular Science at the Theater
                     travels across the bay to present the Lab’s first
                     CLEANTECH PITCHFEST.    Which of these six big
                     ideas presented by six Berkeley Lab Scientists will
                     best help us transform our carbon drenched over
                     heated world has the most promise and social value?
                     Free Admission  Please RSVP at
Thursday, June 2
3:30 pm   Planning Commission hearing
                City Hall room 400
                STOP THE BEAST ON  BRYANT!
                Community pressure have forced this meeting and
                discussion with the developer.
                Our Mission NO EVICTIONS!
6:30 – 9:00 pm   Berkeley Fellowship Hall
                          1924 Cedar St (at Bonita) Berkeley
                          OCCUPY THE FARM
                          Screening of the film telling the story of 200 urban
                          farmers who occupied public land  that was to be
                          into a real estate development.  This direct action
                          blocked the development plans of UC Berkeley.
                          They planted acres of crops on the land.
                          Director Todd Darling will be present for Q & A and
                          give us updates on the current status of the farm.
                          Refreshments will be served at 6:30 and the film will
                          be shown at 7:00
                          $5.00 to $20.00 donation   No one turned away.
                          sponsored by Transition Berkeley, the Ecology
                          Center and the Fellowship of UUs.
Friday June 3
4:40 pm       Main Berkeley Post Office
                    2000 Allston Way Berkeley
                    CANDIDATE FOR  PRESIDENT
                    Mobilize to preserve our post office and our other
                    public resources in the face of PRIVITAZATION!
7:00 pm     2969 Mission St. S.F.
                  2016 ELECTION – WHAT IS AT STAKE?
                  Speaker  Gloria La Riva, Party for Socialism and
                  Liberation candidate for President
       7:00 pm       St. John’s Presbyterian Church
                           2727 College Ave.   Berkeley
                           NORTH AMERICAN NAKBA TOUR
                           Meet stateless Palestinians from the camps in
                           Lebanon.  Come and meet 86 year old Maream
                           Fathalla and Amena Adhkar a great grand daughter
                           of other Nakba survivors.  These two women want
                           to tell you their stories of their years of exile from
                           their homes in Palestine (now Israel) They are
                           stateless  people.
7:30 – 10:30       2467 28th St. ( off Taraval)
                          JILL STEIN MEET AND GREET IN THE SUNSET
                          Wine and refreshments served.
                          Please RSVP so that there will be enough for
                          everyone at
Saturday, June 4
9:30 – 4:00     UU Center, 1180 Franklin St. (at Geary)
                      This gathering will focus on how we can work
                       together to advance affordable housing and worker
                       Aaron Peskin Supervisor,  Saru Jayaraman,
                       Restaurants Opportunities United,
                       Organizations sponsoring:  Organization of Bay Area
                       Governments, Council of Community Housing,
                       Jobs  with Justice,  Alliance of Californians for
                       Community.  Empowerment Bay Area, UUs for
                       Faith in Action Bay Area
                       Registration $20.00 (including lunch)
                       call Bevery Boido at 916-441-0018 for RSVP
11 – 5:00 pm
                     NAME TAG DAY
                     Each day brings a chance to talk to people about
                     things that concern us — but we are hesitant to
                     start a conversation with people we don’t know.
                     On our Name Tag Day we will hand out name tags
                     to people that are open to talking to strangers about
                     anything.  Imagine if you were suddenly friends with
                     everyone!  How would that change the way we
                     interact?   Wouldn’t that make the world a kinder
                     gentler place?  How about you try it?
                     Go to:
                     in the Castro    Jane Werner Plaza
                     on the Embarcadero    The Ferry Building
                     Hayes Valley     Patricia’s Green
                     Marina/Cow Hollow     Allyne Park
                     Mission      Dolores Park
                     So Ma   Soma Street Food Park
6:30   The Women’s building  3543 18th St. S.F.
          Speaker  Dr. Jill Stein
          We need to move to a movement against predatory
          capitalism.  We need a more just system to share the
          wealth of our nation and protect the earth and all life on
          it.  We must break the two party system!
         sponsored by the Bay Area International Socialist
7:30 – 10:pm    2969 Mission St. S.F.
                        LYRICAL REVOLT
                        A political-artistic space for expression through
                        any vocal medium. Join jus as we use words and
                        art to battle the injustices that face us today.
                        Performers sign up begins at 6:00.  We must fight
                        for a system where the power is in the hands of
                        the people—not the 1%!
Sunday June 5
10:00 – 12:00 pm    EcoHouse    1305 Hopkins St.  Berkeley
                               ECO HOUSE TOUR – CLIMATE ACTION
                               AND ADAPTATION
                               Join us for an informative exterior tour of our eco
                               demonstration home and garden.   Learn how
                               to use grey water and restore your soil, how to
                               filter air pollution, and reduce needs for heating
                               and air conditioning.   Learn how to have a
                               rain water cistern and provide useful resources
                               and help you live with what is possible in an
                               urban home.
                               Space is limited. Please go to
                       to RSVP
10:30 – 12:30 pm    Marxist Library    6501 Telegraph Ave ( north
                               of Alcatraz Ave)  Oakland
                               THE HISTORY OF SOCIALISM IN AMERICA
                               FROM 1825 TO BERNIE IN 2016
                               A power point presentation by Eugene Ruyle,
                               anthropology professor from Cal State Long
                               Beach.  This work shop will take as closer look
                               look at Bernie’s socialism by placing it in a
                               global context of two centuries of struggle
                               against capitalism.
                               Free event—but we will pass the hat.
Monday June 6
12:00 noon      Redstone Building  2940 16th St. (near Mission St.)
                        Brown Bag Forum
                        ELECTION FRAUD
                        Speakers,  Harvey Wasserman, Paul Kangas, David
                        Grace, Bryant Foster and more.
                        sponsor   Solar Justice Team
                        more info    415-368-8581
      5:30       Berkeley Central Library 
                     2090 Kittredge, Berkeley, Community room on the 3rd floor
                     Discussion after the showing of the film.
                     The film explains why policies regarding the Middle
                     East have been banned from public discussion.
                     free event
                     Sponsor:  Bay Area Jewish Voice for Peace
6:00 pm     Global Exchange    2017 Mission St  Second floor
                  OCCUPY FORUM
                  Speaker Victor Menotti with a Koch Brothers update.
If you know of an activity coming up in the next few weeks that
would be of interest to the Occupy community, please let me know
and I will put it on the Occupy Calendar
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