Occupy Calendar for this week–Wednesday to Wednesday (from Patricia Gray)

If you know of an event that might be of interest to Occupy activists who want to improve the lives of the 99%, please let me know the details.  (pat1936@gmail.com)    I will put it on the calendar so that together we can be strong in supporting our friends and neighbors in their efforts to make needed changes in our community.  We have to get out on the streets and frighten the 1%.

We are the many, they are the few.

Wednesday, June 29
12:30 – 1:30 pm       UC Berkeley, Bancroft and Telegraph, Berkeley
                              THE DEFORESTATION AND POISONING OF
                              EAST BAY HILLS BY UC BERKELEY
                              UC Berkeley and the Regional Park District and
                              the city of Oakland with funding from FEMA plan
                              to kill 450,000 healthy trees in the East Bay
                              hills.  Millions of animals will die from the loss
                              of their homes.  Large amounts of herbicides
                              will follow the bulldozers and poison for ten years
                              after that.  They will use Roundup, Garlon and
                              65,000 people have signed a petition against
                              this plan.  We must defend the east bay forests.
                              Organized by the Coalition to save East Bay
12:30 to 1:30          San Francisco City Hall
                             RALLY TO MAKE CITY COLLEGE FREE AGAIN
                             City College was tuition free in 1984–that is what
                             it should be now!
                             sponsored by AFT local 2121
5:30 – 6:30 pm        Market and Montgomery, S.F.
                             PEACE VIGIL!
                             Come and stand with others under our large
                             peace banner.  Bring your signs and join in
                             giving information to the people walking by.
                             sponsors, Code Pink, World Can’t Wait and
                             the Occupy Action Council.
6:30 to 8 pm          670 Page St. S.F.
                            EVICTION IS ELDER ABUSE!
                            Join a vigil outside the home of 99 year old
                            Iris Canada who is being evicted.  She has
                            lived here for over fifty years.  She deserves
                            to remain in her home for the rest of her life!
                            Join housing rights advocates and clergy in
                            demanding that she not be evicted.
Thursday, June 30
4:pm                  SEIU Local 1021   350 Rhode Island St. S.F. 
                         (enter on the Kansas back side of the building)
                         CONVERSATION WITH THE NEW POLICE
                         CHIEF TONY CHAPLAIN
                         Justice for Mario Woods invites you to come and
                         join in on a conversation with the new police Chief.
                         There are still many questions to be answered.
                         We are serious about justice for our people.
6:00 – 9:00 pm    Mission Cultural Center, 2868 Mission St. S.F.
                         LENNER OPEN HOUSE
                         Come and view the updated plan for the proposed
                         157 unit apartment house at 1515 South Van Ness.
                          info: Our Mission – No Eviction
                          facebook event/17376708698340831
7:00 – 8:00 pm    City Lights Book Store  261 Columbus Ave  S.F.
                         OF POETRY AND PROTEST FROM EMMETT
                         HILL TO TRAYVON MARTIN
                         City  Lights celebrates the release of this book
                         that illuminates black experience through the
                         voices of our most transformative and powerful
                         African American poets.
                         Come for a book release party and an evening of
9:00 pm – 12:00 am    EL Rio , 3158 Mission St. S.F.
                                MISSION FIRE FUNDRAISER
                                Fire burned down the homes of 58 people.
                                All funds will go to these people. Event line
                                up to be announced.  There will be raffles of
                               donations and all bar receipts will  go to the
                               $10.00 door fee
Saturday July 2
2;00 – 4:00 pm     1684 Post St. S.F.
                          panel discussion
                          THE ILWU AND JAPANESE AMERICANS
                          Presented by Harvey Schwartz about the
                          interment of 110,000  Japanese Americans and
                          how the Longshoreman’s union stood for the
                          civil rights of the Japanese.
2:00 – 4:00 pm     Starry Plough Pub  3101 Shattuck Ave.
                          panel discussion
                          AND CLIMATE CHANGE
                          Speakers: Andrew Lichlrman, Phyllis Olin, Eugene
                          Please buy food and drink at the Pub.  All ages
                          welcome.  This is a part of an ongoing Socialist
                          Forum Series.
                          info  510-332-3865
4:00 pm             Old City Hall Berkeley   2103 Grant Ave.
                         OCCUPY – LIBERTY CITY 2 — WE’RE BACK!
                         This will continue through July 4 and maybe more!
                         We are going back to demand our right to rest, and
                         housing we can afford.   Donations needed – tents
                         blankets, food and furniture.  Cash is welcome too!
Sunday July 3
10:00 – 12;00 pm    Harry Bridges Plaza Tower Embarcadero at 
                            Market St. S. F.
                            S.F. GENERAL STRIKE WALK
                            Labor Fest celebrates the 1934 Waterfront
                            Strike that made San Francisco a labor town!
                            82 years ago at this location a great battle
                            took place by workers and residents against
                           the police and the National Guard.  We can
                           learn from this strike because we may have to
                           do it again.
Monday July 4
  2:00 – 4:00  pm    Dolores Park  18th and Dolores St. S.F.
                            concert and show
                            S.F. Mime Troupe presents:
                           (about education in the U.S.A.)
                           free event
3:00 – 7:00           1158 Maples St. at Athens  S.F.   
                           Street Party
                           REVOLUTIONARY 4TH OF JULY 
                           Celebrate working class struggles and enjoy
                           a feast of grilled goodies along with stimulating
                           conversations and refreshing libations.
                           All you can eat $10. – $20.  donation
                           No host bar
                           sponsor  Freedom Socialist Party
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