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TASERS are NOT out of the picture – they will not be on the police commission agenda for Wednesday, (See Agenda) but will be agendized at a later date. The SF Police Commission is holding a special meeting on the USE of FORCE, Draft Policy. Come learn what this document says and raise your concerns.

San Francisco Police Commission

Special Meeting On  


 Wednesday, June 15, 2016

6:00 p.m.    

Grattan Elementary School 
165 Grattan St.

Postcard Campaign: San Franciscans for Police Accountability has initiated a postcard campaign regarding NO TASERS for SFPD addressed to the Police Commission.

To help gather signatures and for info contact Jackie at: or call: 415.722.6588

Police Commission – June 15, 2016 – Agenda

  1. Presentation of Department General Order 5.01, Use of Force, Draft Policy – Versions 1 and 2.  (DISCUSSION)

Please Note:  Discussion regarding Conductive Energy Devices will be agendized at a later date

–    Public Comment on Item No. 1

  1. 2. Adjournment (ACTION ITEM)

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Chelsea Manning San Francisco Pride

Sunday, June 26, 2016


March for heroic WikiLeaks whistle-blower Chelsea Manning and show your support for Chelsea, whistle-blowers, and government transparency. TBA meet up time, near Howard & Beale Streets, San Francisco- check back for updates in June! Save the date!

Info / RSVP:

Monitors are needed for the Chelsea Manning Contingent

Training this year is done on-line! You don’t have to go anywhere. There’s short video to watch and survey to fill out and you become a monitor. It takes 10 mins. Super easy!

Needed are 5 Contingent Monitors and 1 Wheel Monitor

Contact Nancy M. if interested:

Info for Training

Step 1: Share and Watch the 10-minute video at the link below:

This video contains pertinent information for ALL contingent members, so please let everyone in your group know that it is available.

Step 2: Have your monitors complete the survey at the link below:

This survey gets the name and contingent information from your monitors, and asks them a few questions to verify that they in fact watched the video.

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Sunday, June 12

J 12, Sunday, 10:30am – 3:00pm, Help Collect Postcards for Campaign for Medicare for All

Haight Street Fair

Between Ashbury & Clayton on Haight St. @ Green Party booth B19S

Help needed to build the campaign for Medicare for All this Sunday, June 12 at the Haight St Fair.  We will be working from the Green Party booth.  It is booth B19S between Ashbury & Clayton.

Contact Don if you can help: 415 – 810-5826

J 12, Sunday, 1:00pm, Turmoil in Brazil

New Valencia Hall
747 Polk St.

12:15pm – Brunch served for $8.00

Featured report on Brazil at the Freedom Socialist Party monthly meeting

Info: 415 – 864-1278

J 12, Sunday, 2:00pm – 4:00pm, The Moratorium is Ending, Now What?

Geoffrey’s Inner Circle
410 – 14th Street


The Post Salon Community Assembly (with other local organizations) won a housing state of emergency that has lasted for the past two months. This ordinance has stopped hundreds and perhaps thousands of Oakland renters from having their rent raised above 1.7 percent (per year) and has prevented evictions without cause. The ordinance ends on July 5

Post Salon Community Assembly wants the city to take steps that will permanently protect the 60% of Oakland renters who typically earn less than $40,000 a year.


Monday, June 13

J 13, Monday, 12Noon – 1:00pm, Living Graveyard & Vigil Oakland Federal Building, Stop Drone Attacks

Oakland Federal Building
1301 Clay St.

Covered with sheets to represent the dead of wars, people lie down on the city sidewalk in front of the Federal Building, This is legal, non-violent witness.

Sponsors: Ecumenical Peace Institute and Others


Tuesday, June 14

J 14, Tuesday, 4:00pm – 7:00pm, Public Safety Committee

Oakland City Hall
1 Frank Ogawa Plz.

Item #3 – Create Independent Police Commission (Kalb/Gallo)
This proposal was inspired by and based on the Coallition for Police Accountability’s proposal. Come and support its passage!

Sponsor: Coalition on Police Accountability


Wednesday, June 15

J 15, Wednesday, 9:30am – 12:30am, Air District Vote on Refinery Pollution

Air District Headquarters
375 Beale St.

Crucial Air District hearing!   Right now there are no limits on Bay Area refinery emissions.

Directors will give direction to their staff on what they want included in the new Rule 12-16, which covers toxic and GHG refinery emissions.

Needed a huge turnout to encourage the Board to support our Community-Worker Proposal, which calls for enforceable, numeric caps on emissions at each refinery.  

A delay is not an option. The caps need to be in place before an expected spike in tar sands comes to Bay Area refineries and before January 2017


Richard · · 415-342-6057

J 15, Wednesday, 5:30pm – 6:30pm, PEACE VIGIL

Montgomery and Market Sts.
(on the steps facing Market St., below Feinstein’s office)
Directly above the Montgomery BART/Muni Station

Join Codepink, World Can’t Wait, OccupySF Action Council and Others at the huge PEACE banner

Theme: “Opposing Endless War in an Election Year”

Feel free to bring your own signage, photos, fliers. Additional signs and flyers provided.

Stand (or sit) with us.

Hacking Democracy – Full Documentary

Ahamo 2016 Winner/ Excellence in Documentary Film /
The disturbingly shocking HBO documentary HACKING DEMOCRACY bravely tangles with our nation’s ills at the heart of democracy. The film politicians do not want you to see, this revelatory journey follows tenacious Seattle grandmother Bev Harris and her band of extraordinary citizen-activists as they set out to ask one simple question: How does America count its votes? From Florida and California to Ohio and Washington State, filmmakers Simon Ardizzone, Robert Cohen, and Russell Michaels starkly reveal a broken system riddled with secrecy, incompetent election officials, and electronic voting machines that can be programmed to steal elections. Equipped only with a powerful sense of righteous outrage, the activists take on voting machine industry, exposing alarming security holes in America’s trusted voting machines. They even go dumpster diving at a county election official’s office in Florida, uncovering incendiary evidence of miscounted votes. But proving our votes can be stolen without a trace culminates in a duel between Diebold voting machines and a computer hacker from Finland—with America’s democracy at stake.

“Swiss Reject Basic Income, but New Economy Still Firmly on Global Agenda” by Matt Stannard (

June 7, 2016

Last week juxtaposed two important stories about economic justice. In the U.S., the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposed rules to regulate payday lenders, while in Switzerland, voters decided whether to implement a universal basic income. Both stories illustrate the importance of thinking outside of the box on economics, rather than listening to a dominant narrative that tells us to think small when we should be thinking big.


Watch for the mainstream media to spin Switzerland’s rejection on Sunday of a basic income initiative into a wholesale, global rejection of the concept. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, however small the steps and numerous the setbacks, this is a time of unprecedented global consciousness towards economic and ecological justice. The challenge will be to continue working from the ground up, regardless of what the corporate media calls our work, and how much help we receive from elected officials.

It’s true that Swiss voters rejected a proposal to provide all citizens with basic monthly income of about $2,500 for adults and $625 for children. But although the proposal only won about 23% support, there’s much more to the story than the defeat. Voters were polledas they voted and the dominant attitude, including among those who voted against the referendum, is that this is only the beginning. Sixty-nine percent believe there will be another basic income referendum in the future, a whopping 72 percent say basic income will eventually be necessary due to job losses from automation, and 70 percent of those who voted No believe the measure will be introduced within the next several decades. Voters also overwhelmingly supported testing basic income in local municipalities.

These survey answers tell us more about the momentum towards basic income than the actual referendum results. A recent survey of members of the European Union showed that 64 percent favored implementing such a guaranteed income. Britain’s Labour Party is considering basic income as an official platform policy.

Jason Burke Murphy, a philosophy professor and activist who works on social media for the Basic Income Earth Network, believes the Swiss survey results constitute an important victory. “The Swiss targeted the whole world,” he told me. “They often campaigned in English in order to expand their audience.” Noting that most Swiss initiatives don’t pass when placed on the ballot, Murphy said Swiss leaders “wanted to provoke discussion about what makes a life and a society good. This is an ethically gripping movement.”

Murphy pointed out that where there was little to no public discussion about basic income even a couple of years ago, lately “I have never seen so many articles exposing what [it] is and revealing that it is mostly a question of political will. I have never seen so many people testify that their communities would thrive more with a basic income.”

He added: “I have never been more certain that I will get to see a world in which most people can count on a share that secures their independence.”

A Paradigm Shift

Jason Burke Murphy is right, and not just about basic income. We’ve crossed a threshold on issues of ecological and economic security. We now know they are linked together, and that addressing them requires restructuring rather than incremental reforms. Over the past month, has featured stories about people looking to redefine, from the ground up, the underlying meaning of value, money, and wealth. From alternative currencies fostering local sustainable development to redefining property ownership, those activists and their endeavors are paradigm-shifters. Their level of commitment to re-thinking and rebuilding our economic institutions stands in stark contrast to the unimaginative tinkering advocated by America’s mainstream media and political parties.

These activists’ stories emerge from a crisis in financial and ecological security that has sparked worldwide discussion of emerging alternatives. Economic insecurity plagues the planet. Where only a few years ago it was considered merely a regrettable axiom that poor people die earlier, have harder interpersonal relationships, and suffer greater levels of mental and physical anguish than those who are well-off, a growing consensus has declared such insecurity both morally indefensible and solvable through broad changes in policy and practice.

Moreover, economic and ecological insecurity are intimately linked. We are facing climate-induced migration and the collapse of entire communities whose livelihoods were based on the fossil fuel industry. In response, individual cities and states are fighting back, either through the ballot box or by implementing their own methods of hardwired economic and ecological justice. But the corporate media softens and distorts this information because their benefactors want people to accept small, incremental adjustments that leave existing institutions – the shareholder-based finance-capital economy – in the driver’s seat.

economic insecurity, economic justice, universal basic income, Swiss referendum, Basic Income Earth Network, ecological justice, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, payday loans, payday lenders, postal banking, low-cost financial services


The news last week that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was proposing new rules for payday lenders – who charge economically vulnerable borrowers as much as 350 or higher percent interest on loans designed to give short-term relief for economic emergencies – has been greeted with a combination of enthusiasm and skepticism from the mainstream media. Center-right banking and financial analysts see the regulations, which will implement ability-to-repay tests but not cap interest rates, as steps in the right direction, even as they admit that poor people need more money for basic necessities regardless of how they might be profiled by creditors.

In contrast, more liberal sources like The New York Times’s editorial board and Pew Charitable Trust’s small dollar loans project are critical of the proposed rules because they don’t go far enough and may result in fewer people getting money when they need it, rather than making it easier for struggling people to repay the loans they get.

What is missing, however, is a robust discussion of alternatives, and the most obvious one is postal banking.

As early as January 2014, in a report issued by the United States Postal Service Inspector General, data demonstrated that the USPS could handle small-dollar payday advances and loans, charging a tiny fraction of the interest rates charged by the payday loan industry, and offer an entire package of low-cost financial services currently unavailable to tens of millions of Americans.

Although Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders championed the idea, postal banking ran smack into the brick wall of the U.S. ruling class’s dominant financial paradigm: if it doesn’t make shareholders rich, it’s not going to make Congress act. That’s what far-right, center-right, and even many “liberal” newsmakers and policy analysis assume. When they say something is “unrealistic,” they mean rich people don’t like it.

But plenty of people like it. Over the past week I have given a half-dozen interviews on radio stations in Boston, San Francisco, Portland, Wisconsin, and other cities, talking about the proposed CFPB regulations, the payday lending industry, and alternatives. In each instance, response to the postal banking idea has been wildly enthusiastic. Perhaps, like the Swiss voters who were reticent to implement basic income but nevertheless saw it as inevitable and desirable in the long run, consciousness in America towards public banking entities and financial democratization will need patient, ground-level strategy and tactics – and acceptance of its desirability will precede its implementation.

Matt Stannard is policy director at Commonomics USA and a member of the Public Banking Institute’s board of directors.

If you like what you read and want to see more original reporting on, donate today!

economic insecurity, economic justice, universal basic income, Swiss referendum, Basic Income Earth Network, ecological justice, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, payday loans, payday lenders, postal banking, low-cost financial services

“Bernie Sanders and the Movement Where the People Found Their Voice” by Senka Huskic (

June 8, 2016

When Occupy Wall Street started, many people made fun of the protestors and what they stood for. Those who felt satisfied with the current system, where so few can live comfortably from their wages, told the general public that OWS protesters were just lazy people who wanted to live off the government. Today, those same people are very surprised at the power of Bernie Sanders movement – a movement that is finally talking about the most important economic and social issues. Bernie gave people their voices back and inspired many to join and raise their voices against the status quo, believing that only united we can move forward toward a more just system for all.

Bernie is a metaphor for the change this country needs to start rebuilding its middle class. His supporters are standing up and talking about the demise of the working class in the United States. Sen. Sanders has already been able to awaken millions of people while reminding them that it’s their right to ask for living wages, for health care, for the closure of offshore tax havens, for a formal and enforced end to financial crimes, for strength and hope to move towards justice and refuse to accept things as they currently stand.

It provides some perspective to recall this article from 2015 when no one in the mainstream took Bernie seriously, when the establishment labeled him as too radical and too crazy to understand their politics. This is because he was never afraid to speak his mind without coloring it to fit the expedient needs of politics, and to please those who want the truth to stay hidden.

Fast forward to mid-2016 and we see that those politicians who sold our democracy to the highest bidder knew nothing about the American people – namely, that we’ve had enough and we were ready to feel the Bern. They didn’t know that this country has been waking up, more every day, with more people joining and realizing what has been done to us and how we can fix it together.

I have written numerous articles for this site about the aftermath of mortgage and foreclosure fraud, and how millions of people lost their homes due to the biggest scam of our generation. Bernie is the only senator (aside from Elizabeth Warren) who has constantly spoken about this crime, never retreating from his position of holding Wall Street accountable for their criminal behavior. He is the one who has called for uncovering and stopping tax havens so that corporations get off our backs and start paying their fair share of taxes – not to mention paying their workers decent wages so that our country doesn’t have to provide food stamps to people working full time.

Most of all, Sen. Sanders is bringing back people’s confidence, reminding Americans of their power when they unite and stand up for justice. His recent voting record includes votes on bills to: make the Federal Reserve more transparent; prohibit liability immunity for corporations that break user agreements; bring jobs back to America; protect women’s health from corporate interference; and establish a new and more equitable minimum wage.

Bernie Sanders, political revolution, Bernie Sanders movement, Wall Street fraud, Wall Street crimes, criminal bankers

The American people have been waiting a long time for someone to actually represent them. That means protecting them from the fraud and corruption that is happening in the name of lobbying. Those with money are sending lobbyists to Congress to change existing laws and make new ones; meanwhile, many representatives who were elected to serve the people are leaving their government positions to go into lobbying careers, or working for those they used to regulate and oversee.

Lost in the shuffle, the people are left to wait the next turn, and then the next, and the next, and one day they realize that life has flown by and nothing has changed except that their kids are now in a worse position that they were – with so much student debt after college that it’s hard to start contemplating even more debt when it comes to buying a house or continuing with higher education. What happened, and how did we get here, to this point where our kids’ future is no longer promising, where they’re working low-paid jobs with their college degrees while those on the other side – those who perpetrated some of the biggest financial crimes in history – are getting richer and our politicians are still protecting them?

The time has come to give a chance to someone who has fought for this country and its people all his life, who stood by his words and never labeled Wall Street fraud as mere “shenanigans” the way his opponent, Hillary Clinton, has done. The country needs Bernie Sanders more than ever; we need his honesty and his fearlessness when he calls out the deeds committed by bankers by their real name: crime and fraud.

Young people recognize this and that is why they’re supporting Bernie in huge numbers. Young people are aware that this is their future that is on the line and that this is the moment when they still have the time, energy and belief to make this change come. We must be determined to change the status quo because if we give up now, the status quo will only change for the good of corporations, Wall Street and all those who have enough money to influence our politicians. The people, the working and middle classes, will continue to struggle to keep up with bills, with high health insurance costs, with no health insurance, with helping their kids escape student debt, and doing all this while their retirement comes and they’re left with nothing. Even our social security is in jeopardy of getting privatized and put in the hand of Wall Street gamblers.

It’s hard to bring about major change in any society. It takes years to build a progressive movement and see it in action. Our generation is witnessing history in the making. Now it is up to us to do our part and push forward for a better world. Here is how: We need to start voting for people who do not profit from every war; people who won’t take contributions from foreign governments and then sell them arms; people whose companies and their friends’ companies won’t profit from oil in countries we “liberate”; people who won’t send bankers to work with corrupt politicians in those countries in order to further in-debt their citizens; people who won’t help dictators come to power.

Privilege is to pick Hillary over Bernie, and to say to Bernie supporters that you must “be with her” since she is better than Trump while forgetting that you once had the option to choose the candidate who is for the people and not the banks, the corporations and the status quo. The decision is now.

Bernie Sanders, political revolution, Bernie Sanders movement, Wall Street fraud, Wall Street crimes, criminal bankers

Action Council Events . . . June 8 to June 12

Please send notices of events of interest to f political activists in the bay area at least one week in advance to so that I can list them on the calendar.
–Patricia Gray

Wednesday June 8
6:00 pm                    CCSF Smith Hall Cafeteria 
                                50 Pheland Ave. S.F.
                                SFPD POLICE COMMISSION MEETING
                                Public comments on Use Of Force
7:00 – 8:00 pm           The Green Arcade , 1680 Market St. S.F. 
                                INSPIRING LOW CAR (bon) COMMUNITIES
                                Speakers:  Nicole Foletta – international expert
                                on transit and Jason Henderson, Professor in
                                Geography and Environment at S.F.S.U.
                                will discuss how to reduce carbon emissions
                                amd recognizing  the social benefits of car
                                free and low car(bon) communities
                                free event
Thursday June 9
1:00 pm            S.F. City Hall
                        MONSTOR IN THE MISSION
                        press report  Polk St. Stair
2:00 – 2:30         room 400   Public comment 
Friday June 10
12 noon          California commission on Judicial Performance 
                      455 Golden Gate Ave.  S.F.
                      Deliver 500,000  signatures to request that Judge
                      Persky be removed form office over his decision
                      to send  a person to only six months in jail for a
                      jury conviction for raping an unconscious person.
1:00 pm     2437 Piedmont Ave. Berkeley 
                 STOP BULLY LANDLORDS
                  Come and help keep the driveway open so that the
                  sister of a tenant  may move in as she has a legal
                  right to do.
2:00 – 5:00 pm   25 Van Ness Ave.  room 610  S.F. 
                        COMMUNITY NOT CAGES
                        The No New Jail Coalition meeting to plan ways
                        to solve the problems of arrest and imprisonment
                        of so many people in San Francisco.
6:00 – 8:00 pm   3150 16th St.  (at Albion )
                       NEW PROPOSAL FOR 14TH AND STEVENSON
                       Preaplication meeting for merging two parking lots
                       into one and building a 45 unit residential building
                       with ground floor parking.  This is a very large
                       development with no “afordable” housing.  It will
                       have a luxury residnets lounge and theater, an
                       indoor/outdoor fitness center with a 24hr front desk
Saturday June 11
8:00 am      9th St. Park , Benicia CA
                  2016 REFINERY HEALING WALK
                  This walk along the refinery corridor will be led by
                   Native Americans in prayer.  We will walk for clean
                  air, water, soil, safe jobs and a healthy environment
                  for future generations.
                  Check the web site for bus service
                  organized by
3:00 pm      275 Battery St. San Francisco  Japanese Consulate 
                 The people of the world need to know the danger of
                 nuclear power plants.  We need to shut them down.
Sunday June 12
12 – 3;00 pm    East Side Alliance 1177 International Blvd. Oakland 
                      REPORT BACK FROM PALESTINE
                      In March a delegation of 19 former prisoners,
                      Black Panthers, activists and scholars visited
                     Palestine .  Join us for slides, discussion and
                    Speakers, Emery Douglas, Black Panther and Professor                           Abdrillhandi  S.F.S.U.

Chelsea Manning contingent in Gay Pride Parade

From: Nancy Mancias []

Thank you for endorsing the Chelsea Manning contingent. As you might know there are number of requirements to fulfill to make it into the parade. If we don’t have enough monitors we could be prohibited from joining.

Do you know if anyone at OccupySF Action Council would be interested in becoming a contingent monitor? or wheels monitor? We need 5 contingent monitors and 1 wheel monitor. There’s short video to watch and survey to fill out and you become a monitor. It takes 10 mins. Super easy!

Let me know if there’s any interest.

Thank you,


San Francisco Pride Parade Monitor Training

Monitors are needed for the Chelsea Manning Contingent

Training this year is done on-line! You don’t have to go anywhere. There’s short video to watch and survey to fill out and you become a monitor. It takes 10 mins. Super easy!

Needed are 5 Contingent Monitors and 1 Wheel Monitor

Contact Nancy M. if interested:

Info for Training

Step 1: Share and Watch the 10-minute video at the link below:

This video contains pertinent information for ALL contingent members, so please let everyone in your group know that it is available.

Step 2: Have your monitors complete the survey at the link below:

This survey gets the name and contingent information from your monitors, and asks them a few questions to verify that they in fact watched the video.

Guerrilla Gardening, Germination and Green Governing


Jill Stein, candidate for the Green Party nomination for President of the United States, participated in a guerrilla gardening exercise through the fence of the Community Garden after she spoke at the invite of Berkeley Post Office Defenders (BPOD) and the local Green Party on June 3rd, 2016 on the steps of the downtown Berkeley Post Office.

fence-6-3-16In late April Postal officials had installed a metal fence, blocking access to the BPOD and First They Came for the Homelessinitiated Community Garden at the Post Office. Two weeks earlier they had evicted the FTCftH protest occupation from the Allston/Miliva corner, removing the bike rack. That area was also fenced off.

About one hundred people came at 4:30 PM to hear Dr. Stein speak on the state of the economy, the state of our politics, the plight of the Post Office and what she would do about it all if elected.


Mike Wilson(background, between pillars, below) of BPOD spoke about the importance of the institution of the Post Office in opposition to neo-liberalism and other forces of privatization.


Shirley Taylor, from the American Postal Workers Union, spoke of the union’s support in the fight to keep the Berkeley Post Office open, and the need for the Postal Service to continue to exist with augmented services, like Postal Banking, for us all.

Jesse Arreguin, Berkeley City Councilor for the district the Post Office is located in, and candidate for Mayor, spoke of Berkeley’s resolve to keep the Post Office open, and of the Postal Service’s latest attempt to threaten Berkeley by demanding, under threat of lawsuit, that it rescind a zoning ordinance passed two years ago which affects the uses to which the 2000 Allston Way property could be put to should it be sold. He noted that the City Council was still united in its opposition to these tactics and any attempt to sell the building.

stein-guerilla-gardening-6-4-16Mike Zint, of FTCftH, who had maintained the protest occupation for seventeen months before being evicted, spoke of the gross injustice and symbolic affront that putting up the fence around our Commons has created.

Then the guerrilla gardening started, as a few people found their way inside, and others watered the remnants of what had been a flourishing garden through the fence. Seeds balls were tossed over or through the fence, one by the candidate, with thoughts of germination in mind.


Pictures thanks to First They Came for the Homeless. Carol Wolfley (last photo, middle) bottom-lined the event

OccupyForum presents . . . Author/activist Harvey Wasserman (on Monday, June 6)

Monday, June 6th from 6 – 8 pm at Global Exchange

2017 Mission Street near the 16th Street BART station

Information, discussion & community! Monday Night Forum!!

Occupy Forum is an opportunity for open and respectful dialogue

on all sides of these critically important issues!

OccupyForum presents…

D I S C U S S I O N:

Will the 2016 election be stolen (again)?

Will voting for Bernie help shut Diablo Canyon?

Author/activist Harvey Wasserman will give us the inside scoop!!!

Harvey Wasserman has co-authored (with Bob Fitrakis) the newly published STRIP & FLIP SELECTION OF 2016: FIVE JIM CROWS & ELECTRONIC ELECTION THEFT, which covers the history of racism and stolen elections since our nation’s founding. Will it happen again in 2016? Harvey has also been fighting the Diablo Canyon nukes for more than 30 years. We may be close to shutting them down.

The No Nukes movement has been one of the most successful grassroots uprisings in human history. Right now, the industry is spending millions to keep our biggest state from going totally post-nuclear. This is the critical turning point.  Since the Diablo license is soon up for renewal, and since its operations depend on federal subsidies (most importantly for liability insurance), a Sanders victory inTuesday’s California primary might mark a step toward shutting Diablo. Coming from Vermont, where grassroots action has shut the Yankee nuke, Candidate Sanders’s official position is this:

Begin a moratorium on nuclear power plant license renewals in the United States. Bernie believes that solar, wind, geothermal power and energy efficiency are proven and more cost-effective than nuclear – even without tax incentives – and that the toxic waste byproducts of nuclear plants are not worth the risks of the technology’s benefit. Especially in light of lessons learned from Japan’s Fukushima meltdown, Bernie has also raised questions about why the federal government invests billions into federal subsidies for the nuclear industry. We can have an affordable carbon-free, nuclear-free energy system and we must work for a safe, healthy future for all Americans.

Harvey Wasserman returns to OccupyForum to lead a discussion on the roots of election fraud and its effect on life and death issues, and how we must fight to stop it.

Time will be allotted for announcements.

Donations to Occupy Forum to cover costs are encouraged; no one turned away!