Occupy Action Council weekly calendar (from Patricia Gray)

Please read this list and choose one that you can attend.  We need to be active in our community and connected to other people who share our concerns about the need to change our government.  We want a government to heed the voice of the many—not the few.

If you know of an activity planned for next week, let me know about it by
Tuesday afternoon before the activity.  Send the information to pat1936@gmail.com
Wednesday July 20
4:30 pm             Twitter office, 1355 Market St. S.F.and march to 
                         Uber at 1455 Market St.
                         TELL TECH TO PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE!
                         The tech boom as fueled a housing crisis.  They should
                          pay a tech tax to raise money for affordable housing
                          and  homeless services.  Join us to bring our vision
                          of a just San Francisco to the headquarters of
                          Uber and Twitter.
5:30 – 6:30         corner of Market and Montgomery St 
                        PEACE VIGIL
                        Our nation is involved in endless wars all over the world.
                        How long will we allow the “war on terror” to continue?
                        These endless wars are bankrupting our nation and
                        causing us to suffer cuts in all of our domestic
                        programs.  (not to mention killing millions of Muslim
                        people)  Join us to inform people of what is going
                        on.  The wars are so ordinary that they are not
                        making the ‘news’ and people are not informed.
                        Join us to protest the wars and to inform the people.
                        sponsored by Coke Pink, World Can’t Wait and the
                        S.F. Occupy Action Council.
7 – 9:00 pm    ILWU local 34 Hall  801 Second St. (next to the ball park)
                     LABORFEST FILMS
                     Freeway Flyer  USA film   45 min
                     a film which shows conditions where college professors are
                     made temporary workers going from job to job – without
                     benefits or pensions.
                     Udita (Arise)  film from Bangladesh  75  min
                     a film on garment workers struggle over the last ten years
                     to organize through terrible tragedies and cruelty as seen
                     through the eyes of female workers.
7;30  pm       Eastside Arts Alliance  2277 International Blvd. Oakland
                    ANTI POLICE TERROR PROJECT
                    regular monthly gathering to work to develop a repeatable
                    and sustainable model to end police terrorism.
                    We are a multi racial, multi generational coalition and
                    would welcome your participation.
Thursday July 21
11:00 – 1:00 pm    90 7th St. S.F.  Office of Nancy Pelosi
                           ANTI TPP PROTEST: URGE PELOSI TO SAY NO 
                           TO THE TPP!
                           The corporations that rule Congress want to get the
                           TPP passed in the lame duck period after the
                           election in November.  We will deliver over 200,000
                           signatures to Pelosi urging her to oppose the TPP.
                           Sponsored by Citizens Trade Campaign, Electronic
                           Frontier, Sierra Club, California Nurses Association
                           Global Exchange,  Communications Workers of
                           America, Food and Water Watch.
5:00 pm              Powell and Market 
                          ACTION TO END RACIST POLICE TERROR
                          As a part of a national day of actions initiated by the
                          movement for Black Lives, join us in the streets to
                          to demand justice for all the victims of police brutality
                          and end racist police terror  .
                          more info  415-821-6545
7:00 – 9:00 pm    518 Valencia St. (near 16th st. BART)
                         Panel discussion
                         AND TECHNOLOGY
                         The use of technology has transformed our modern
                         media system to drastically affect workers and our
                         information.  There are threats to journalists by repression
                         and police attacks.  There will be films on conditions in
                         the world of attacks on reporters.
                         Sana Saleem, from 49 Hills
                         Anabell Hernadez, Mexican journalist
                         Josh Wolf  vedio blogger who spent 225 days in jail to
                                          protect his sources
                         Steve Zellzer,  Media Guild
                         Joseph Thomas videographer in  S.F.
                         more info:  www.laborfest.net/schedule.htm
Friday July 22
5:00 pm         Conerstone Missionary Baptist Church
                     6190 3rd St. S.F.
                     MARIO WOOD REMEMBRANCE DAY
                     This is Mario’s birthday and the Supervisors have made
                     this a day of remembrance.  We will gather to remember
                     him and to continue the fight for justice.
                     sponsor   Justice4Mariowoodscoalition
Saturday July 23
11:00 – 5:00 pm    MLK Park, 5701  3rd St. San Francisco
                           CELEBRATING THE LIFE OF MARIO WOODS
                           There will be kids activities, musical performances,
                           spoken word, community healing, food venders.
                           Join us and Gwen Woods, Mario’s mother, to celebrate
                           his life and the many lives he positively affected.
                           sponsored by Justice for Mario woods coalition
7:00 pm        Desai Malta Gallery
                    California Institute for Integral Studies, Ground floor
                    Evictions and displacement derails lives, leading to
                    intergenerational stress — sometime to deadly effect.
                    When homelessness results, residents must also
                    struggle to strive against the elements and the un-
                    management of a life on the streets.  In these conflicted
                    communities an epidermic of police violence cut short
                    lives, leaving families and communities shattered.
                    Come and join the conversation with
                    Carlos Disdier, Manager of community health programs
                    Shiwa Kayom-Bashi M.D.professor Family and
                                                         community medicine UCSF
                    Julie Lewak-Madding of Vanishing S.F. -board member
                                                    of San Francisco Vision
                    Christina Olague, Editor of San Francisco Vision
                    Dr. Ray Tomkins, Phd in organic chemistry and expert on
                                                     toxic pollution in Bayview and
                                                     Hunter’s point.
Sunday July 24
7:00 – 9:00 pm        ILWU Hall, 801 3rd St. San Francisco
                             Near the base ball park
                             WORKING WOMEN
                             concert and show
                             The Rocking Solidarity Chorus presents a history
                             in story and song touching on the Bread & Roses
                             Strike in Lawrence Mass, the sweatshops during
                             and before the Shirtwaist Fire, the conditions of
                             black and white women working during WWII.  The
                             show includes first person testimony from teachers,
                             an engineer and women in the trades in four part
                             harmony, laughter and sturdy old labor themes.
                             more info:  www.laborfestnet/schedule
Tuesday July 26
6:15 – 8:15 pm      SEIU local 1000 Hall      
                           436 14th St. 2cd floor
                           OAKLAND LIVABLE WAGE ASSEMBLY
                           Join us to collaborate in principled reflection on what
                           a bay area livable wage should be and plan movement
                           building actions and events to carve the way.
                           Please love and support each other.   We hfe a duty to
                           fight – we have a  duty to WIN!
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