Fight between Jimmy Dore and Ben Mankiewicz on last night’s TYT coverage of RNC – day 3


Jimmy Dore:  The difference back then when that stuff [Ana Kasparian’s recount of her seeing Reagan and George H.W. Bush debating immigration with logic and evidence] happened was that we had the Fairness Doctrine and it was before the 1996 Telecommunications Act which consolidated the media into six companies.  And so now reporters are not even allowed to do their job.  And they know it.  They self-censor.  And we get what we’ve been talking about all night.  This neutrality bullshit plus we had the Foxification of the party which had to do with the Telecommunications Act and the Fairness Doctrine.

Ben Mankiewicz:  That’s right.  Taking advantage of it.

Jimmy:  And Bill Clinton we have to thank for that.  That was a neo-liberal who did that and then he went on to deregulate Wall Street.  And, then, you know, people are voting for Trump, a lot of them, out of hatred for Hillary Clinton.  People are also voting for Hillary Clinton out of hatred of Donald Trump.  That is a horrible way to vote — out of hatred.  So I’m not voting out of hatred.  I’m voting my conscience.  And I can’t get my conscience to pro-fracking bullshit.

Ana Kasparian:  I know, but look, I gotta be honest with you.  I didn’t know where I stood until this convention because it’s one thing to report on the things people say.  It’s another thing to experience them in person.  And being here in person…  These are dangerous people.  I’m not trying to fear-monger you guys.  These are scary, dangerous people that would destroy the country.  The idea of Donald Trump nominating Supreme Court justices scares the living crap out of me.  You know that he wanted…  I know we talked about it on the main show, but he wanted Kasich to be his VP because apparently Donald Trump has a few things he doesn’t want to do as president including domestic policy and foreign policy.  Pretty much everything and it’s because he’s an idiot and he doesn’t know anything.  He has no policy ideas.  No one here has ever mentioned a single policy idea that he has because he doesn’t have one to defend, right?  And so the idea of this clown having the ability to pick who our Supreme Court justices are going to be scares me.  We can’t have that.  We can’t have that.

Jimmy:  Let me just say real quick on that point:  He doesn’t have the ability to do that.  Right now the Republicans won’t even give Merrick Garland a meeting for a year without even batting an eye.  So why wouldn’t the Democrats be able to do the same thing for two years.

Ben:  They won’t.  They won’t.

Jimmy:  They should.  And if we keep voting for weak soft, we’re going to keep getting more of it.

Ben:  If you don’t vote for Hillary Clinton and we end up with Donald Trump, you’re going to bear a bit of responsibility for the…

Jimmy:  No, it’s her fault for not coming to get my vote.

Ben:  No, no.

Jimmy:  I want to vote for her…

Ben:  Then vote for her. Bite the bullet and vote for her.  It’s the grown up thing to do.

Jimmy:  No, no, no…  Not at all.

Ben:  You’ve never been more wrong about anything.

Jimmy:  That is such a fucking…

Ben:  No, yours is the selfish point of…

Jimmy:  This is the same short-term thinking that got us where we are right now.

Ben:  You don’t know anything about what’s going to happen in 2018.

Jimmy:  Bullshit.  That is such bullshit.

Ben:  You’re thinking we’re going to come back in…

Jimmy:  What do you fucking know about it?  What the fuck do you know about it?

Ben:  Don’t talk to me like that.  Don’t talk to me like that fucking ever.

Jimmy:  What did you just say to me?

Ben: I didn’t say “Shut the fuck up.”

Jimmy: I said, “What do you fucking know about?”

Ben: Yeah. That’s incredibly hostile.

Jimmy: Well, you just said it to me.

Ben: No, I wasn’t. I said you don’t know what’s going to happen in 2018.

Jimmy: And what do you know?

Ana:  All right guys.  Let’s go to break.  Break.  Break.

[Transcribed to the best of my ability by Mike Zonta. Video at]

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One Response to Fight between Jimmy Dore and Ben Mankiewicz on last night’s TYT coverage of RNC – day 3

  1. J says:

    So what’s going to happen in 2018? Things will get worse…Always have always will. A surplus of workers, hmm, put them in jail, rehab, wipe them out, ala Flint. Thank goodness one future day I will be free. A major paradigm shift would Ned to occur and follow in the path of the Venus project, anything else and humanity goes extinct, both rich & poor

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