OccupyForum Field Trip (on Monday, July 25)

F  I  E  L  D    T  R  I  P  

Monday, July 25th from 6 pm  – 9 pm

New Metro Center Building in San Francisco
375 Beale Street at Harrison, San Francisco, CA 94105

OccupyForum presents…


Greenaction is part of a regional climate justice coalition called the Resilient Communities Initiative, and RCI will be having a workshop on sea level rise, flooding and justice.

This is an important opportunity to engage/challenge some of the government agencies who should be dealing with this issue, especially about the issue we’ve been working with you on – how sea level rise will impact the toxic and radioactive waste sites along the Baview Hunters Point and southeast waterfront.

What are the social equity implications of sea level rise and flooding in the Bay Area? How can grassroots leaders and agency staff work together to address them?

Join grassroots leaders from the Resilient Communities Initiative (RCI) and staff from the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC), the Coastal Conservancy, and other key agencies in an innovative joint policy workshop to explore these critical issues and identify potential collaborations to address them together.

Key justice and equity issues to be discussed in breakout groups include:

  • Emergency housing for those displaced by flooding
  • Protecting affordable housing from flooding and sea level rise
  • Impact of flooding and sea level rise on shoreline toxic sites
  • Investing in upgrading shoreline and flood infrastructure in disadvantaged communities
  • Use of Measure AA wetland restoration funds in disadvantaged communities
  • Risk assessment, community planning, and regional planning for flooding and sea level rise

This joint policy workshop is part of the Regional Resilient Leadership Academy series presented by the Resilient Communities Initiative to bring grassroots community leaders most impacted by climate change together with key agency staff to build long-term partnerships.


transportation: http://mtc.ca.gov/sites/default/files/375_Beale_Transit_and_Shuttle.pdf

Note: If possible, please eat before coming since we are off-site!

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