Democracy Spring Coming to the DNC!

Democracy Spring at the DNC

July 24, 2016
Democracy Spring at the DNC

Last April, Democracy Spring organized the largest American civil disobedience action of this century, calling on Congress to take action to end to the corruption of big money in politics and ensure free and fair elections.
Now, we demand that the Democratic Party implement the political revolution that millions of its voters are calling for and pledge to pass reforms to make this the last corrupt, billionaire-dominated, voter suppression-marred election in our nation.
Unless the Democrat’s presidential nominee and Congressional leaders publicly commit to pass sweeping democracy reforms to overturn Citizens United, establish publicly funded elections, and ensure comprehensive voting rights protections for all Americans within the first 100 days of a new administration AND abolish superdelegates now, we will engage in mass civil disobedience to disrupt the DNC in Philadelphia from July 25-28. We the People must disrupt business-as-usual politics until we have a democracy that works for all. Join us.

OccupyForum presents . . . The Sacramento Protest: Victory over Fascism (Monday, July 18)

Monday, July 18th from 6 – 9 pm at Global Exchange
2017 Mission Street near the 16th Street BART station
Information, discussion & community! Monday Night Forum!!
Occupy Forum is an opportunity for open and respectful dialogue
on all sides of these critically important issues!
OccupyForum presents…
The Sacramento Protest:
Victory over Fascism
On June 26, fascists were chased off of their intended rally site at the California State Capitol building by hundreds of anti-fascist protesters. People from the Sacramento community and anti-racist protesters from around northern California began to assemble in the morning to prevent white supremacists from entering the capitol grounds
and holding their hate rally.
Militarized police cornered the protesters on the street to allow space for fascists to assemble, but to their surprise the protesters heroically challenged them and took over the steps of the capitol building before the fascists could assemble.
The some-500 anti-racist protesters who covered the capitol grounds were people of many political orientations, races, genders, and ages united against the hate group and its preaching of deadly racist ideas. The counter demonstration was supported by, among others, Antifa Sacramento, Anti Police Terror Project, Sacramento Brown Berets, the Progressive Labor Party, various anarchist collectives,
and the Party for Socialism and Liberation.
Anti-fascist participants will tell about their experiences at the action and lead a discussion on this event.
For background, see the reports on Indybay:
Time will be allotted for announcements.
Donations to OccupyForum to cover costs are encouraged; no one turned away.

Announcements for Sunday & Tuesday (from Adrienne Fong)


Sunday, July17

J 17, Sunday, 2:00pm – 4:00pm, Justice For Jessica – Rally & March


3rd & Palou

March is to the Bayview Police Station

This event is led by YBLM – Youth for Black Lives Matter.

On May 19, 2016 Jessica Nelson Williams was murdered by SFPD Sergeant Justin Erb. She was unarmed and pregnant.

Justin Erb has not been fired or charged for this murder. Despite his extensive track record of misconduct (which you can read about here: he continues to pose an imminent threat to the Bayview community.


Tuesday, July 19

J 19, Tuesday, 10:00am, Calling Out the Chief: Tuesday 10am Press Conference at 850 Bryant Street

Hall of Justice (front steps)
850 Bryant Street

Join us for a press conference and vigil
-SFPD: No coverups!
-DA Gascón: Charge the officers with murder!

After the event, you’re invited to walk with us to City Hall to support the Justice 4 Mario Woods Coalition in their call for justice.

The Chief is not telling the truth about crime scene misconduct! We’re calling him out!
We told the Police Commission about a possible coverup
While continuing to insist the DA file murder charges against the officers who killed Amilcar.

Host: Justice 4 Amilcar Perez-Lopez


J 19, Tuesday, 12 Noon, Standing In The Name Of Justice – Press Conference

San Francisco, City Hall
1 Dr. Carleton B. Goodlett Place

In the memory of Our Son Our Brother Mario Woods Justice 4 Mario Woods will be holding Press Conference to let the world know we are still standing and fighting for our two demands:
-The Cops be charged with murder
-Independent Patterns and Practice Investigation.

Sponsor: Justice 4 Mario Woods Coalition


J 19, Tuesday, 2:00pm, San Francisco Board of Supervisors Meeting

San Francisco City Hall
1 Dr. Carleton Goodlett Place

Supervisor Avalos proposal to hold $100 million of the SFPD in reserve until there are real changes in the use of force might be on the agenda.

J 19, Tuesday, 5:00pm – 8:00pm, City Council Meeting

Oakland City Hall
Frank Ogawa Plaza


Join us in saying no more scandals, no more stolen lives, and no more immunity for police violence. Speak out next Tuesday (July 19th) at 6pm at Oakland City Hall to demand a strong police accountability measure be placed on the November ballot.

MESSAGE to Oakland City Council:

“Don’t water down the people’s police accountability measure. We need an independent, community-driven Police Commission to ensure real accountability in Oakland. We urge you to:

• Ensure it’s independent by preventing direct appointments by the Mayor
• Make sure it’s community-based by preventing current or former law enforcement officers from serving on the commission.

*Fill out a speaker card by going to:


J 19, Tuesday, 4:00pm – 12:00am, Oakland City Council Meeting

Oakland City Hall
1 Frank Ogawa Plaza

4:00pm – Pre-meeting rally
5:00pm city Council Meeting

This Oakland City Council Meeting is our chance to demand City Council Members take action to protect Oakland tenants by voting to place Council Member Rebecca Kaplan’s Renter Protection Act of 2016 on the November ballot.

Sponsor: Protect Oakland Renters


“Eric Holder’s Longtime Excuse for Not Prosecuting Banks Just Crashed and Burned” by David Dayen




July 12, 2016 (

ERIC HOLDER has long insisted that he tried really hard when he was attorney general to make criminal cases against big banks in the wake of the 2007 financial crisis. His excuse, which he made again just last month, was that Justice Department prosecutors didn’t have enough evidence to bring charges.

Many critics have long suspected that was bullshit, and that Holder, for a combination of political, self-serving, and craven reasons, held his department back.

A new, thoroughly-documented report from the House Financial Services Committee supports that theory. It recounts how career prosecutors in 2012 wanted to criminally charge the global bank HSBC for facilitating money laundering for Mexican drug lords and terrorist groups. But Holder said no.

When asked on June 8 why his Justice Department did not equally apply the criminal laws to financial institutions in the wake of the 2008 economic crisis, Holder told the platform drafting panel of the Democratic National Committee that it was laboring under a “misperception.”

He told the panel: “The question you need to ask yourself is, if we could have made those cases, do you think we would not have? Do you think that these very aggressive U.S. attorneys I was proud to serve with would have not brought these cases if they had the ability?”

The report — the result of a three-year investigation — shows that aggressive attorneys did want to prosecute HSBC, but Holder overruled them.

In September 2012, the Justice Department’s Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section (AFMLS) formally recommended that HSBC be prosecuted for its numerous financial crimes.

The history: From 2006 to 2010, HSBC failed to monitor billions of dollars of U.S. dollar purchases with drug trafficking proceeds in Mexico. It also conducted business going back to the mid-1990s on behalf of customers in Cuba, Iran, Libya, Sudan, and Burma, while they were under sanctions. Such transactions were banned by U.S. law.

Newly public internal Treasury Department records show that AFMLS Chief Jennifer Shasky wanted to seek a guilty plea for violations of the Bank Secrecy Act. “DoJ is mulling over the ramifications that could flow from such an approach and plans to finalize its decision this week,” reads an email from September 4, 2012, to senior Treasury officials. On September 7, Treasury official Dennis Wood describes the AFMLS decision as an “internal recommendation to ask the bank [to] plead guilty.” It was a “bombshell,” Wood wrote, because of “the implications of a criminal plea,” and “the sheer amount of the proposed fines and forfeitures.”

But after British financial minister George Osborne complained to the Federal Reserve chairman and the Treasury Secretary that DOJ was unfairly targeting a British bank, senior Justice Department leadership reportedly sought to “better understand the collateral consequences of a conviction/plea before taking such a dramatic step.”

The report documents how Holder and his top associates were concerned about the impact that prosecuting HSBC would have on the global economy. And, in particular, they worried that a guilty plea would trigger a hearing over whether to revoke HSBC’s charter to do banking in the United States.

According to internal documents, the DOJ then went dark for nearly two months, refusing to participate in interagency calls about HSBC. Finally,on November 7, Holder presented HSBC with a “take it or leave it” offer of a deferred prosecution agreement, which would involve a cash settlement and future monitoring of HSBC.

No guilty plea was required.

But even the “take it or leave it” offer was apparently not the last word. HSBC was able to negotiate for nearly a month after Holder presented that offer, getting more favorable terms in the ultimate $1.9 billion deferred prosecution agreement, announced on December 11, 2012.

The original settlement documents would have forced any HSBC executive officers to void their year-end bonuses if they showed future failures of anti-money laundering compliance. The final documents say that, in the event of such failures, senior executives merely “could” have their bonuses clawed back.

In addition, HSBC successfully negotiated to have individual executives immunized from prosecution over transactions with foreign terrorist organizations and other sanctioned entities, even though the original agreement only covered the anti-money laundering violations and explicitly left open the possibility of prosecuting individuals.

As a Justice Department functionary in 1999, Holder wrote the infamous “collateral consequences” memo, advising prosecutors to take into account economic damage that might result from criminally convicting a major corporation.

In 2013, he unwittingly earned his place in history for telling the Senate Judiciary Committee, “I am concerned that the size of some of these [financial] institutions becomes so large that it does become difficult for us to prosecute them,” which became known as the “Too Big to Jail” theory.

Holder told the Democratic platform drafting committee that “it was not lack of desire or lack of resources” that led to the lack of prosecutions for any major bank executive following the financial crisis. “We had in some cases statutory and sometimes factual inabilities to bring the cases that we wanted to bring,” he said.

The HSBC case, however, shows that lack of desire at the highest levels of the Justice Department was indeed the primary reason that no prosecutions took place.

Former Rep. Brad Miller, D-N.C., who also testified to the drafting committee, cited the HSBC case as an example of the lack of equal application of justice in the Holder era. Referring to the concern over destabilizing the financial system with an HSBC prosecution, Miller said, “That’s not an argument that’s available to too many people: ‘You can’t arrest me for selling cigarettes, it might destabilize the financial system!’ ”

The internal communications in the House report all come from the Treasury Department. The Justice Department, they say, did not comply with subpoenas for information about the settlement.

Holder has returned to Covington & Burling, a corporate law firm known for serving Wall Street clients in 2015. He had worked at Covington from 2001 until he was sworn in as attorney general in Feburary 2009. Covington literally kept an office empty for him, awaiting his return.

Jennifer Shasky, the AFMLS chief who requested the prosecution of HSBC but was overruled, recently resigned as the head of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network to become a senior compliance officer with HSBC.

Weekly calendar of events for activists in the Bay Area (from Patricia Gray)

Please read this list of planned activities for the coming week.  I am sure most of us are very concerned about the future of our nation. The militarized police at home, and the wars all over the world, are not what we, of the peace community, want.  We can try and change things by voting, but we need to do more.  I think we need to be doing things together and out on the streets so the ‘powers that be’ will know we are are powerful.  Maybe we can scare them a little so that they do what we demand.

 Please forward this calendar to your friends.  If you know of some
future event email me at and I will put it on
the calendar.   I need the information by Tuesday at noon.
Wednesday July 13
5:30 -6:00 pm      Montgomery and Market St. S.F.
                           PEACE VIGIL
                           Come and join others under our peace banner.
                           We have information to hand out to people
                           about the everlasting WAR ON TERROR!  We
                           must do all we can to stop the endless wars
                           of aggression by our nation under the idea
                           that we are bringing peace and democracy
                           to the people of the world. (at the point of a 
                           gun)  The funding for these endless wars is 
                           causing ‘austerity’ and cuts in all of our very
                           important domestic programs.  
                           sponsored by 
                           Code Pink,  World Can’t Wait and the SF Occupy
                           Action Council.
7:00 – 9:00 pm     Oscar Grant Plaza, Oakland City Hall plaza
                           SHOWING UP FOR RACIAL JUSTICE 
                           Join a local group to move white people to act as 
                           a part  of a multiracial majority for justice with
                           passion and accountability.  We will build an 
                           altar for the black lives stolen in Oakland by
                           the police—seven men and one woman.
                           Please bring flowers, candles, photos or other
                           offerings to honor these stolen lives.
                           sponsored by SUFJ  (Showing Up For Racial Justice)
7:30 – 9:30           Berkeley Hillside Club,  2287 Cedar St. Berkeley
                           SPIRAL:TRAPPED IN THE FOREVER WAR
                           Speaker Mark Danner
                           A shrewd analysis of why American’s War on
                           Terror has persisted over a decade with no end
                           in sight.
                           Sponsor  KPFA
                           tickets $15.00 at the door or $12.00 in advance
Thursday July 14
6:00 pm             Corner of Thornton Blvd and St. Edwards St.
                         Newark CA
                         JUSTICE FOR TEO, RALLY AND MARCH
                         Please join us for a peaceful family gathering,
                         Vigil, rally and march.   Teo was killed by the
                         Newark police on March 11, 2016.  He was shot in the
                         back with an AR-15 Assault Weapon.  We demand
                         the officer be charged and fired and that the police
                         be deprived of military equipment.
8:00 pm            Mojo Theater, 2940 16th St. San Francisco
                        AMERICAN DREAM 2016 – THE WOLF IN THE
                        Gentri – FUN – cation for the whole family.  Sketch
                        comedy * Spoken word * Magic * film * music
                        tickets $20. at the door
                        $15.00 at
Friday July 15
10:00 am – 11 am   San Francisco City Hall
                             PRESS CONFERENCE AND KICK OFF RALLY
                             TO RECALL MAYOR ED LEE
                             Mayor Lee has shown callous disregard for the
                             most vulnerable of our community–the homeless.
                             His housing policies have raised rents, evicted
                             people and created more housing for the rich.
                             He is selling out the people to developers and
                             the tech industry.
5:00 pm        St. John’s Church  110 Julien Ave at 15th St. S.F.
                    MISSION NIGHT WALK
                    We will walk and remember all those killed by the
                    police. We will stop at Mission Police Station.
                    sponsored by the Mission District Faith Communities.
5:30 pm        Richmond City Hall   450 Civic Center, Richmond
                    Together We Stand is organizing vigils across the nation
                    on Friday, July the 15th in remembrance of all these
                    lost to police brutality.
7:00 pm     2969 Mission St. San Francisco
                 Speaker Gloria LaRiva, Party for Socialism and Liberation
                 Presidential candidate will tell of her arrest in Baton Rouge
                 with hundreds of people peacefully demonstrating the
                 murders by police of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. 
                 Discussion following on the growth of the movement
                 against police brutality.
Saturday July 16
10:00 – 12:00 pm    759 59th St. Oakland
                             MEETING PLANNING FOR
                             BEYOND # OCCUPY
                             Plan for the upcoming anniversary of Occupy 
                             to get ready for the 5th anniversary of Occupy.
                             hosted by Kelly Johnson
Sunday July 17
1 – 3 pm        San Francisco Main Library   Koret Auditorium
                    RISE UP 
                    Music – Francisco Herrera, Colen O’Leary, Shirin Sadeghi
                               Jorge Moina
                    Poetry –  Alerjandro Murguis, Dottie Payne, Kil Sherck, 
                                 Greg Pond, Agneta Menefree, Toshi Washizer,
                                 Genny Lim, Judith Ayn Bernhard
Monday July 18
6:00 – 9:00 pm      Global Exchange,  Mission at 16th St. S.F.
                           FASCISM AND THE SOCIAL ECONOMIC
                           HISTORY OF GERMANY
                           Speaker Gerald Smith with a panel
                           with a showing of a video interview with the
                           Frisco Five on getting rid of Police Chief Suhr.
Tuesday July 19
7:00 pm      Roxy Theater 3117 16th St between Valencia and
                  PROCEDURE 769 – THE WITNESSES TO AN 
                  Documentary film
                  The film examines the execution though the eyes
                  of the eleven people who were in the execution
                  Chamber on that day.
                  following the film there will be a panel discussion
                  featuring the film maker, the San Quinton Warden,
                  the attorney of the man executed and a friend of that
                  tickets $12.00 at the door or $8:00 for seniors and
Wednesday July 20
7:30 pm      Eastside Arts Alliance  2277 International Blvd.
                  Regular monthly meeting gathering to work to develop a
                  repeatable and sustainable model to end police
                  terrorism.  We are a multi racial, multi generational
                  coalition. You are invited to join us in the discussion.

Blue Ribbon Panel report re: SFPD (from Adrienne Fong)

If you need the findings from the May 9, 2016 presentation of independent law firms  let me know – it was videoed.


This morning, the Blue Ribbon Panel on Transparency, Accountability, and Fairness in Law Enforcement released its final report, detailing its findings and recommendations. You can download the report and executive summary at:

Anand Subramanian
Executive Director
Blue Ribbon Panel on Transparency,
Accountability, and Fairness in Law Enforcement

Biography: Santiago Siri














Santiago Siri (born October 1, 1983) is an Argentine entrepreneur.  Siri is a college dropout that began his career as a game developer.  After participating at the World Economic Forum as a Global Shaper in 2012, Siri decided to startup a new kind of political party: The Net Party where its candidates are committed to always vote in congress according to what citizens request online. To deliver a feasible technology for that effort, he founded the Democracy Earth Foundation that currently works on the largest open source effort to deliver a solution to online voting. In January 2015 it received a grant from Y Combinator to open its global headquarters in San Francisco, California.  Wikipedia