San Francisco Berniecrats


The San Francisco Berniecrats is a not-for-profit organization aimed at creating political change based on progressive ideals, and welcomes all peoples who share this common goal, regardless of party affiliation or the lack of it. This Club is based in the city of San Francisco and welcomes others to organize local chapters across the United States of America.

Below are examples of groups we plan to work closely with:

  1. Bay Area for Bernie
  2. National Nurses United
  3. Democracy Spring
  4. WolfPAC
  5. Black Lives Matter
  6. San Francisco Latino Democratic Club
  7. Latina/o Young Democrats of San Francisco
  8. The People’s Summit
  9. Harvey Milk Democratic Club
  10. Brand New Congress
  11. Progressive Democrats of America
  12. League of Pissed-Off Voters
  13. The SF Tenants Union
  14. South Beach District 6 Democratic Club
  15. Occupy SF
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