Calendar of events for activists who want change (from Patricia Gray)

Did you survive the Presidential debate?  Did you hear any mention of the real issues of our day?

These two corporate candidates are NOT WHO WE NEED TO LEAD
OUR NATION.  We must break the big money control of the government
of our nation—don’t vote for either of these two puppets of the greedy few.
It is not impolite to talk politics—IT IS ESSENTIAL!
Our citizens need information that is NOT on the major media.
Wednesday, Sept. 28    
 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm         Mission Police Station, 17th and Valencia
                                    BACK TO MISSION STATION
                                    Still waiting and watching!  We want DA
                                    Gascon to charge the police officers who
                                    killed Amicar with MURDER!
Thursday Sept. 29
4:15 – 5:30 pm           Bank of America Building 555 California St. S.F.
                                BOYCOTT TRUMP!
                                Workers at the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas voted
                                to unionize in December 2015—the hotel
                                has waged an anti union campaign.  Unite Here
                                calls for a boycott of Mr. Trump’s businesses—
                                Trump is the owner of 555 California St in the
                                Financial District.  We will urge people NOT
                                to patronize this Trump business.
                                sponsor   Unite Here, Local 2
6:00 pm         I – 800 footbridge over pass in Berkeley
                     FAIR ELECTIONS 4 HAITI NOW!
                     We have a banner to tell people about the national
                     movement in favor of Haiti.  Please join us on the
                     sponsors – Code Pink, Haiti Committee, Oscar Grant
7:00 pm      Green Arcade  1680 Market St. S.F.
                  speaker, Derek Cressman, author
                  WHEN MONEY TALKS
                  The high price of ‘free’ speech and the selling our our
                  Democracy—an instruction manual to restore fair
                  info   415-431-6800
Friday Sept. 30
11:00 am      Corner of Geary and Spruce  S.F.
                   STOP THE EVICTION AT 544 CLAYTON: RALLY
                   AGAINST RENT GOUGING!
                   Kate Leist has had her rent increased from $3,105 a
                   month to $8,500 a month—this is more than a working
                   class San Franciscan can afford–the almost three
                   times more is unjust and cruel!
4:30 pm     14th and Broadway, Oakland
                 It’s the 25th anniversary of the US backed military coup
                 that overthrow the Lavalas government of Aristide.
                 Join us in a street demonstration with music and drums
                 and support the demands of the Haitian people.
                  – free and fair elections
                  – stop the terror campaign against poor people
                  – NO US, UN, or OAS interference in the elections.
7:00  pm       2968 Mission St. S.F. (between 25th and 26th sts)
                    Speaker   Dennis Banks, VP candidate for V.P
                                   of the Peace and Freedom Party
                    Dennis is the co founder of the American Indian
                    movement. He will speak about the struggle at Standing
                    $3.00 – $10. donation requested but no one turned away
                    Refreshments will be served
                    info  415-821-6171
Tuesday Oct 4
4:00 pm    1515 Van Ness Ave, S.F.
                AND MARCH
                Luxury housing developers continue to snatch up land to
                develop properties and flip them for profit.  Join us as we
                march to  the Gutierrez family building at 22nd and South
                Van Ness.  We demand action to keep our buildings in the
                hands of the community and out of the hands of real estate
                speculators and luxury housing developers.
                COME AND JOIN US!
                sponsors- Alliance for Community Development (ACCE)
6:00 pm     Muddy Waters Cafe,  16th st. and Valencia, S.F.
                 SHUT DOWN DIABLO CANYON 
                 We must move to solar power!  We need a safe and sane
                 economy.  We meet every Tuesday to plan the next move
                 in the national campaign to shut down Diablo Canyon.
8:30 pm    Alemeda County Board of Supervisors
               1221 Oak St. Oakland
                CLEAN POWER TO THE PEOPLE!
                Press conference
9:30 pm    Board of Supervisors will vote on establishing a Community
                Choice Energy (CCF) program for Alemeda County
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