OccupyForum presents . . . “Free Mumia Abu Jamal with Gerald Smith” on Monday, December 5

Free Mumia Abu Jamal

with Gerald Smith

Monday, December 5th 2016 @ Global Exchange

2017 Mission near 16th Street BART

from 6 – 9 pm

The New Path to Mumia’s Freedom As a new mass movement develops to free Mumia AbuJamal, we will review the history of political persecutions from the Haymarket Square martyrs to Edward Snowden and how determined struggle has freed some political prisoners, Geronimo Ji-Jaga Pratt, The Angola 3, and Marshall “Eddie” Conway, after decades of confinement. Gerald Smith discuss the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal and selected other prisoners.

Calendar for concerned people (from Patricia Gray)

“May you live in interesting times” is an ancient curse.  And that is where we are.  We need to do more than be worried.  Might be time for you to get out on the streets.

Wednesday November 30
8:00 am – 11:00 am        Justin Herman Plaza, Embarcadero, 1 Market St. S.F. 
                                    WOMEN RESIST: DIVEST WELLS FARGO
                                    The morning will begin with prayers for the water led by Women of Idle
                                    No More.  There will be a teach in on why we must take our money out
                                    of the banks that are funding the Dakota Assess Pipe line.  We will
                                    walk to the banks that are funding the DAPL asking people to take
                                    their money out of these banks.
                                    sponsored by Idle No More
9:00 am            Rene C. Davidson Courthouse, 1225 Fallon St. Oakland
                        One of the demonstrators arrested in Oakland is facing heavy charges
                        and would love some community support.
11:00 am  – 12:00 pm      S.F. City Hall, Board of Supervisors Budget Committee 
                                     LET’S MAKE FREE CITY COLLEGE REAL!
                                     The budget committee will be discussing how and when to make
                                     City College free to residents of San Francisco.  We want this to
                                     be effective by fall 2017
                                     sponsored by AFT 2121
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm     Mission Police Station, 17th and Valencia, S.F.
                                GASCON; WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?
                                We demand you charge the killer cops with murder!
6:30 – 8:30      Women’s Building   3543 18th St. S.F. 
                      Join Supervisor David Campos and Sunny Auguto and Jim Steins
                      Christina Olague for a panel discussion about local and national
                      election results.
                      co sponsored by the Bernal Heights Democratic Club, Harvey Milk
                                               LGBT club and the Latino Democratic club
Thursday December 1
8:00 am    Sproul Hall Berkeley 
                Against the banks that have invested in the pipe line.
                We will march to Wells Fargo on Shattuck.  Please wear blue if you
                can and bring signs and noise makers!
9:30 am       San Francisco City Hall  Board of Supervisors room 
                   Help us to ensure NO NEW JAILS in San Francisco.  At this
                   meeting the board will review a series of proposals but forth by
                   the city work group on alternatives to jails.  We must stay vigilant
                   against efforts to re entrench jailing and policing as solutions to
                   unmet needs in our communities.
                   Sponsored by NO NEW JAILS coalition
10:00 am      Wells Fargo Headquarters    420 Montgomery St. S.F.
                   The Camp of Sacred Stones and the Red Warrior Camp are calling
                   on allies to take action against the financial institutions working to
                   build the pipe line.
                   Sponsored by Grassroots Organizing
Friday December 2
3:30 pm      M.L .King Jr Park   on 3rd Street in the Bayview
                  MARIO WOODS BY THE S.F.P.D.
                  We demand justice for Mario.
                  sponsored by Justice 4 Mario Woods
7:00 om      New Valencia Hall,  747 Polk St. S.F.
                  Public forum.
                  Speakers Kristine Lee (Berinie Support group)
                                 Sam Rubin  (disability rights)
                                 topics     How key is racism and sexism?
                                              Strategies for defeating bigotry
                                              Is an independent labor party in our future?
                                 Hearty snack available for $2.00 – $5.00 donation
                   sponsored by Freedom Socialist Party
                   info  415-864-1278
Saturday Dec. 3 and 4th   TWO DAY EVENT 
10:00 – 3:00 pm      Middle East Children’s Alliance  1101 8th st. Berkeley
                             PALESTINE HOLIDAY CRAFTS FAIR
                             A stunning array of unique items from Palestine–plus Arabic
                             Food.  Olive oil, embroidery, hand woven rugs, scarfs and
                             sponsored by the Middle East Children’s Alliance
                             more info  510-548-0542
1:00 – 2:00 pm     33 Third St. San Francisco 
                          Office Depot, 3rd at Stevenson  1/2 block from Market
                          BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT AND SANCTIONS
                          We will rally outside of Office Depot, a significant vendor
                          of Hewlett Packer products.  There is a national action
                          against Hewlett Packard companies.
3:00 pm   518 Valencia St. S.F.
               A report back on the recent Physicians for a National Health
               sponsor,  Single Payer Now
               more info   415-695-7891
6:00 pm        105 Palm Ave # 6 
                    one block north of Geary and one block east of Argullo
                    cross street is Euclid
                    RUTHIE’S BIRTHDAY PARTY!
                    We have had a tough year of badness – let’s celebrate our
                    wonderful friendships.  There will be a vegetarian pot luck
                    event  — Bring something to share but no gifts.  We have to
                    cheer each other up to continue to rise up for democracy
                    and justice.
                    info   415-515- 1259
Sunday Dec. 4
11:00 am – 1:00 pm   Omni Commons  4799 Shattuck in Berkeley
                               LEGAL OBSERVER TRAINING
                               The Lawyer Guild is offering training to insure that
                               protesters’ rights are not violated by the police.
                               The training is free but please register via EventBrite
                               so we can prepare.  Go to www.eventbrite.com/e/legal-
                               Host  Omni Commons
12:00 – 4:00  pm        Howard Zin Book Fair    
                                City College, Mission Campus  1125 Valencia St.S.F
                                THE CAPITALIST CLIMATE: ORGANIZING AGAINST
                                THE CATASTROPHE
                                Speakers Laura and Paul Messersmith-Glavin of the
                                Messersmith-Glavin of Anarchist Studies Collective.
                                This is a part of the day long event in rm. 322
  4:00  pm                  AGAINST THE FASCIST CREEP 
                                Join Author Alexander Ross for a discussion of his
                                 new book Against the Fascist Creep.  A group of white
                                 racists and neo nazi groups have formed after the
                                 election of Obama.  They plan repression of our dissent.
6:30 – 7:30 pm          Omni Commons  4799 Shattuck Ave. Oakland 
                               PEOPLE’S COMMUNITY MEDICS TRAINING
                               Every week the Community Democracy Project
                               holds a space for leaders and volunteers to discuss
                               current events, important issues impacting our
                               communities or to share a skill set. At this gathering
                               you can learn how to provide first aid to victims of
                               tear gas.  The People’s community Medics is a
                               collective of volunteers that share knowledge of
                               of basic first aid.  We can not depend on the
                               state to assist when an emergency is in process:
                               it is an act of self determination when we help
                               each other.
                               sponsor:  People’s Community Medics
                               info  510-239-7720
Tuesday December 6
6:00 – 9:00 pm    S.E.I.U.   350 Rhode Island St S.F. 
                         D.A. GASCON SPEAKS
                         Community Forum
                         There has been a lot of pressure on the D.A. to charge the
                         Police officers who have killed people with murder.  In
                         response of these demands D.A. Gascon has agreed to
                         speak to the community.
6:45 – 9:00 pm     Sierra Club   2101 Webster St. #1300 Oakland
                          DISPLACEMENT AND GENTRIFICATION:
                          how did we get here and how do we stop it?
                          We will have a training workshop to fight this trend
                          of displacement.  There is a donation of $5.00 to $20.00
                          to fund future actions.  no one turned away for lack of
                          funds.  The workshop has room for 66 people.  To
                          reserve a place go to www.sarjbayarea.org/displacement_
                          sponsor SURJ – Oakland/SF bayarea
7:00 pm        Studio Grand   3234 Grand Ave. Oakland
                    BACK FROM GREECE
                    The world currently has the greatest number of displacement
                    of people since World War II.  A small group of volunteers from
                    the bay area have just returned from volunteering in the camps
                    on the islands of Chios and Lesvos in Greece.  They will be
                    sharing stories, pictures and way to plug in ongoing work to
                    support refugees.  Come and learn about the effectsw of the wars
                    in the Middle East that the United States is involved in.  This is
                    a fund raising event.
                    sponsor  Palestinian Youth Movement.

The Four Horsemen Documentary: Noam Chomsky, Joseph Stiglitz, John Perkins, Herman Daly

Four Horsemen is a 2012 British documentary film directed by Ross Ashcroft. The film criticises the system of fractional reserve banking, debt-based economy and political lobbying by banks, which it regards as a serious threat to Western civilisation. It criticises the War on Terror, which it maintains is not fought to eliminate militant organizations, but to create larger debt to the banks. As an alternative, the film promotes a return to classical economics and the gold standard. Among those interviewed are Joseph Stiglitz, former chief economist at the World Bank; Noam Chomsky, linguistics professor; John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man; Herman Daly, economy professor and former economist at the World Bank; and Max Keiser, TV host and former trader. The film was released in the United Kingdom on 14 March 2012. A book based on the film has been published.
In Time Out London, Derek Adams wrote: “Instead of bombarding us with sensational imagery and scaremongering, this competently narrated, intelligibly structured and cleverly illustrated film presents its case via a succession of insights from a group of smart, rational orators. … This is a film perhaps better suited to DVD, simply because there are thoughts here of such profundity you might feel the need to reach for the rewind button. I, for one, have been left substantially enlightened.”[1] Peter Bradshaw wrote in The Guardian: “In these parlous times, there can never be enough criticism of bankers and tame politicians enjoying what Milton Friedman called socialism for the rich. Ashcroft’s documentary lands some punches, but it is hampered by a PowerPoint-style presentation. … Ashcroft unveils some bold cures at the end, but we need more specifics.”

Occupy Forum Field Trip for Amor for Alex Memorial on Monday, November 28


F I E L D  T R I P

All Hands Meeting

for the Amor for Alex Memorial

Monday, November 28 from 6 – 8 p.m

Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center (515 Cortland Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110).

Bring banners and your Amor for Alex T-shirts 🙂 Wear red and black in honor of Alex Nieto. Let’s join each other at one of our oldest varrios on Cortland Street!


The only way to the front lines is forward.

If you are upset about Trump or the Dakota pipeline, you can and should let your voice be heard. But if you want action, an action that leads to creation, then follow us to the front lines, and it is not in a far off distant land; it is here in our city of San Francisco.

Join us this Monday, November 28 at 6:00 p.m. for the “All Hands Meeting for the Alex Nieto Memorial!” at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center on 515 Cortland Avenue, Alex Nieto’s varrio. For all you OG Veteranos and Veteranas, you know that Cortland is one of our oldest varrios, one of the first places in San Francisco’s Mission/Outer Mission that was gentrified starting back in the 90’s. It was such a loco colorful beautiful hood until they tricked residents into gentrification and kicked them out. Now mostly wealthy white folks live there—lawyers and technology executives. In 2011 they literally erased the varrio history by destroying the Cortland library’s 1983 Native American and cholo mural.


This time we must stand together. History cannot and will not be erased. It is up to you, I literally mean YOU, to make this Alex Nieto memorial reality. Not only is it what the Nietos desire and deserve after being swindled by a mostly white jury out of a just verdict in the civil trial, but also it is what we need as medicine for our community.

We proved Alex’s murder. Check the evidence yourself. I would love to hear any reasonable arguments about how Officer Schiff could, after being counseled by his police officer father, on the night he shot at Alex Nieto, go from saying he looked into Alex’s “angry” eyes and saw his forehead “scrunch” up to being proved a liar two years later in open court— Alex had on a baseball hat and sunglasses on, so it would have been impossible for Officer Schiff to have seen Alex’s eyes or forehead. I would love to hear any explanation of how Alex Nieto’s wrist bone was found in his pocket if, as the officers state, he always had his hands out and pointing a taser. Because there is no reasonable explanation, we must conclude Alex Nieto was unlawfully killed, and this is a severe injustice and tragedy for his family and community. Yet we are thankful for whirlwinds, for they have helped shape who we are: Amor for Alex.

We need mass attendance at this meeting because there may be some who want to erase racism: from the caller, who admitted Alex was doing nothing improper but described him as a “foreigner”, to the dog owner who threatened Alex and spewed obscene racial slurs against him, to the police who profiled him and shot at him fifty nine (59) times. There may be some who want to ignore the corruption of San Francisco: from the district attorney that refused to file criminal charges against the officers, to the collusion between San Francisco and Taser International, the company that gained a two million dollar contract with the city, after manipulating the time stamps on Alex Nieto’s taser so that it would match up nicely with the fabricated police narrative.

We sing NO to erasure. We shout NO to corruption. With the joining now of 3,000 others who have signed the petition and at least four San Francisco supervisors, we demand an ordinance (law) for a memorial tribute to Alex Nieto on Bernal Heights. We imagine community members hiking up to that mountain and praying like he did, looking out over the view of San Francisco and being reminded and reminded of his unlawful death AND our community resilience. We want students of all ages to travel up to that hill for field trips and stand at that memorial site and learn about the history and creativity of our community; they will write thousands of critical educational essays. We want families to pilgrimage hands together and love each other at the place where Alex breathed his last breath. Lovers will make an offering and share a kiss, the way we used to do it up on that mountain in the old days. We want this place to be a place of peace, of inspiration and amor.

We need you there. Your family needs you there. Your community needs you there. Your unborn grandchildren need you there: “All Hands Meeting for the Alex Nieto Memorial!” Monday, November 28, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center. Wear red and black in honor of Alex. Join the Facebook event page here:


Amor for Alex Nieto: March 4, 1986 to March 21, 2014

Against the violence and injustice of 59 bullets, family and community rose to defend honor and promote positive spirit.

Benjamin Bac Sierra, M.A., J.D.

New Announcements (from Adrienne Fong)

Send items for posting by Tuesday to: pat1936@gmail.com  


Occupy San Francisco Bulletin Board



Saturday,  Monday, Wednesday 

Saturday, November 26

Saturday, 11:00am – 6:00pm, SINGLE PAYER NOW  – Mailing Party

2467 – 28th Avenue (1/2 block off of Taravel)

Mailing notices of our Dec. 3 meeting that is a report back meeting from the Physicians for a National Health Program national conference.

From 3 to 4pm, Barry Hermanson will present a proposal for campaign literature that he and/or other groups can use.

At 5pm, Suzanne Cowan and Don Bechler will report on their time spent in Colorado working on their recent healthcare ballot initiative .

6:00pm Barry Hermanson will prepare vegetarian meal. Let organizers know if you will be attending so there will be enough food.

Let Don know if you can help with the approximate time

RSVP – 415-810-5826

Monday, November 28

Monday, 11:00am,  California Association of Voting Officials ( CAVO ) – Press Conference

SF City Hall (Steps on Polk St. side)
1 Dr. Carleton B. Goodlett Pl.

California Association of Voting Officials ( CAVO ) is notifying election officials that due to the insecure nature of the current election systems and the totality of circumstance  the surrounding 2016 Presidential election circumstances it is our studied opinion the ” Swing States ” should not certify the vote counts until thorough recounts / audits / investigations occur.

Info: Brent  650-726-1133  /  brent@trealestate.net

Wednesday, November 30

Wednesday, 8:00am – 10:00am, WOMEN RESIST:  DIVEST WELLS FARGO

8:00am Meet at:

Justin Herman Plaza
1 Market St.

On November 30th we gather together to support water protectors on the frontline at STANDING ROCK. This one of many national actions Nov 30th to Dec 2nd to encourage divestment from financial instructions funding the pipeline.

The morning will begin with prayers for the water led by the women of Idle No More SF Bay. A teach-in will be conducted on why everyone needs to divest from the financial institutions funding the Dakota Access Pipeline

This will be followed by a prayer walk to several banking institutions funding the DAPL. Educational hand-outs will be available to pass out.

We ask that you close your accounts to protect the water and let us know when you do! Financial instutions listed here::http://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/news/who’s-banking-dakota-access-pipeline

Sponsor: Idle No More

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1834348963450855/

Jill Stein raises over $4.5m to request US election recounts in battleground states

by Jon Swaine (theguardian.com)

November 25, 2016

Green party presidential candidate seeks donations to fund efforts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin over ‘compelling evidence of voting anomalies’

Jill Stein said she was acting due to ‘compelling evidence of voting anomalies’ in several battleground states. Photograph: Jim Young/Reuters

Jill Stein, the Green party’s presidential candidate, is preparing to request recounts of the election result in several key battleground states.

Stein launched an online fundraising page seeking donations toward a multimillion-dollar fund she said was needed to request reviews of the results in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The drive has already raised more than $4.5m, which the campaign said would enable it to file for recounts in Wisconsin on Friday and Pennsylvania on Monday.

The fundraising page said it expected to need around $6m-7m to challenge the results in all three states.

Stein said she was acting due to “compelling evidence of voting anomalies” and that data analysis had indicated “significant discrepancies in vote totals” that were released by state authorities.

“These concerns need to be investigated before the 2016 presidential election is certified,” she said in a statement. “We deserve elections we can trust.”

Stein’s move came amid growing calls for recounts or audits of the election results by groups of academics and activists concerned that foreign hackers may have interfered with election systems. The concerned groups have been urging Hillary Clinton, the defeated Democratic nominee, to join their cause.

Donald Trump won unexpected and narrow victories against Clinton in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin earlier this month and may yet win Michigan, where a final result has not yet been declared.

Stein and her campaign made clear they were acting because they wanted to ensure the election results were authentic, rather than because they thought she had actually won any of the contests. Several states allow any candidate who was on the ballot to request a recount.

Friday is the deadline for requesting a recount in Wisconsin, where Trump’s winning margin stands at 0.7%. In Pennsylvania, where his margin is 1.2%, the deadline falls on Monday. In Michigan, where the Trump lead is currently just 0.3%, the deadline is Wednesday 30 November.

The Guardian previously disclosed that a loose coalition of academics and activists concerned about the election’s security is preparing to deliver a report detailing its concerns to congressional committee chairs and federal authorities early next week, according to two people involved.

“I’m interested in verifying the vote,” said Dr Barbara Simons, an adviser to the US election assistance commission and expert on electronic voting. “We need to have post-election ballot audits.” Simons is understood to have contributed analysis to the effort but declined to characterise the precise nature of her involvement.

A second group of analysts, led by the National Voting Rights Institute founder John Bonifaz and Professor Alex Halderman, the director of the University of Michigan’s center for computer security and society, is also taking part in the push for a review.

In a blogpost on Wednesday, Halderman said paper ballots and voting equipment should be examined in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. “Unfortunately, nobody is ever going to examine that evidence unless candidates in those states act now, in the next several days, to petition for recounts,” he said.

Clinton’s defeat to Donald Trump followed the release by US intelligence agencies of public assessments that Russian hackers were behind intrusions into regional electoral computer systems and the theft of emails from Democratic officials before the election.

Curiosity about Wisconsin has centered on apparently disproportionate wins that were racked up by Trump in counties using electronic voting compared with those that used only paper ballots.

Use of the voting machines that are in operation in some Wisconsin counties has been banned in other states, including California, after security analysts repeatedly showed how easily they could be hacked into.

However, Nate Silver, the polling expert and founder of FiveThirtyEight, cast doubt over the theory, stating that the difference disappeared after race and education levels, which most closely tracked voting shifts nationwide, were controlled for.

Silver and several other election analysts have dismissed suggestions that the swing-state vote counts give cause for concern about the integrity of the results.

Still, dozens of professors specialising in cybersecurity, defense and elections have in the past two days signed an open letter to congressional leaders stating that they are “deeply troubled” by previous reports of foreign interference, and requesting swift action by lawmakers.

“Our country needs a thorough, public congressional investigation into the role that foreign powers played in the months leading up to November,” the academics said in their letter, while noting they did not mean to “question the outcome” of the election itself.

Senior legislators including Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Congressman Elijah Cummings of Maryland have already called for deeper inquiries into the full extent of Russia’s interference with the election campaign.

Wednesday’s announcement by Stein, who had previously been hesitant to get involved, also shields Democratic operatives and people who worked on Clinton’s bid for the White House from needing to overtly challenge the election.

Some senior Democrats are known to be reluctant to suggest there were irregularities in the result because Clinton and her team criticised Trump so sharply during the campaign for claiming that the election would be “rigged” against him.

But others have spoken publicly, including the sister of Huma Abedin, Clinton’s closest aide. “A shift of just 55,000 Trump votes to Hillary in PA, MI & WI is all that is needed to win,” Heba Abedin said on Facebook, urging people to call the US justice department to request an audit.

Alexandra Chalupa, a former Democratic National Committee consultant who during the campaign investigated links between Moscow and Trump’s then campaign manager Paul Manafort, is also participating in the attempt to secure recounts or audits.

“The person who received the most votes free from interference or tampering needs to be in the White House,” said Chalupa. “It may well be Donald Trump, but further due diligence is required to ensure that American democracy is not threatened.”

In a joint statement issued last month, the office of the director of national intelligence and the Department for Homeland Security said they were “confident” that the theft of emails from the DNC and from Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta, which were published by WikiLeaks, was directed by the Russian government.

“Some states have also recently seen scanning and probing of their election-related systems, which in most cases originated from servers operated by a Russian company,” the statement went on. “However, we are not now in a position to attribute this activity to the Russian government.”

Since you’re here …

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Fund our journalism and together we can keep the world informed.

Help Support The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe!

I have constructed this print in support of the Standing Rock Sioux, and all who have gathered in this struggle for clean water, and for Mother Earth.

All Profits go to The Standing Rock Sioux Food Fund.

This is our time, these are the issues, and we know the solutions.

Stay Focused, Stay Real, Love Will Prevail.

Bright Blessings, Gwyllm Llwydd

STANDING ROCK FOOD FUND:  http://www.gwyllm-art.com/archives/866

Protesters occupy Sen. Schumer’s D.C. office, rip him for ties to Wall Street

The protesters held up signs that read “Wall Street Democrats failed us” while demonstrating outside of Sen. Schumer’s Capitol Hill office.

The protesters held up signs that read “Wall Street Democrats failed us” while demonstrating outside of Sen. Schumer’s Capitol Hill office.


November 14, 2016 (nydailynews.com)

WASHINGTON — More than two dozen protesters briefly occupied Sen. Chuck Schumer’s (D-N.Y.) Capitol Hill office on Monday, attacking him for his Wall Street ties and calling for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) as Democrats’ new Senate minority leader.

Protesters from the millennial activist group All Of Us 2016 held “Wall Street Democrats failed us” and “Schumer, grow a spine, Democracy is on the line” banners. They argued Schumer comes from the same corporatist wing of the Democratic Party that Hillary Clinton hails from — and that is why she lost last week. They want someone besides Schumer, who they view as too willing to compromise, to head up Democrats’ opposition to President-elect Donald Trump.

“These individuals were heard, as they have a right to be, and were welcome to remain inside our office to express their point of view and share their opinions with us,” a Schumer aide told the Daily News.

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U.S. Capitol Police arrest protesters who were staging a sit-in in the office of Sen. Chuck Schumer in the Hart Senate Office Building on Monday.


Schumer has lain low since Election Day, pondering the path forward for his party, though he’s quietly made moves to shore up his left flank, including throwing his support behind Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), a progressive who backed Sanders in the primary, to be the next head of the Democratic National Committee.