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Thursday, January 26

Thursday, 2:00pm,  Protest – Against executive order by Trump. NO Stop Trump / Pence


Federal Building (old)
450 Golden Gate


We Publicly Oppose, Condemn, Pledge to Resist & Call on Everyone to Resist Trump’s Orders, Plans, and Actions:
* Building Trump’s Wall
* Expanding border agents & giving them more power
* Jails for immigrants
* Targeting Central Americans who are fleeing violence
* Banning, or restricting visas for people from majority Muslim countries
* Punishment for sanctuary cities
* Expanding use of torture including waterboarding
* Reopening CIA “Black Sites”
* Guantanamo

After Rally, we will go to Twitter protest then to the No DAPL

Sponsor: Refuse Fascism Bay Area


Thursday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, We Resist! No KXL No DAPL

San Francisco Federal Building
90 – 7th Street

Stand up for clean air, water and soil!

Trump signed a memoranda to push through the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines.

By allowing these pipelines, Trump has confirmed his misguided commitment to the fossil fuel industry and total disregard for the millions of people who have stood against these dangerous projects. We will not stand idly by while he pushes through policies that make his friends in the fossil fuel industry more wealthy while violating Indigenous Treaty rights, using eminent domain to steal people’s land, poisoning the water, air and soil, and disavowing the overwhelming majority of scientists working to mitigate a climate catastrophe.

Sponsors: Idle No More, SF Bay working with our allies: Stand,, Movement Rights, Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network, Diablo Rising Tide, Rainforest Action Network, Chinese Progressive Association, Native American Health Alliance, Do No Harm Coalition, Sierra Club and others.


Friday January 27

Friday, 1:00pm – 4:00pm, Emergency March Nodapl Oakland


Oakland City Hall
1 Frank Ogawa Plaza

Trump signed an executive order green lighting the pipeline, this is not only illegal it is a devastating blow to the water protectors who are fighting so hard to preserve our future.

An injury to one is an injury to all. Because of this we support everyone struggling for their voices to be heard and to have the dignity of a life free from violence and oppression at the hands of the police, the US government, and its citizens.

We will be meeting at city hall on a day where people are going to be in it! We will then march to Bank of America and Wells Fargo, as they are actively funding the pipeline.


Saturday, January 28

Saturday, 12Noon – 5:00pm, Silence is Violence Protest 1/28 (Title change)


555 California St. (BoA Building that Trump owns 30% of)

During this protest, we are going to maintain a focus on the recent decisions to move forward with the Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines, but we are going to rename the event as to respect the indigenous leadership of the #NoDAPL movement.

Everyone has the right to protest oppression and state sanctioned violence (i.e., police brutality, lack of access to healthcare, prison, etc.) and express that in whatever way makes the most sense to them.

Sponsor: Fuck TrumpSF


Saturday 12Noon – 1:00pm, Human Billboard: Black Lives Matter! No Trump Agenda in Oakland

Grand Lake Farmers Market
Grand Ave.

Join us under the awning of the Grand Lake Theater at Lakeshore and MacArthur Blvd. in Oakland, rain or shine, to call attention to racial injustice and demonstrate solidarity.

Locally and nationally, folks have been holding weekly gatherings on prominent street corners and freeway overpasses, holding signs and making visible our support for the Movement for Black Lives and communities targeted by Trump. These gatherings – or “human billboards” – have been a simple yet effective way of channeling anger and sadness over injustice into collective action and solidarity.

For those of us who are white, it’s a way to express a unified voice in opposition to Trump and the white nationalist politics he represents, and to commit to ending white silence and visibly supporting racial justice.

Sponsor SURJ Oakland/SF Bay Area


Saturday, 12Noon – 3:00pm, Vigil for Angel Ramos, murdered by Vallejo police

111 Amador St.

The family of Angel Ramos is holding a vigil and a march and requests community support. Angel Ramos was murdered by Vallejo police on January 23rd, 2017


Monday, January 30

Monday, 8:15am – 1:00pm, All Voices Needed! Defend Refinery Caps!

Bay Area Air Quality Management District
375 Beale St., Suite 600

Staff of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District will try to kill our proposal for caps on refinery emissions  at the meeting of the Air District’s Stationary Source Committee.

Show support and tell committee members to set limits on toxic and greenhouse gas emissions in order to prevent buildout of new oil industry infrastructure and the massive importation of tar sands oil.

More information here


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