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New Announcements

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Sunday, January 29

Sunday, 9:30am – 10:45am,  UU Forum: Lois Bactus: “Medical Students for Choice”

First Unitarian Universalist Society
1187 Franklin St.

9:00am – Coffee & breakfast available for nominal fee
9:30am – program

Lois Bactus is the Executive Director of Medical Students for Choice. Focus is to remove stigma surrounding abortion by integrating abortion into medical education at all levels.

Sunday, 12 Noon – 2:00pm, Practicing Solidarity During Immigration Raids in SF: Rapid Response Network Training

Ignatian Spiritual Life Center
1611 Oak St.

Become part of a team of committed people ready to respond and be present during any ICE raids of homes and workplaces. This training will provide information on how to:

+ Be a part of the team of “first responders” at the site of an ICE raid and connect the families affected with the resources for social and legal services available to them in San Francisco

+Document any abuses during raids, and help build visibility by giving a real face to the mass deportations. You will gather information to tell the real story about WHO is being affected!

+OR if you don’t want to be a “first responder”, you can join the Accompaniment Team and play a supporting role in assisting families who are affected by raids—they may need rides to appointments, food, help connecting to services, etc.

Organized by: Faith in Action Bay Area, Pangea Legal Services, the Archdiocese of San Francisco & the Ignatian Spiritual Life Center


Sunday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm, Tell Feinstein: No More Trump Nominations! None! (Progressive Press Conference)

2470 Lyon St.

Presser at Feinstein’s SF Home: 1/29 at 3 pm: Stop Sessions!

Simple and powerful message for Sen. Feinstein: Vote against Jeff Sessions for U.S. Attorney General.

Feinstein is sitting on the fence regarding this nightmare nominee to be the nation’s top law enforcement official, which we find unacceptable.

She has already crossed the aisle to vote in favor of Trump’s CIA director this week.

The earliest she may vote on the Sessions nomination is Tuesday

Host: Ben Becker and Michael Petrelis.


Sunday, 5:00pm, Refuse Fascism Meeting

2940 – 16th Street (nr. 16th Street BART)

This is an important juncture, and we need to step back, discuss, and think about what has happened, what we did, and how and what we need to do to fight forward. We urge you to attend.


Monday, January 30

Monday, 6:00pm – 9:00pm, OccupyForum – Documentary: “Heist Who Stole the American Dream”

Black and Brown Social Club
474 Valencia St. (btw. 15th & 16th Sts.)

After the film – Skype discussion with director Donald Goldmacher.

“Heist traces the worldwide economic collapse to a 1971 secret memo entitled“Attack on American Free Enterprise System.” Written over 40 years ago by the future Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell at the behest of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the 6-page memo, a free-market utopian treatise, called for a money-fueled big business makeover of government through corporate control of the media, academia, the pulpit, arts and sciences and destruction of organized labor and consumer protection groups.

But Powell’s real “end game” was business control of law and politics. Heist’s step by step detail exposes the systemic implementation of Powell’s memo by bothU.S. political parties culminating in the deregulation of industry, outsourcing of jobs, and regressive taxation –  all of which led us to the global financial crisis of 2008, the continued dismantling of the American middle class, and the “election” of Donald Trump.

Tuesday, January 31

Tuesday, 5:30pm – 8:00pm, Save City College General Assembly

CCSF – Ocean Campus
Phelan Ave. MUB 280

Updates and actions: Delegation to NACIQI in Washington to delist the ACCJC, Land grab at Balboa Reservoir, Sanctuary campus, Student report: Ending CCSF as a long-time sanctuary, by arming campus police and more.


Wednesday, February 1

Wednesday, 6:00pm – 8:00pmDavid Bacon on How Immigration Policy and Trade Policy are linked

Redstone Labor Temple

2940 16th Street

Presentation by David Bacon, a California writer and documentary photographer. A former union organizer, today he documents labor, the global economy, war and migration, and the struggle for human rights.  His latest book, The Right to Stay Home (Beacon Press, 2013), discusses alternatives to forced migration and the criminalization of migrants. Sponsor Living Wage CoalitionInfo: 415-863-1225,

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