Weekly list of political activities from Patricia Gray

If you know of an upcoming event that may be of interest to this list serve, please let me know by Tuesday of the week when it is going take place so I can put it on the calendar.

Wednesday, February 1
8:00 am         Montgomary BART station, S.F.
                        NO DAPL, WELLS FARGO ACTION
                        Join us to deliver a petition to the banks demanding
                        that they do not finance the oil pipe line.
                        sponsored by Rainforest Action, Idle No More,
                                            Lakota People’s project, Bay Area
                                            Friends of the Earth
                        Please come bright and early
3:00 – 5:00 pm       Milton Marks Auditorium, 455 Golden Gate Ave.
                            lower level, S.F.
                            HEALTH CARE IS A RIGHT!
                            Over the last ten years insurance rates have tripled.
                            Now Trump wants to get rid of Obama Care.  We
                            need to tell our elected officials that health care\
                            is a top issue. Take action to rein in skyrocketing
                            costs of health care.  The meeting is open to the
                            public due to Senate Bill 546.  It gives us the
                            opportunity to tell officials how price rises hurt us
                            and our families.
                            sponsor  Calif Labor Federation
6:00 – 8:00 pm       Women’s Building   3543 18th St. S.F.
                            THIS IS NOT NORMAL!
                            Attend this special meeting of San Francisco
                            Vision to create a plan to resist the Trump agenda
                            in San Francisco.  We will focus on housing and
                            homelessness.  We hope you will join us for this
                            important event.
                            sponsor  San Francisco Vision
6:00 – 8:00 pm        Redstone Labor Temple,  2940 16th St.  S.F.
                             HOW IMMIGRATION POLICY AND TRADE
                             POLICY ARE LINKED
                             Speaker  David Bacon
                             David is a California writer and documentary
                             photographer.  A former labor organizer, he
                             documents labor, war and migration and the and
                             the criminalization of migrants. His latest book is
                             The Right to Stay Home discussing alternatives
                             to forced migration and the criminalization of
                             sponsor,  Lilving Wage Coalition
                             info  415-863-1225
Thursday, Feb. 2
7:30 pm       Peace Action Office   2201 Broadway, Oakland
                   (enter on 22nd St.)   2nd floor conference room
                   3 blocks from 19th St. BART
                   This will be an informal roundtable discussion on how
                   can we build Beloved Communities based on peace
                   and social justise?  Come with your ideas on international
                   peace mongering!
                   sponsors   National officers of Peace Action
Friday February 3, 2017
4:00 – 6:00 pm        South San Francisco City Hall
                             400 Grand Avenue, South City
                             HERE TO STAY, NO BANS NO WALLS!
                             Come to a rally in front of City Hall to show
                             solidarity with all oppressed people.  Currently
                             under attack are immigrants, Muslims, women,
                             and queer persons.
                             Our points of unity are:
                             *no human being is illegal
                             *education is a right
                             *no history is illegal–ethnic studies for all students
                             *living wage
                             *accessibility for people with disabilities
                             *stop U.S. Empire
                             organized by #4South City
7:00 pm          2969 Mission St.  S.F.
                      PSL Public Forum
                      Trump wants to end Obama Care, restrict Muslim
                      immigration and build a wall on the Mexican border.
                      refreshments will be served
Saturday February 4
1:00 am     Mission YMCA   4080 Mission St. S.F.
                 The housing crisis continues.  The rent for a one bedroom
                 apt. is $3,490.00 a month.  The median home value is
                 more than $1,100.000.  evictions continue to rise.
                               Assembly Member David Chin
                               State Senator Scott Weiner
                               members of the community and YOU.
                 sponsored by ACCE – Alliance of Californians for
                                      Community Empowerment
1:00 am   Quantum Marcial Arts.  2390 Mission St. 
               Master Rachael Evans has been teaching martial arts
               for over thirty years.  Wear loose comfortable clothes and
               bring a water bottle.  Come and learn how to keep yourself
1:30 am    Women’s Building, 3543 18th St. S.F.
               Come and speak out against racism and Bigotry.  Unite to
               support women. immigrants, people of color, LGBTI and the
               poor against hate.
               Sponsor   S.F. United Against Trump
3:00 pm    518 Valencia St.   (at 16th St. near BART)
                speakers:  Barry Hermanson, Norma Myers, Murrey Pender
                                 Brian Stompe and Don Beckler
                Trump and Congress want to gut the Affordable Care Act,
                Privatize Medicare, cut back Medicade and privatize the
                the Veterans Administration.  Trump atacks means more
                costs for the 99% and more profits for the 1%.
                Sponsor   Single Payer Now
4:00 pm     Civic Center UN Plaza
                 Join the resistance against racist and exclusionary
                 Executive Orders against immigration. Immigrants make
                 America great. Come and share your immigration stories.
                 Host   Kayla Razavi
Sunday February 5
10:00 am – 3:00 pm      8032 MacArthur Blvd  Oakland
                                  PEOPLE SKOOL
                                  People skool is an intensive weekend for people
                                  with race, class and/or formal education to learn
                                  from poverty sholary about the frame work for
                                  communities reparations.  With theater, verse,
                                  ritmo and poetry.
                                  Sunday’s program is specifically for folks with
                                  race, and/or class and/or formal education
                                  Questions?  poorsolidarityfam@gmail.com
3:00 pm              2470 Lyon St. S.F. (home of Senator Feinstrein)
                          PEOPLE’S TOWN HALL AT FEINSTEIN’S – 
                          TELL TRUMP NO!
                          Our message is simple and powerful for Feinstein to
                          vote against Jeff Sessions for US Attorney General.
                          sponsored by People’s Town Hall Project
3:30 pm      5600 3rd St. S.F. 
                 Open Circle is taking steps to repeal the law enforcement
                 officers Bill of Rights.  President Trump wants police
                 officers to have more racial profiling, more stop and
                 frisk and more killer cops and zero accountability.  We
                 need to work together on this issue.  This is a pot luck
                 event.  Please feel free to bring a dish, snack or (non
                 alcoholic)  drink to share.
                 Armstrong Place is at the corner of Armstrong across
                 from MLK park.
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