This week’s calendar of events for political activists (from Patricia Gray)

My health is not good. I can no longer put out this weekly calendar. Maybe some of you could contact Adrienne Fong at to help searching out activities and putting out the calendar.
–Patricia Gray


Wednesday, February 15
4:00 – 6:00 pm     San Francisco Federal Bldg,  7th and Mission S.F.
                          NO BUILDING ON STOLEN LAND
                          There will be a meeting in the White House between
                           President Trump and Netenahu.  We must take this
                           opportunity to say loud and clear, “END THE
                           OCCUPATION OF PALESTINIAN LAND!”
                           Sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace, U.S.
                                                 Campaign for Palestinian Rights,
                                                 American Muslims for Palestine
6:00 pm.       670 Page St. S.F.
                    EVICTION IS ELDER ABUSE! KEEP 100 YEAR OLD
                    IRIS CANADA IN HER HOME!
                    Block the eviction of this 100 year old woman from her
                    long term home in the Filmore district.  This eviction
                    can lead to her death!
                    sponsor   SF Anti Displacement Coalition
6:00 – 7:00 pm    Mission Police Station,  Valencia and 17th street, SF
                         VIGIL FOR AMILCAR
                         We have held over 40 vigils and we want our day in
                         court!  Amilcar was murdered by the SFPD!
6:30 – 8:30   California Institute of Integral Studies 
                   1453 Mission St. SF
                    AND BLACKNESS
                    Leroy Moore will be discussing a range of subjects like
                    his South African Tour, and about hope for disabled
                    people.  Leroy is a black disabled activist, performer
                    and author.
                    sponsor   CIIS Office of Diversity and Inclusion
7:00 – 9:00 pm  City Lights Book Store,  261 Columbus Sr.  SF
                       speakers, David Hartsough and Norman Solomon
                       The American people may be more motivated and
                        ready to get actively involved than any time since
                        the 60’s.  We do have the power if we mobilize to
                        completely change the course of our nation.
7:30 – 9:30    East Side Arts Alliance 
                   2277 International Blvd, Oakland
                   Monthly meeting to develop a  replicable and sustainable
                   model to end police terrorism in this country.
                   We are a multi-racial, multi generational coalition.
Thursday Feb. 16
10:00 am – 1:00 pm    City Hall S.F.  Board of Supervisors 
                                room 244
                                SHIELD SAN FRANCISCO
                                        & DEFEND IMMIGRATION RIGHTS
                                There are unspent salary savings that could be
                                 used to protect those at risk–providing housing
                                 subsidies, to allow people in need of funds to
                                 stay in San Francisco.  This funding could be
                                 used to pay lawyers to defend people from
                                 deportation.  Please show up to provide support
                                 for Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer who will
                                 introduce legislation for this found cash.  Come
                                 and speak at the public comment period.
                                 hosted by S.F. Public Defender’s office
Friday Feb. 17
12: noon               S.F. Federal Bldg    90 7th St.  near Mission SF
                            CANCEL NAFTA, STOP THE BORDER WALL!
                            Unify people on both side of the border. Unify
                            against the real crooks adn criminals that are
                            running the corporations that are making millions
                            on the backs of the workers.
5:00 pm      Embarcadero,Justin Herman Plaza 
                  rally and march
                  * #NOBANNOWALL
                  * stand up against racism, sexism and bigotry
                  * stop attacks on immigrants, Muslims. people of color
                    women, LGBTQ people, workers and the poor.
                  sponsor   Answer Coalition
6:15  – 7:30 pm     55 Columbus Ave. SF   Asian Law Caucus
                           FROM THE INCARCERATION OF JAPANESE 
                           AMERICANS TO THE MUSLIM BAN
                           On the 75th anniversary of Executive order 90066,
                           under which 120,000 persons of Japanese ancestry
                           were sent to camps.   Join us for a film of those
                           American concentration camps. followed by a
                           panel discussion.
                           sponsored by API Legal Outreach, Arab Resources
                                                and Organizing,  Asian American
                                                Bar Association
Sunday Feb. 19
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm     Richmond Progressive Alliance 
                                2540 Mac Donald Ave Richmond
                                CLIMATE DISRUPTION UNDER TRUMP
                                Sunflower Alliance General Assembly
                                speaker   Dr. Janice Kirsch talking on how to
                                be a first responder to this crisis.  Dr. Kirsch
                                is leader of the Climate Steering Committee
                                of 350 Bay Area.
6;30 – 8:30 pm        The Eric Quezada Center 518 Valencia St. SF
                              DEEP DENIAL
                              The persistence of White Supremacy in the
                              United States
                              Reading and discussion wil David Billing, author
                              of Deep Denial  (copies of the book will be offered
                              for sale.  Collections will be acepted for the Anti
                              Police Terror Project.
                              registration is required.  go to brown paper tickets
                              event 2847069
                              A free event.   Snacks will be provided.
                              wheelchair accessible
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