“The Poor Tour” by Mike Zint

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March 18, 2017

In case you didn’t know, The Poor Tour is here. Six months on tour, three months without a raid. Stability at last? Will the city leave us alone to help ourselves?

It’s working.

An addict cleaned up to be here. We gave him a spot, food, clothing, and acceptance. He is now employed and saving his money to get off the streets.

A domestic violence victim is here, she is now protected and working her way off the streets.

A young man with HFA is here. He went missing from New York, and was found by his family through photos of the tour. They came out over the weekend to visit him and convince him to come back home. He said no. He is still here. They left him because he is happy, he has purpose, he has meaning, and he has community. And he now has a much larger family.

Jens finally managed to get his passport and paperwork. He can now go back home to Germany.

The Poor Tour is working to help a handful. With sanctioning and help from the city, we can help a lot more.

–Mike Zint

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