Announcements from Wed 4/26 thru Mon 5/1 (from Adrienne Fong)


President Trump will be meeting with all U.S. Senators today (April 26) at 12 Noon PDT (3:00pm EDT)

Please call with a strong message for DIPLOMACY NOT WAR on the Korean Peninsula

Today the Senators will be briefed by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, and  Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford.

Also today, in a  display of double standards, the U.S. Air Force plans to conduct a test launch of an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. “These Minuteman launches are essential to verify the status of our national nuclear force and to demonstrate our national nuclear capabilities.” In other words, this test is intended to signal a credible U.S. nuclear threat. (Info from UFPJ)

Recall the MOAB launched in Afghanistan and Trump implying that this was to also serve as a warning to N. Korea

Photo & most of above info from UFPJ


A.  Fearing Korean Nuclear War, Women of 40 Nations Urge Trump to Seek Peace


Calling attention to items #1 & #3 on Korea.  Please come out to support the Korean Community.

 There will be NO ANNOUNCEMENTS after next week for the month of May – unless there is an urgent matter! Will do one last posting next Tuesday or Wednesday – Have  info in before by next Tuesday 5/2 by 8:00am

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~ San Francisco ~

Occupy San Francisco Bulletin Board


Wednesday, 4/26 – Monday, 5/1

 Wednesday, April 26

  1. Wednesday, 5:00-pm – 7:00pm, Today! KoreanPeace / EndAllWars Art Build & Story/Drum Circle (See item # 3)

Fruitvale Plaza (Fruitvale BART Plaza)
3526 San Leandro St.

Emergency Community Gathering – Art Build & Story/Drum Circle
We’ve been watching closely as tensions continue to escalate between the US and North Korea. Wednesday, Trump is calling all senators, without their staff, to the White House for a briefing on North Korea. Whatever the outcome, we believe that this meeting is part of a plan to build support for a military strike against North Korea.

Many of you have also experienced the legacy of war and militarism, and felt how it tears our communities apart. We know that you too are working toward a world without wars, where people can live in peace, self determination and dignity.

HOBAK is asking people to build with them by sharing what the legacy of war has been in your life, and what peace looks like for you. They will be doing an art build for “EndAllWars” for May Day.

If you or someone in your group would like to share a story  Email

Demo is being called by HOBAK for Thursday in front of Senator Feinstein’s office

 Sponsor: HOBAK (Hella Organized Bay Area Koreans)


Thursday, April 27

  1. Thursday, 12 Noon – 1:30pm, No Trump or City Cuts to Affordable Housing – Rally & March!

Phillip Burton Federal Building
450 Golden Gate Ave.

Affordable housing programs that serve some of the most vulnerable members of our community are under attack!

The Trump Administration is proposing a $6.2 billion cut to Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which will eliminate or deeply cut programs that provide rental assistance to low income families and seniors, repairs to public housing, and basic community services. At the same time, the Administration is proposing billions in tax breaks to corporations and the most wealthy.

City Hall is considering a proposal by Supervisors Safai, Breed, and Tang that will raise rents and cut the percentage of affordable housing units that developers are required to build. Last June voters approved Prop C requiring developers build 25% affordable. The Safai-Breed-Tang proposal would reduce the affordable share to 18%

Let’s unite to fight all cuts to affordable housing and make our programs stronger!

● No federal or City cuts to affordable housing
● Stop giveaways to developers and tax breaks to corporations
● Reject policies that pit the middle class against the most vulnerable
● Strengthen tenant protections for all San Franciscans

Sponsor: San Francisco Anti-Displacement Coalition


  1. Thursday, 12Noon – 1:00pm, The People’s Briefing for #KoreanPeace

Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Office
1 Post St. (@ Market St.) – nr. Montgomery BART

This week, senators are being called into a unique White House briefing on North Korea – signaling a real threat that the Trump administration is positioning itself towards potential US military aggression. In response, Korean activists in the Bay Area are hosting The People’s Briefing for #KoreanPeace

HOBAK is  calling on all of their allies to join us! Come hear The People’s briefing on the current situation between the US and North Korea, and stand with us to demand peace on the Korean peninsula, and an end to all wars everywhere. From Oakland to Syria to Korea: #EndAllWars!

Sponsor: Hella Organized Bay Area Koreans


  1. Thursday, 12Noon – 2:00pm, Fight The Right! Rally and Press Conference at Sproul

Bancroft & Telegraph

As the narrative around when, where, and if Ann Coulter will speak at UC Berkeley changes day by day, we know one thing for certain: we stand against xenophobic, bigoted language, and we are in solidarity with undocumented students, community members, and all marginalized populations.

The International Socialist Organization (ISO) invites all solidarity-minded students and other members of the campus community to the launch of the “Alt Right Delete” conference.


  1. Thursday, 4:00pm – 6:00pm, Fascism in America: What Is the Danger That the Trump/Pence Government Poses

Revolution Books
2444 Durant Ave.

Nationwide livestreamed teach-in.


George Prochnik, New Yorker contributor

Andy Zee, Fascism – co-initiator, Revolutionary Books, NYC Spokesperson

Humanity faces an extreme emergency with Trump’s rise to power—the danger of war, even nuclear war, draconian attacks on immigrants, women, Black and Latino peoples, and the LGBT community. The environment is being savaged, the rule of law assaulted, science denigrated, anti-Semitism promoted, and more.

Yet far too many don’t understand, or are in denial about, what we’re facing, where we’re heading, and how rapidly and horrifically things can change.

The question of fascism weighs on the minds of millions, and many have offered important insights, yet it has not been joined in the fullest, most substantive and public way the situation urgently demands.

Teach-in will delve deeply, from different perspectives, into the essential nature of the Trump/Pence government, the relevance of the history of fascism, the threat it poses to humanity and the planet itself, and the dangers of normalization.


  1. Thursday, 7:00pm – 9:00pm, Commemorate 2017 Workers Memorial Day – Fight For Health And Safety-Defend Injured Workers

LWU Local 34
801 -2nd Street, Next to AT&T (parking in union parking lot)

Health and safety for workers in California and the US is under a frontal attack. OSHA health and safety rules are being overturned every day by the Trump government and workers are under increasing dangers on all jobs as an epidemic of bullying takes place.

In the US, there are only 2,000 OSHA inspectors and there are only 200 OSHA inspectors from California to protect the health and safety of 18.5 million workers in California. Workers are also being fired for exposing health and safety problems even though that is illegal.

Immigrants are also under increasing health and safety dangers and the threatened use of ICE to intimidate workers to remain silent about safety issues is a common practice.

At the same time the insurance industry has captured the California Workers Compensation Division and many seriously injured workers have to go through hoops to get healthcare approved from anonymous doctors and outsourcing companies like Maximus which received a $40 million non-bid contract by the California Department of Industrial Relations DIR.

Initial Speakers:
Brenda Barros, SEIU 1021 SF General Hospital Chapter Chair
Matthew Zugsberger, UBC Pile Drivers Local 34 member 

Yesenia Guitron, Wells Fargo bank worker and whistleblower
Dorian Maxwell, Former TWU 250A bus driver who was an OSHA whistleblower 
Johnnie Burris, J.P. Morgan OSHA whistleblower 
Darrell Whitman, OSHA Whistlblower Protection Program Whistleblower and AFGE 2391 SF Labor Council Delegate by skype 

Sponsor: Injured Workers National Network


  1. Thursday, 7:00pm – 9:00pm, Refinery Town: How the Richmond Progressive Alliance took over the City Chevron use to own

Unitarian Universalist Center, Chapel
1187 Franklin St.


Steve Early. Steve Early’s new book, Refinery Town: Big Oil, Big Money, and the Remaking of an American City, tells the story of the Richmond Progressive Alliance.

Melvin Willis, a 26-year old a rent control campaign organizer who finished first in a field of nine candidates for Richmond Council last November

Co-sponsored: SF Progressive Democrats of America, Democratic Socialist of America – SF and UU for Peace and Justice –SF


  1. Thursday, 7:00pm – 10:00pm, Ericka Huggins: Movement – We Meant to Move

Grand Lake Theatre
3200 Grand Ave

Tickets: $10 – $20

Ericka Huggins, activist, former political prisoner, and poet.

Join her as she reaches into her own history, reading the words of sheroes and heroes that span the last 50 years of her life. Inspired by the Civil Rights Movement, she made a commitment to the Human Rights Movement and is a witness to movements across formations today.

Ericka is introduced by writers Chinaka Hodge and Zoé Samudzi, both sharing their thoughts and works in criticism of the moment.

Host: Matatu Festival


Friday, April 28

  1. Friday, 10:00am – Noon, Walk Around the Block for Early Childhood Education (ECE)

SF City Hall
1 Dr. Carleton B. Goodlett Pl. (Polk St. side)

Support our children!

Celebrate the Week of the Young Child by advocating for resources early care educators need to provide young children the care and education they deserve. Join us for a Walk Around the Block!

Let’s make loud and clear the need for state and San Francisco funding to address the ECE wage crisis. It’s time to walk for an additional $10M SF funds to ECE!


10  Friday, 12 Noon, Mothers On The March Against Police Murders

Hall of Justice
850 Bryant St.

Weekly protest. All invited. Demand DA Gascon charge the officers with murder!

Sponsor: Justice 4 Mario Woods Coalition


  1. Friday, 7:00pm – 8:30pm, System Change, Not Climate Change

2969 Mission St.

Presentation & Discussion

The Trump regime wants to cut funding to programs and institutions that deal with environmental protection or climate change. Why? They say that environmental regulations hurt profits and job growth. They say climate change is not real. But these are lies.

Sponsor: PSL


  1. Friday, 7:00pm – 9:00pm, Resistance in Times of Dictatorship: LGBTQ Activism in Russia

Omni Commons
4799 Shattuck Ave.

Jonny Dzhibladze is a transgender activist visiting Oakland from St. Petersburg, Russia. Jonny works with LGBTQ nonprofit group “Coming Out” as coordinator of Monitoring of discrimination program and Trans*Mission program, and organizes multiple actions around LGBTQI rights. Jonny will do a presentation about the violation of human rights that happens in Russia daily and the ways Russian trans and queer communities stand up to it.


Saturday, April 29

  1. Saturday, 9:30am – 4:30pm, Women, Money, Spirit Conference

California Institute of Integral Studies
1453 Mission St.

daylong conference brings together leaders in psychology, social justice, religion and finance to explore money from the perspective of spirit. Examine your relationship with money, and the multiple roles money plays in our lives, culture, and communities. Gender, race, class, and our personal and societal values all directly impact this relationship.


  1. Saturday, 11:00am – 4:00pm, Uhuru Health Fair – Get Fit For the Revolution

Akwaaba Hall
7911 MacArthur Blvd.

The African People’s Education and Defense Fund will host the Uhuru Health Fair. It’s Our Only Solution!” is the rallying cry of this community solutions-oriented fair.

The Black Nurses Association will offer free blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol and hepatitis C screenings. The Malaya Acupuncture and Wellness Center will provide free ear seeds and Chinese pulse analysis. The AIDS Project of the East Bay will provide education and screenings. The American Heart and Stroke Association will present and other health and fitness workers will offer workshops, interactive presentations and CPR classes. The Suitcase Clinic will provide grooming services including foot washing, nail clipping and painting, in addition to haircuts.

*A person of African descent born in West Oakland can expect to die almost 15 years earlier than a white person born in the Oakland hills.

*The median household income for Africans in Alameda County is $42,124, for whites it is $74,401 to around $81,000 per year.

*The rates of Asthma for African children is 2.5 times higher than the overall rate in the county.
*Diabetes in Alameda County is at 13% for Africans compared to 5% for Caucasians.
*High blood pressure is 48% for Africans, 28% for Caucasians.

The Alameda County Health Department, in recent years, has condemned the deliberate public policies imposed on African communities that have resulted in economic, social and health inequities.


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