MAY DAY ACTIONS for San Francisco & Oakland (from Adrienne Fong)

May Day Actions for San Francisco & Oakland – South Bay, Central Valley & Santa Cruz events can be found on Indybay:

There are many participating groups that are not listed below, am sure all would be welcomed in any group. Hope to see you all tomorrow! 

Monday, May 1, 2017

 May Day Actions

“A Day Without Immigrants”    


 San Francisco & Oakland

1.   Monday, 11:00am – 5:00pm, A Day With Out Immigrants – SF May 1st, 2017 (Main San Francisco event)

Chelsea Manning Plaza. (Justin Herman Plaza)

– 11:00 AM Rally at Justin Herman Plaza (Mitin en la Plaza Justin Herman)

– 12:00 Noon March on Market Street to Civic Center Plaza (Marcha por la Calle Market hacia la Plaza del Centro Civico)

– 2:00 PM Rally at Civic Center Plaza (Mitin en la Plaza del Centro Civico)

May Day…

 It is a day where the working class show who has the power in society. In 2006, it was the immigrants, largely Latinos, who gave the tradition new life in the US.

On May 1st, we will not go to work, school, shop, bank, or purchase online! We will show the power of our labor and our dollar in order to reject discrimination and hate laws.

We will RISE UP, STAND UP, RESIST, PROTEST, and DEFEAT Trump’s program to build a wall and deport over 3 million immigrants & refugees!

– No ban, no wall
– Stop the ICE raids and deportations
– Defend ALL immigrants regardless of status 
– Stand up against racism, sexism, xenophobia, and bigotry
– Stop the attacks on Mexico
– Stop the attacks on Muslims, people of color, women, LGBTQ, workers, and the poor
– Defend our unions
– NO to U.S war and intervention abroad
– NO to environmental destruction
– Defend public education


Other San Francisco May Day Events:

2.  Monday, 7:00am – 6:00pm, La Meridien Hotel, Picket line SF

333 Battery St.

All Races. All Religions. All Immigrants. UNITE HERE! 

This year’s May Day holds particular significance given the anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim climate and policies that have emerged under Trump. And UNITE HERE members all around the nation will take part in actions in their communities, and will button-up in solidarity at their workplaces. 

*Unite Here! Local 2 is the hotel and restaurant workers’ union of San Francisco and San Mateo counties

Sponsor: UNITE HERE Local 2


 3.  Monday, 8:00am – 10:00am, May Day San Francisco! SF Strike!

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
630 Sansome St.

11am: March from Justin Herman Plaza to Civic Center 

Stop ICE Raids Now! End Deportations!
No Ban, No Wall, Sanctuary for All!
Fight for Worker’s Rights! 

On International Worker’s Day, join the fierce resistance of immigrants and workers who protesting the attacks on poor and working people. As Trump consolidates a nationalistic economy for the 1% and furthers the U.S. imperialist legacy of war and destruction of our homeland economies—the root of forced migration throughout the world- RISE in defense of all communities being scapegoated and targeted by ICE, Homeland Security, and Trump’s FASCIST agenda.

Sponsors: Jobs with Justice SF, Young Workers United, Chinese Progressive Association


4.   Monday, 9:00am – 11:00am, International Longshore Workers Union’s May Day 2017 Rally & Port Shutdown

400 North Point

10:00am march to Justin Herman Plz. for Rally & March to Civic Center

Dock Workers to Shut the Waterfront Down! 


5.  Monday, 10:30am, Living Wage Contingent

Meet at: “Injury to One is an Injury to All” sculpture on NE corner of Mission & Steuart Streets

Help carry banners demanding:

         Stop Deportations

         Fight for $15 and a Union on Both Sides of the Border

Info: 415-863-1225

6.  Monday, 10:30am, Refuse Fascism Contingent: Stand with Immigrants Under Attack 

Meet at:

Foot of Market Street

Look for the big NO sign and join the contingent to Justin Herman Plaza for:

11:00am Rally

12 Noon March to Civic Center

7.  Monday, 11:00am, Monday, May 1st: March for Amilcar and Luis


Justin Herman Plaza (nr. main stage0

Look for signs: Justice For Amilcar Perez-Lopez and Justice For Luis Góngora Pat


Oakland  May Day Events

8.  Monday, 3:00pm – 8:00pm, Oakland May Day: March & Strike for Immigrant and Worker Rights (Main Oakland event)

Fruitvale Plaza (Fruitvale BART Station)
3526 San Leandro St.

4:00pm – March is to San Antonio Park

Oakland May Day: March for Immigrant and Worker Rights & General Strike

March Route – Find us along the way!
From the Fruitvale Plaza
– Go West on International Ave to 22nd ave
– Right on 22nd Ave
– Left on foothill Blvd.
– Arrive at San Antonio Park

Sponsor: Oakland Sin Fronteras

Info:  or

9.  Monday, 8:30am – 11:30am, Hold Sheriff Ahern Accountable to Make Sanctuary Real

1401 Lakeside Dr.

On May Day we are holding a Community rally to hold Sheriff Ahern Accountable to make Sanctuary real! 
What Does Sanctuary Look Like?
Tell Sherriff Ahern what Sanctuary Looks Like:
NO collaboration with ICE! 
NO jail expansion! 
NO militarization of our communities!

Sponsor: Oakland Sin Fronteras


10.  Monday, 1:30pm – 2:30pm, Hotel Workers on Strike: Feed-in March to May Day

Mandela Parkway & Yerba Buena
(Between Target & Extended Stay)

JOIN US as East Bay hotel workers walk off the job to join the national May Day strike against Donald Trump and his administration’s attacks on immigrant workers.

We will gather at 1:30 at the site of a proposed hotel on Mandela Parkway and Yerba Buena Ave, where a developer is proposing to build a new hotel and has refused to make a commitment not to retaliate against workers who organize for rights on the job.

The site is less than a mile from the former Woodfin Suites hotel, where ten years ago the owner called in ICE in the midst of a worker organizing campaign for a living wage, causing many of those workers to lose their jobs.

Sponsor: Unite Here! Local 2850


11.  Monday, 2:00pm, Invisible Labor bloc & cacerolazo! Bring pots & pans

Meet at:

Fruitvale BART

We will march to make visible the caring work that is integral to reproducing society every day. Caregiving, cleaning, cooking, emotional labor, sex work. These and other forms of caring work are often made invisible, because they are not valued.

We will form ourselves as a group of “invisible laborers”. We will take pots and pans, the implements of domestic labor, and make noise with them. We will march through residential areas of Fruitvale, to bring the protest to domestic workers, children, disabled people, and others in their homes and to invite anyone who is able to join us.

Please bring your pots and pans, and look for us! We will get back in time for the march, and likely do a second “cacerolazo” (pots and pans banging march) during the rally at the park.

Sponsor: Women’s Strike Organizing Collective


12.  Monday, 2:00pm – 5:00pm, Climate Justice Contingent in the May Day March

2pm Gather at Citibank
3301 East 12th St #185, Oakland
(in the Fruitvale Village across East 12th St from the Public Market)

3pm Join the main May Day rally in the Plaza in front of 
Fruitvale BART Station 

contingent for the liberation of our land, air, water, and labor. We fight against the same extractive economy that not only harms our planet, but also exploits migrants and workers.


13.  Monday,  2:30pm, May 1st, March with the Global Women’s Strike Bay Area and US PROStitutes Collective (See # 11)

Gather at:

12th Street and 38th Ave.

 marching in an Invisible Labor Bloc called by the Oakland Women’s Strike Organizing Collective under two banners, Resources for Caregivers not for Walls and Feminism of the 99%.

We are striking on May Day to demand recognition and resources for all our work, in particular but not only, the unwaged work of immigrant women whose workload increases as a result of the terror of ICE, and Black women whose families and communities are devastated as a result of mass incarceration and police violence

Immigrant families are being torn apart by raids, detention and deportation. We support the courageous protests, led by people inside, including recent hunger strikes, against this brutality led by people inside.

We want all our work counted and valued and we want resources for domestic work, emotional labor, justice work, subsistence work, sex work, vocational training and other school work and more.

Info: Call 415 626-4114 or email ,

14.  Monday, 3:00pm, Refuse Fascism Contingent:  A Day Without Immigrants

Meet at:

Fruitvale Plaza (nr. Fruitvale BART)

Look for big NO banner.

Gathering together where the march starts and then marching to end up for rally from5:30-7:00 p.m. at San Antonio Park on Foothill between 17th and 18th Ave.

~Prepared by AF~

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