“Berkeley Police Arrest and Beat Opponents of Urban Shield” from Mike Zint

This is what happens when you oppose the police state. Urban shield was used on urban shield protesters. Beating seniors makes cops big, tough people.

It won’t stop until we stop it. They are coming for all of us. The police are the enemy of the people. The proof is in these pictures! 

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June 21, 2017

Need proof that Urban Shield is poison? Look no further than Berkeley Police arresting and beating peaceful protesters at last night’s city council meeting in which hundreds of opponents of the war games and militarized weapons expo spent 6 hours passionately testifying about how the Urban Shield program trains police to see activists and communities of color as enemies, only to be arrested and beaten as the council tried to push through a vote in support of the city’s participation in the program. Two protestors were arrested and many more beaten, including several who sustained bloody head and other injuries.

Note from Mike Zint:

Please take a moment of your day to do this. Take a stand!

Thank you for coming out last night!

The Stop Urban Shield coalition is proud of the unity and resilience displayed by all those in attendance at last night’s hearing in Berkeley. We need to maintain this resolve in order to Stop Urban Shield in Berkeley and end the program entirely. We cannot tolerate this police abuse and city evasion of democratic process – Take Action Immediately!

Over 500 of us – advocates and Berkeley residents fighting to end police militarization – attended last night’s hearing. We were united in our call to permanently withdraw Berkeley from Urban Shield participation and to end participation in NCRIC. After listening to hours of testimony, with only one speaker out of hundreds speaking in support of the violent police program, Mayor Arreguin and other council members approved participation in NCRIC and attempted to move forward with a vote to remain in Urban Shield.

With the mayor attempting to rush and confuse the vote, community members broke out in chants and unfurled a banner to nonviolently display their protest. This prompted the police to respond with aggressive force with two people arrested (they have since been released) and others injured. This is exactly the type of repression we are standing against when demand an end to Urban Shield. It is the brutality faced daily by Black, Brown, and poor communities in the Bay Area.

The Clerk’s Office and City Council are deciding today on whether the vote will stand. Make a call right now!

I’m contacting you to demand that yesterday’s attempted vote on Urban Shield is not sustained by the Council or Clerk. The proposal was not transparent to the public or council, the motion and process were convoluted, and the vote was not publicly heard. In light of this evasion of democracy and yesterday’s show of police brutality following the hearing, this vote needs to be rescinded and heard again.

First, call the below numbers before 5pm today!

City Clerk: (510) 981-6900
Mayor Arreguin: (510) 981-7100

Then, copy the above message and send to: council@cityofberkeley.info, clerk@CityofBerkeley.info

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