Demo Today (Wed.) 5:00pm ~ Updates & Announcements ~ Thursday, August 10 – Monday August 14 (compiled by Adrienne Fong)

A.  A Year After Police Killed Her Son, A Mother Vows To March Forward (August 6, 2017)

B.  ‘Walls that work:’ Can Israeli tech be Trump’s solution for Mexico border security?

   The Trump administration has reportedly reached a new contract with the Israeli defense electronics company Elbit Systems to implement advanced security systems on the U.S. border with Mexico, similar to the security technology utilized along Israel’s borders”. 

C.  Trump’s Deceptive Drive to Kill Iran-Nuke Accord (August 8, 2017) 


~ San Francisco ~

Occupy San Francisco Bulletin Board


Demonstration Today, Wednesday, August 9th – 5:00pm


Thursday, August 10, – Monday, August 14

Wednesday, August 9

1. Wednesday, 5:00pm – 8:00pm, Protest & die-in: NO nuclear war! The Trump / Pence regime must GO!

Meet at:

Powell & Market Street (@ Cable Car)

Protest & die-in: NO nuclear war! The Trump/Pence regime must GO, before they incinerate humanity! 

The day before the anniversary of Nagasaki, Trump declared “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen, he has been very threatening beyond a normal state. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

Trump’s threats of nuclear war are a nightmare for humanity and the planet! This nightmare must end. The Trump Pence Regime Must Go. and protest to say NO! The Trump/Pence Regime MUST GO before they incinerate humanity. 

Only the people acting together in determined struggle, taking to the public squares day after day night after night not leaving until the regime is forced to go can save humanity and our planet. 

Sponsor: Refuse Fascism Bay Area


Thursday, August 10

2.  Thursday, 5:00pm – 7:00pm, BART Police Citizen Oversight Structure – Public Comment Needed!

Kaiser Center, 20th Street Mall
344 20th Street – 3rd Floor (nr. 19th Street BART)

The evaluation report includes 53 recommendations for improvement of the oversight system. Oscar Grant family would love to hear your concerns and happy to talk about the details once you’ve had a chance to review. It will be on the agenda for the Board of Directors meeting  

It would be helpful to hear your thoughts about the report and answer any questions you may have about how/whether we might implement the recommendations. There is no immediate plan for the Directors to vote on implementing anything until we can take a closer look at what’s actually possible and what resources would be needed to put any these changes into place. The August 10 meeting is an opportunity for the Directors to begin discussions about the report and to ask any questions they may have of Mr. Gennaco and Mr. Zisser, who helped in the recommendation for improvement. There will also be an opportunity for public comment on the agenda item. 

1992 Jerrold Hall – Murdered
1997 Robert Greer – Murdered
2001 Bruce Seward – Murdered
2008 Kenneth Carrethers – Excessive Force
2009 Oscar Grant – Murdered
2010 13 yrs – attempted to Tase
2010 Fred Collins – Murdered
2010 Jason Johnson – Tased
2011 Charles Blair Hill – Murdered
2014 James Nate Greer – Murdered
2014 Tommy Smith – Murdered
2014 Robert James Asberry – Tased
2014 Nubia Bowe – Excessive Force
2016 Andrea Appleton – Excessive Force
2016 Michael Smith – Excessive Force

Sponsor: Love Not Blood Campaign


3.  Thursday, 5:30pm – 7:00pm, How to Get Involved in Fighting for Housing and Human Rights!

Coalition on Homelessness
468 Turk St.

Learn how to get involved with the Coalition on Homelessness’ grassroots organizing and media work! Connect with staff, volunteers, and other folks in the struggle. 

The Coalition has three main areas of work: HOUSING JUSTICE, HUMAN RIGHTS, and STREET SHEET.

The COH organizes homeless people and front line service providers to create permanent solutions to homelessness, while working to protect the human rights of those forced to remain on the streets.


4.  Thursday, 6:00pm – 7:30pm, Parkmerced Know Your Rights Workshop

San Francisco State University
J Paul Leonard Library, Rm. 121

Come join Housing Rights Committee to learn more about your rights as a tenant! 

What is rent control? What should I do if my landlord is not fixing anything? What is Parkmerced’s redevelopment project? We will answer all the questions at the workshop! 

For the first half of this workshop, we will talk about landlords’ responsibilities, tenants’ rights under rent control, and eviction process. For tenants living in the city, knowing your rights is the first step to fight displacement!  

We will also go over Parkmerced’s redevelopment project to remove all rent-controlled townhouses and how the project affects all tenants.  


5.  Thursday, 7:00pm, Film: “White Light / Black Rain”, The Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by Steven Okazaki

Revolution Books
2444 Durant Ave.

At 8:15 am, on August 6, 1945, a blazing, million-degree fireball suddenly appeared just above the Japanese city of Hiroshima, instantly killing, burning alive, or vaporizing tens of thousands.

The U.S. had just exploded the first nuclear bomb over the center of a city of 350,000. killing between 140-150,000. Three days later, on August 9, the U.S. dropped an even more powerful nuclear bomb on Nagasaki, destroying the city and murdering another 70,000 people 

WHITE LIGHT/BLACK RAIN reveals the unimaginable destructive power of the bombs, the inconceivable suffering and extraordinary human resilience

Film stands as a powerful warning that, with enough nuclear weapons to equal 400,000 Hiroshimas, we can’t afford to forget what happened on those two days in 1945. We also can’t forget that the US is the only country that has ever used nuclear weapons in war, that the US government has never said it was wrong to use them against Japan, and that to this day, it has a policy justifying first use of nuclear weapons in future wars.

Info:  or 

Friday, August 11

6.  Friday, 8:00am – 10:30am, Pack the Court: #FreeNY

ICE Building
630 Sansome St., 4th Floor, Courtroom #2

PLEASE RSVP WITH DANNY AT  so we can have an approximate count of how many people are showing up

About Ny: 
Ny Nourn has spent the last 16 years in prison serving a life sentence for a murder committed by her abuser when she was a teenager. Ny’s experience is all too common. Upwards of 90% of people incarcerated in women’s prisons experienced domestic violence or sexual assault before entering prison. 

Earlier this year, Ny was granted parole by Gov. Brown. Instead of finally being free, ICE detained Ny as she set foot out of prison. Now she faces deportation to Cambodia, a country that she has never set foot in. 

Sponsor: Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus


7.  Friday, 12Noon – 2:00pm, “Mother’s on the March Against Police Murders”

Hall of Justice
850 Bryant St.

Vigil every Friday on the steps of the Hall of Injustice. Demand DA George Gascon charge police officers with murder.

8. Friday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm, Stop Massive Release of Radioactive Water From Fukushima & Continued Start –up of Nuclear Plants

Japanese Consulate of San Francisco
275 Battery St. (@ California)

Speak-out to Stop Massive Release of Radioactive Water From Fukushima & Continued Start-up of Nuclear Plants!

The dangers and crisis of Fukushima continue to grow. Hundreds of thousands of tons of radioactive water remains in thousands of tanks surrounding the Fukushima plant in Japan. The government is now seeking to dump this dangerous water into the Pacific ocean threatening the health and safety of not only other parts of Japan but the Pacific rim. 

The Japanese government is also pushing to suppress democratic rights with a “secrecy law” and “conspiracy law” that will be used to prevent journalists and public interest investigators from releasing information about Fukushima and the continued dangers

The Abe government is also demanding the children and families return to Fukushima or they will lose their housing subsidies. This is creating traumatic conditions for the parents who do not want their children to be subjected to more contamination and increased dangers of cancer. Already they’re has been an escalation of thyroid cancers throughout the region. 

The No Nukes Action Committee calls for all people to join this speak-out on Friday August 11, 2017 for the people of Fukushima and opposition to nuclear power plants and militarization of Japan. 


9.  Friday, 3:00pm – 5:00pm, Court Support: Dejuan Hall and Jesse Buna

Superior Court Solano County,
Dept. 9, Room 209

Dejuan Hall was brutally beaten by Vallejo police on March 10, 2017, then charged with an assault on the police officers. One of the witnesses who filmed the beating, Jesse Buna, was also beaten, arrested, and is a co-defendant in the case.  

We are asking our community to mobilize for court support. In what seems a repressive tactic, the judge denied the motion to move this case to Vallejo 

***Coordination for rides to Fairfield. Contact APTP ride coordinator Caroline at  ***


10.  Friday, 6:30pm, Community Organizing Meeting to Counter the Far Right

New Valencia Hall
747 Polk St. (@Ellis)

The fascists are once again returning to the Bay Area at the end of August, bringing their racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic and transphobic vitriol with them. In Berkeley, they are staging a “No to Marxism in America” event August 27 at 1pm. 

This event follows a rally on Saturday in San Francisco sponsored by ultra-right Patriot Prayer. 

We are building a counter demonstration in Berkeley because the white supremacists have targeted this city with a campaign of bigotry.

History has shown, we CAN stop the neo-Nazis while they are numerically small, if we unite to confront them. Come to a community planning meeting to build a bold, organized, united counter-demonstration directly where and when the fascists gather in Berkeley. 

Everyone who is against fascism is invited to participate.

Sponsor: Freedom Socialist Party

Info: 415-864-1278 or email

11.  Friday, 7:00pm – 8:30pm, Eyewitness Cuba 2017

Party for Socialism and Liberation
2969 Mission St. (nt 24th Street BART)

Wheelchair accessible

$3 – $10 Donation – no one turned away 

A delegation led by renowned solidarity activist Gloria La Riva just returned from Cuba where they met and exchanged with a wide range of organizations and individuals in several cities. How is Cuba meeting the needs of its people after decades of the criminal U.S. blockade? What is the actual impact of Trump’s backward changes in U.S. policy? How is it possible for such a small nation to make sacrifices that benefit humanity around the world, such as fighting cholera in the Ivory Coast and Haiti to performing tens of thousands of vision-saving surgeries across Latin America? What are the prospects for socialist Cuba? 

Hear La Riva and other activists give eyewitness accounts and analyses 


Saturday, August 13 

12.  Saturday, 11:00am – 4:00pm, Celebration of Life for Colby Friday

Kentfield Park
4952 Kentfield Rd.

Speakers, free food, giveaways, and much more. 

Sponsor: Justice for Colby Friday


13.  Saturday, 2:00pm – 5:00pm, Workshop: Collective Mapping for Disruption

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
701 Mission St.

Based on extensive experiences in global gentrification studies, community engagement, and public exhibitions, this workshop led by Jorge Agudelo and Kate Spacek offers a creative framework for mapping, analyzing, and sharing social data via public interruptions of image, sound, projection, and performance. We will explore models for using art to engage communities in topics of social injustice and exclusion. Using exercises that transform personal inputs into collective outputs, we will learn various ways to select, organize, and share data sets of control, memory, mobility, security, and gentrification. 

Sponsor: Zero1


14.  Saturday, 7:30pm – 9:30pm, Radica First Aid / Health and Safety

Omni Commons
4799 Shattuck Ave.

This skillshare will be focused on radical first aid/first responce. The facilitator will share information regarding protecting yourself at actions and protests, treating the effects of “less-than-lethal” technologies, and give a report back about their work at Standing Rock. 

Sponsor: East Bay Homes Not Jails


Sunday, August 13

15.  Sunday, 11:00am – 2:00pm, August Protest at Richmond Immigration Detention / County Jail

West County Detention Facility
5555 Giant Highway
San Pablo

Come stand up for immigrants, refugees and the marginalized folks ensnared by the criminal injustice system who are inside the Bay Area’s regional ICE detention center / Contra Costa’s county’s jail—and show your support for their visiting loved ones too. It’s our responsibility to fight the right wing’s racist, xenophobic, anti-Muslim, ableist, transphobic, homophobic, misogynist ramp up of authoritarian policing, detention and deportation practices—if not now, when?  

Rabbi Dev Nolly and members of Kehilla Community Synagogue
Bend the Arc Bay Area Resistance
and more TBA…

Sponsors: Bend the Arc Jewish Action, Occupella, Let Our People Go, Kehilla Communitiy Synagogue


16.  Sunday, 3:00pm – 5:00pm, Housing is a Right! Socialism and the Fight Against Displacement

Workers World Party – Bay Area
1305 Franklin St., # 411

Wheelchair Accessible

Housing is a Right! Socialism and the Fight Against Displacement, Homelessness and Gentrification!
Join the discussion on the
– MacArthur Homefulness
 POOR Magazine project by Jeremy Miller,
– on-going attacks on renters rights in Alameda by Tristen Schmidt,
– and how housing can be managed under socialism, with examples from Cuba and other countries by Judy Greenspan. 
– Let’s talk about what housing for all could look like under socialism and the struggle to get there.


17. Sunday, 3:30pm –  6:00pm, Open Circle – Monthly  Meeting SF

Armstrong Place
5600 3rd Street

Join us for a community potluck and thoughtful discussion around police accountability on behalf of families directly impacted by excessive use of force.

Open Circle holds space for families directly impacted by police terrorism to gather with each other and members of the community. We love and support one another. This gathering also provides opportunity and some structure to help families collaborate with each other in their struggle for justice for their loved ones.

*This is a Potluck Event, please feel free to bring a dish, snack or (non-alcoholic) beverage to share.  


Monday, August 14

18.  Monday, 12Noon – 1:00pm, RALLY for TRUTH & JUSTICE on International  “Comfort Women” Memorial Day

Japanese Consulate
275 Battery St.

The “comfort women” struggle for truth and justice is an international movement of education and redress mobilization to preserve the history of over 200,000 women and girls from 13 countries who suffered under the Imperial Japanese military system of sex slavery and trafficking during WWII and to secure government accountability and redress for these brutal human rights violations. Despite the passage of over 80 years, this unresolved WWII justice issue continues as an ongoing struggle against historical denialism and government impunity in the present context of increasing danger of war and growing militarization and violence against women in the Asia Pacific region. 

August 14, 1991, is the day that Kim Haksoon halmoni shared her experience as a “comfort woman,” thereby breaking the silence and igniting the “comfort women” justice struggle.

Sponsor: Comfort Women Justice Coalition


19.  Monday, 12Noon – 1:30pm, Preserve, Improve and Expand Social Security, Rally and March

Frank H. Ogawa Plaza
14th Street & Broadway (nr. 12th Street BART Station)

Rally and Two-Block March to Federal Building 

Confirmed Speakers to date: 
Alex Lawson: Executive Director, Social Security Works 
Norman Solomon: Author, Columnist, Activist 

Social Security is alive and well now, but just like Medicaid and Medicare, Social Security is under attack.

We must defend it. Join us on Social Security’s 82 birthday to celebrate it, and re-dedicate ourselves to defend and improve Social Security and all these vital programs.  

Over its 82 years, Social Security has provided income and dignity for hundreds of millions of retirees and people with disabilities, their spouses and children, and for deceased workers’ spouses and children. For two thirds of seniors, it’s over half their income. Half of women and people with disabilities would be in poverty without Social Security. Almost 10% of children get it.

Social Security is entirely funded by we who work. Not a cent comes from the government!

In fact, our $2.8 Trillion Social Security Trust Fund is invested in loans to help the government run

Sponsor: California Alliance for Retired Americans, 510-663-4086


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Upcoming Event

Wednesday, September 6 – Saturday, September 9. 2017 Soil Not Oil International Conference

Richmond Memorial Convention Center
403 Civic Center Plaza

September 7, 8, & 9. With over 100 speaker

Ticket info:

The global movement for environmental justice and a livable climate has brought international attention to the value of soils as a sink for the carbon accumulated in the atmosphere due to irresponsible consumption of fossil fuels. Increasing soil organic matter is the only practical way to mitigate climate chaos. For several years, Soil Not Oil has worked with anti-fossil fuel activists and other stakeholders, helping them recognize that many factors contribute to harmful carbon emissions including soil depletion, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, industrial-agriculture, and any practices that threaten the health and function of soils. Additionally, leading scientists, farmers and soil advocates have defined soil carbon sequestration as a viable path to mitigate global warming 


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