Judge Waite and Corporate Personhood

A half-hour play about an 1886 Supreme Court decision that claimed that any corporation was entitled to fourth amendment rights. Judge Morrison Waite, chief justice of that court, is brought back from the dead and charged with carelessness in letting this concept find its way into a Supreme Court headnote. After some courtroom testimony and contention, judge Waite agrees that he’s guilty. That decision had consequences, including a major coal mine accident, and the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision of 1996. Author: William Barrett, San Jose, California. Play copyright (C) 2012, William Barrett. Play based on historical documents uncovered by Jeffrey Clements, Thom Hartmann and Ted Nace. Actors: George Antoine, Rosa Antoine, Marc Bashara, and William Barrett. Cinematography by Phil Phlager. Film director Anne Phlager. Film editor William Barrett.

Link to play:  https://scc-mta.org/sites/default/files/JudgeWaite.pdf

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