UPDATES ~ ANNOUNCEMENTS from Monday, Nov. 6 to Thursday, Nov. 9 (from Adrienne Fong)


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A.  ‘No Trump, no war’ 1,000’s of South Koreans rally for peace ahead of US president’s visit (November 5, 2017)


B.  More than 20 reported dead in Texas church attack, gunman killed (November 5 2017)


C.  Police Commission approves Tasers (November 4, 2017)



~ San Francisco ~

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Monday, November 6 – Thursday, November 9

Monday, November 6

1.  Monday, 12Noon – 3:00pm, Thunderbird Women Rising: Divest Wells Fargo

420 Montgomery St.

Clean Water! Climate Justice! Safe Communities!

Wells Fargo finances pipelines which harm our water, air and soil.

Wells Fargo finances climate chaos & disruption

Wells Fargo finances the private prison industrial complex

Join Idle No More SF Bay in welcoming movment artists Isaac Murdoch and Christi Belcourt to this artivist action at the Wells Fargo World Headquarters in San Francisco. We will be painting a giant Thunderbird Woman while we sing and pray and demand that Wells Fargo divest from fossil fuels, fossil fuel infrastructure, and projects that harm our human communities and the community of life.

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/539881463013512/

2.  Monday, 6:45pm – 9:00pm, OccupyForum, Carol Harvey’s Update on TREASURE ISLAND” Environmental Justice, the Homelessness Catastrophe, & Big Development on T.I.

SEIU Local 2
209 Golden Gate Ave. (nr. Civic Center BART)

Carol Harvey will share with us the history, and the damning revelations she continues to unearth, and what we can do about it.

Treasure Island, the former radioactive-waste dump site off the coast of San Francisco, is turning into a $5 billion housing development for big profits.

 Treasure Island, a man-made island off the coast of San Francisco, looks more like a post-apocalyptic wasteland than a Bay Area suburb. But as demand for housing in the area continues to climb, developers including Lennar — now the largest homebuilder in the US — turned to Treasure Island in hopes of creating the next big real-estate destination.

In 2011, the city of San Francisco approved a proposal to add 8,000 homes, 500 hotel rooms, 300 acres of parks, 140,000 square feet of retail, and 100,000 square feet of office space to the island over 15 years. The island’s population is expected to grow from 2,500 to about 20,000 by 2032, when the final stages of development wrap. Most of the existing buildings will be demolished to make room for new developments. The development project comes with a price tag of $5 billion. With construction on infrastructure underway, we are learning that there’s more to this former toxic-waste site than meets the eye.

 Like the Bayview, these landfills were used by the Navy to decommission its radioactive ships and for other toxic work.  In 1993, the Navy decommissioned Treasure Island, moving sailors’ families out. The 1994 federal Base Closure Community Redevelopment and Homeless Assistance Act,“A bill to revise and improve the process for disposing of buildings and property at military installations under the base closure laws,” opened national floodgates to environmental racism. Men, women and children are stricken with tumors and cancers from exposure to radiation, chemicals and lead the Navy dumped into island soil during 50 years training sailors for nuclear war, as well as lung disease from asbestos and mold in the walls of military housing.

Come learn more about Treasure Island

3.  Monday, 7:00pm – 10:00pm, Dr. Mustafa Barghouti Direct from Palestine

First Church Berkeley
2345 Channing Way (nr. Downtown Berkeley BART)

Wheelchair accessible

Benefit for the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees

Tickets: $10 – $100, available now through Eventbrite
$100 ticket includes seats reserved up front.

To avoid the service charge, buy tickets directly from MECA: email Susan@mecaforpeace.org, or call Sue 9am-4pm, Tuesday-Friday.
$15 tickets available at these East Bay bookstores: Moe’s, Laurel Books (cash and checks only), Walden Pond, and East Bay Booksellers (formerly Diesel).

Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

Speaking on 100 Years after the Balfour Declaration:The Anti-Colonial Struggle in Palestine

Introduced by linguistics professor Dr. Khalil Barhoum, Stanford University
Interviewed by Dr. Samia Shoman, Palestinian-American educator whose research was on a sovereign Palestinian state

For info: 510-548-0542, meca@mecaforpeace.org 

Tuesday, November 7 

4.  Tuesday, 10:00am – 11:00am, 1Y7M: Life of Luis Celebration

Altar Site
Shotwell & 19th Street

It’s Fall! We just celebrated Día de Muertos! The seasons are turning. Come around to say hey! Let’s talk about the atrocious taser decision, and hopefully, we’ll have some new news on an international project we’ve been pursuing too.

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/374598079659755/ 

5.  Tuesday, 12Noon – 1:00pm, Rally to Save Temporary Protected Status for Immigrants

SF City Hall (steps)
1 Dr. Carleton B. Goodlett Pl.

The Trump administration is threatening to remove TPS from Salvadorans, Hondurans, Nicaraguans, Syrians, and Haitians and send them back to situations of life-threatening violence. Many came to the United States because of wars and natural disasters and have been here for years, and for some, even decades. Removing Temporary Protected Status will put hundreds of thousands of people at risk of deportation. Sending them back to countries where there are ongoing conflicts or economic instability is a human rights disaster.

Info from: Bay Area Coalition to Save TPS
RENASE- Red National Salvadoreña en el Exterior; AHNCA- Asociaciòn de Hondureños de Norte California; Centro Latino Cuscatlan; Bay Area Chapter of Committee in Solidarity of People of El Salvador (CISPES); SF Living Wage Coalition; African Advocacy Network; CARECEN- Central American Resource Center; Immigrant Legal Resource Center; SEIU United Service Workers West; Haiti Action Committee; Nicaragua Center for Community Action; Labor Council for Latin American Advancement-SF; Faith In Action; East Bay Sanctuary Covenant; Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity

Endorsers: School of the Americas Watch West; Marin Task Force on the Americas; Council on American-Islamic Relations, Clínica Martín-Baró

Info: https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2017/11/03/18804154.php  or  CISPES at 415-503-0789 or bayarea [at] cispes.org

6.  Tuesday, 2:30pm, Rally for Tesla Workers

Meet at:

The Ross Store
46551 Mission Blvd.

Must RSVP for Shuttle at  solidarity@jwjsf.org to ensure a place on the shuttle from the parking place or BART to the Tesla factory.

Tesla has fired hundreds of workers but we are fighting back! The United Auto Workers has filed labor board charges alleging broad retaliation against workers. Tesla should be an environment where workers can exercise their rights, raise health & safety concerns and speak up against injustice.

Come support the Tesla workers and their right to have a voice

Info: Jobs with Justice SF solidarity@jwjsf.org 

7.  Tuesday, 4:00pm, No Ban, No Wall, No Neo-Ku Klux Klan, No White Supremacy – the Trump / Pence Regime Must Go!

Meet at:

24th & Mission St.
San Francisco

Calendar for actions from November 5th – November 19th is on the Refuse Fascism Bay Area FB page

In the Name of Humanity, Refuse to Accept a Fascist America!

Sponsor: Refuse Fascism – Bay Area

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/130152454303756/permalink/136614153657586/ 

8. Tuesday, 5:00pm – 7:00pm, OPD: We Want Answers!

Oakland Police Dept.
455 7th Street

In conjunction with Lamesha Smith and others from #MarcellusToney ‘s family, we are gathering to demand answers from#OPD . He was killed as a result of being tased by OPD on 9/28 at 42nd Ave and Foothill Blvd. Please come out to support his family in demanding answers about his death.

Host: Anti Police-Terror Project

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1890376301278760/

9.  Tuesday, 5:00pm – 11:30pm, Oak Knoll Heads to the City Council

City Council Chambers
Oakland City Hall
1 Frank Ogawa Plaza

This is your last chance to tell the Oakland City Council that Oak Knoll is wrong for Oakland.
On Tuesday, the City Council will decide the future of the Oak Knoll project. If the Council decides to approve the project, all SunCal and its contractors will have to do now is file building permits to construct the site.

We can’t let this happen. Please show up on Tuesday to tell the City Council to vote NO on Oak Knoll.

Sponsor: East Bay Residents for Responsible Development

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1832778510069702/ 

10.  Tuesday, 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Zionism, Fascism and the Free Speech Debates

518 Valencia St. (nr. 16th Street BART)

Zionism, Fascism and the Free Speech Debates: A Fundraiser for the Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi Defense Fund

Among the speakers will be Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi, the San Francisco State University professor publicly accused by AMCHA and seven other Zionist organizations of “egregious misuse of university and taxpayer funds” and “meetings with terrorists” after a 2014 academic trip to Jordan and Palestine

In 2016, she was targeted by the David Horowitz “Freedom Center,” which posted fliers on SFSU’s campus reading “Rabab Abdulhadi: A leader of the Hamas BDS Campaign, Collaborator with Terrorists, San Francisco State Profesor, #JewHatred.” Despite SFSU’s investigation finding that AMCHA’s claims had no merit, Professor Abdulhadi was then subjected to a lawsuit this year by the Lawfare Project–whose director has repeatedly denied the existence of Palestinians–and mega-firm Winston & Strawn LLP.

Sponsored by the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild Co-Sponsors: Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM), Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC), Anti Police-Terror Project (APTP), Alliance of South Asians Taking Action (ASATA), International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN)

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/122061071812251/

11.  Tuesday, 6:30pm – 7:30pm, Whistleblowers, Drone Warfare and Surveillance: A Graphic History

Inforum at the Commonwealth Club
110 Embarcadero

Tickets: $10 – $60


Want to get the full story on post-9/11 American electronic surveillance–in the form of a graphic novel? Follow journalist Pratap Chatterjee and illustrator Khalil Bendib through their new book Verax: The True History of Whistleblowers, Drone Warfare, and Mass Surveillance: A Graphic Novel, which blends Chatterjee’s sleuth journalism with Bendib’s comic illustrations for a uniquely visual perspective on a complex issue.

Chatterjee and Bendib explain the many ways that governments track individuals and countries, and highlights the complicity of tech giants like Apple Inc.Verizon and Google in these covert operations. They also share the stories of the journalists and whistleblowers like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, who blew the lid off of electronic surveillance operations and exposed them for all the world to see. Finally, Chatterjee and Bendib predict the future for electronic surveillance practices and those who choose to resist them – whose side are you on?

Pratap Chatterjee, Investigative Reporter focused on U.S. warfare and technology; Commentator for BBC NewsCNNFox News,MSNBC; Journalist, The New Republic, Financial Times, and The Guardian; Author, Verax: The True History of Whistleblowers, Drone Warfare, and Mass Surveillance: A Graphic Novel

Khalil Bendib, Co-Author; New York Times bestseller Zahra’s Paradise; Co-Host, Voices of the Middle East and North Africa; Former Political Cartoonist, San Bernardino County Sun; and Author of Verax: The True History of Whistleblowers, Drone Warfare, and Mass Surveillance: A Graphic Novel

Sponsors: Commonwealth Club of California and Inforum at the Commonwealth Club

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1723763431251658/

Wednesday, November 8 

12.  Wednesday, 8:00am – 12 Noon, Rally and Pack the Court: Round 3

630 Sansome St.

8:00am – Rally

9:00am – Court

On October 24, Floricel was scheduled to have a bond hearing, but her case was pushed until the last 5 minutes of the day and the judge did not have time to hear her testimony since the government opposed her request to be free. The choice to push the hearing all the way until the end of the day to dissuade the large crowd outside from staying did not work, and we hope that we can successfully pack the court and show Judge Burch and DHS attorney Jeannette Gonsalves the power and love of our community

Sponsor: Free Floricel

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/127335187983530/

13.  Wednesday, 1:00pm – 3:00pm, Support Academic Freedom and Professor Rabab Abdulhadi

Phillip Burton Federal Building
450 Golden Gate Ave.

1:00pm Rally

2:00pm Court

Bring your ID if you are going into the building


In June 2017, the pro-Israel group The Lawfare Project filed a lawsuit against San Francisco State University (SFSU) and Professor Rabab Abdulhadi falsely charging them with anti-semitism. On August 21, Dr. Abdulhadi filed a motion to dismiss this frivolous and specious lawsuit whose aim is to suppress and punish campus debate, scholarship and activism for Palestinian freedom. Dr. Abdulhadi maintains, “This will fail, because, as an educator, I have the right to seek truth and justice, and to study Palestine.”

On November 8, 2017, the Northern District of California Court will hear Dr. Abdulhadi’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

Sponsors: General Union of Palestine Students –SFSU, Legal Queer Insurrection, Jamal Dajani

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/165219754060669/ 

14.  Wednesday, 5:30pm – 6:30pm, PEACE VIGIL

One Post Street in San Francisco.
(on the steps facing Market Street, below Feinstein’s office,
directly above the Montgomery BART/Muni station).

Theme this week will center on KOREA

Fliers are provided. 

15.  Wednesday, 5:30pm One year since the election


Powell & Market St.

One year since the election. Take to the streets! Bring the noise!

Sponsor Refuse Fascism – Bay Area

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/130152454303756/permalink/136614153657586/ 

16.  Wednesday, 5:30pm – 6:30pm, Anti-Trump Candlelight Vigil in Noe Valley

Noe Valley Town Square

Bring a candle and join us to mark the one-year anniversary of the disastrous 2016 election. Join in solidarity with one another and to renew our commitment to reverse the impacts of Trumpism.

We have speakers confirmed from additional resist groups including: Stand Up SF, SwingLeft, Democracy Action, and Indivisible SF.

Host: Action SF

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/145298076216676/ 

17.  Wednesday, 6:00pm – 7:30pm, Free Screening: An Inconvenient Sequel – Truth to Power

SF Main Library, Koret Auditorium
100 Larkin St.


SF Green Film Festival and SF Department of the Environment for this special screening of An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.
A decade after An Inconvenient Truth (2006) brought climate change into the heart of popular culture comes the follow-up that shows just how close we are to a real energy revolution.

Former Vice President Al Gore continues his fight, traveling around the world to train an army of activists and influence international climate policy. Cameras follow him behind the scenes — in moments both private and public,  — as he pursues the inspirational idea that while the stakes have never been higher, the perils of climate change can be overcome with human ingenuity and passion.

Info: https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2017/10/10/18803538.php 

18.  Wednesday, 7:00pm – 8:00pm, Issue #23 Launch: Solving Homelessness

Green Arcade Books Ideas Goods
1680 Market St.

A humanitarian crisis has persisted on our streets for years and seems to have worsened as housing prices and rents have skyrocketed. Across the Bay Area, high-profile government and nonprofit initiatives have sought more effective ways of serving the homeless. But is it enough?

The fall 2017 edition of the San Francisco Public Press features “Solving Homelessness,” a special project investigating proposals that could help secure housing for large numbers of people who are living on the streets or in temporary shelters.

Come by, pick up a copy and join us for an enlightening conversation with our reporters about the stories in this project. We look forward to seeing you there!

Info / RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/167235863859819/

19.  Wednesday, 7:00pm – 8:30pm, Anti-Occupation Coalition Building with Achvat Amim 

Kehilla Community Synagogue, Fireside Room
1300 Grand Ave.

Suggested donation: $5-$20 (no one turned away for lack of funds!!)

IfNotNow and Kehilla’s Middle East Peace Committee are stoked for this conversation with Karen Isaacs and Daniel Roth about how they’re working to end the Occupation through education and coalition-building.

Karen Isaacs and Daniel Roth founded the program Solidarity of Nations – Achvat Amim to help young diaspora Jews engage with anti-Occupation work on the ground in Jerusalem. Dedicated to the principle of self-determination for all people — Achvat Amim offers young activists a way to find their place in the struggle for freedom and dignity for both Palestinians and Israelis.

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1971761666393537/

Thursday, November 9

20.  Thursday, 8:30am – 11:30am, Pack the Court: #/FreeNy Bond Hearing

630 Sansome St., 4th Floor – Courtroom 2

Bring valid federal ID.

Ny Nourn is a Cambodian refugee and domestic violence survivor who was imprisoned for 16 years in state prison for a murder her abuser committed. In addition to receive parole by the governor of California, she was recently granted relief by an immigration judge, but ICE still refuses to release her.

RSVP with Danny at dannyt@advancingjustice-alc.org

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1126198527483788/

21.  Thursday, 9:00am – 12Noon, Hunger Strike Support at BOS Public Protections Hearing

1221 Oak St.

9:00am Rally

The community will mobilize to support Prisoners United at a Public Protections Hearing in Oakland at 10am. There will be a rally outside the building at 9am to bring awareness to the cruel and unusual punishment and inhumane living conditions, due to arbitrary classification reviews and the torturous practice of solitary confinement.

Sponsor: Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/358573311234547/

22.  Thursday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, The Empty Plate: Fighting Hunger in the Age of Trump

Port Commission Hearing Room
2nd Floor – Ferry Building
Embarcadero & Market

The Empty Plate will discuss the state of food insecurity under the current administration and what individuals, activists, and communities are doing to address it. Expert panelists will share stories from the field in urban and rural California and will explore the potential impact of the Trump administration’s proposed SNAP cuts, watered-down school lunch standards, and anti-immigrant policies on community food security. The panelists will offer opportunities to be engaged in solutions alongside anti-hunger organizations, school districts, farmworker advocates, and local communities


Jessica Bartholow/Policy Advocate at the Western Center on Law & Poverty
Elizabeth Gomez/Associate Director of Client Services at the Alameda County Community Food Bank
Alexis Guild/Senior Health Policy Analyst at Farmworker Justice
Ricardo Salvador/Director and Senior Scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists
Moderator: Sam Fromartz/Editor-in-Chief of the Food & Environment Reporting Network

Following the panel, all attendees will enjoy a reception featuring refreshments from CUESA’s Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

Info: https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2017/10/12/18803579.php

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