UPDATES for TODAY – Thursday, 12/7 -1) Monthly Vigil for Luis; 2) SFPD Townhall RE Murder of Icky (from Adrienne Fong)

THANK YOU to all that showed up for the demonstration in support of Honduras yesterday there was mis-information given on the day. Please accept our apology. The demo will be on Sunday – The organizers will be posting info on Indybay. 

Announcements for the weekend will be out later today / night. – It will be the LAST announcements until after December 14th. Please post your events on Indybay!

A. Famed ‘Concussion’ pathologist alleges autopsy interference


“San Joaquin County’s chief medical examiner, known nationally as the doctor depicted in the movie “Concussion” about brain injuries among football players, resigned Tuesday over what he said was interference by the sheriff that has become so invasive that it borders on the unlicensed practice of medicine.
Dr. Bennet Omalu accused Sheriff-Coroner Steve Moore of routinely interfering with death investigations to protect law enforcement officers….”

Thursday, December 7

Thursday, 6:00pm – 7:00pm, 20 Months gone: Justice 4 Luis

Luis’s Altar
Shotwell & 19th’

December 7th marks 20 months since the brutal killing of Luis Gongora Pat by Sgt. Nate Steger and Ofc. Michael Mellone. There has been no justice for Luis and his family, nor more than a dozen people killed by SFPD police in the last 3 years and their families. Please join Jose Gongora Pat for a brief vigil on Shotwell and 19th.

We understand that there is a vigil organized for the latest victim (Keita ONeill) of SFPD at 6:00pm. We apologize in advance for the unfortunate overlap of grief. Jose Gongora can only visit the altar at this time, and Jose visits and recovers his brother’s altar every 7th without fail. He will be able to inform also about the families’ two international interventions with the UN Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and his cousin’s Luis’s Poot intervention with the Interamerican Human Rights Commission earlier that day.

Please accompany Jose if you can.

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/174081680000964/

Thursday, 6:00pm – 7:30pm, SFPD Townhall for their murder of Keita O’Neil

True Hope of God in Christ Church
950 Gilman Ave.

NOTE: The vigil that was originally planned for ICKY (Keita O’Neil) has been postponed due to the Townhall.

After much conflicting information from the SFPD – the day, time, and place was confirmed this morning for the townhall.

We were just informed that SFPD changed their townhall on the police killing of Keita O’Neill to 6:00 pm. (was formerly scheduled for 1 pm). Please join us at the townhall, instead of the vigil, to demand justice. Keita O’Neil was a young Black man who was shot and killed by #SFPD on December 1 after a police chase at Griffith St and Fitzgerald Ave.

We offer our deep sympathy to his family and loved ones.

Please check site of event for updates:

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1374348996021236/

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Counter Protest Against

 “March Against Sanctuary Cities”

Saturday, December 16, 2017

12Noon – 3:30pm

Meet at:

Union Square

333 Post St.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1726936090947525/?active_tab=about

We are organizing a counter protest with a march against the organizers and supporters of the “March Against Sanctuary Cities” that the Far-rights are having in San Francisco at Union Square at 1 o’clock.

We will organize to resist, stand up, and fight the system of racism that is currently happening since trump became the president. Racism has been around this world for hundreds of years and since trump became in office, the white supremacy, KKK, and the Far-rights think that they can come out and just show all this hatred and racism in the Bay Area, but we are not going to let that happen anymore as we are prepared to fight back this system by any means necessary until they fix this broken system.

I invited all groups that are down for the cause to join us on the 16th of December in San Francisco Union Square at noon to fight against hatred and racism. 

If you would like to endorse the action, help organize, or volunteer your time, please consider filling out this short Google form and we will get back to you as soon as we get your response. 

Link herehttps://goo.gl/forms/tMrUDkJDXfVtY1cW2 


12PM- Gather at Union Square in San Francisco
12:15 PM- Host Press Conference
12:30 PM- Speakers from each event endorsement speak
1PM- Start the March: (Route might change)
– Union Square SF
– Castro District
– Mission District
– Civic Center Plaza
3PM- Get to Civic Center Plaza
3:10- Speakers/ Closing of the event

For any questions, comments, concerns, endorsements,or volunteer opportunities please contact.

Michael James Chapman Jr

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