2 CANCELLED EVENTS + 1 ACTION for TODAY (Wednesday 4/11) from Adrienne Fong



 Wednesday, 12Noon – 2:00pm, Pack the Court to #FreeKevin Part 2 CANCELLED 

630 Sansome St.

Thank you for your continued support and remaining engaged for DACA recipient, Kevin Rubio, during his unjust detention. We would like to share with you all that Kevin was released to Shasta County and that the immigration judge has administratively closed his case so there will be no immigration hearing

Kevin’s release could not have been possible without the support of the community. Please stay tuned as we prepare for Kevin’s celebratory press conference in the upcoming weeks!

The ILM Public Campaign Team

A day after AG Jeff Sessions announced his lawsuit threatening California, Kevin, another DACA recipient in California, continues to be unjustly detained by ICE. Today, IJ Park denied Kevin’s bond, finding him to be a danger to the community despite Kevin having no criminal convictions and despite large community presence during Kevin’s bond hearing. The denial of Kevin’s bond is an example of how the current administration is targeting even the most exemplary community leaders. Kevin’s excellent academic record and his involvement as a teacher for his youth ministry were not enough proof to Judge Park, so now the community is ready to continue standing alongside Kevin to fight for his liberation!

Kevin’s legal team filed an appeal challenging his bond denial and the legality of his ongoing detention. Kevin will also seek to terminate proceedings based on his DACA protections remaining current. Finally, Kevin will seek to terminate proceedings based on the fact that his arrest by ICE violated his constitutional rights when ICE unlawfully searched his father’s cellphone to get to Kevin and pretended to be highway patrol, thus arresting him under false pretenses.

Host: Immigrant Liberation Movement

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/570771093284982/ 


Saturday, 6:00pm – 7:30pm, Emergency Protest: Secretary of War James “Mad Dog” Mattis Speaking in SF CANCELLED 

Gather at

Powell & Market St.

Event with Secretary of Defense James Mattis is CANCELLED – as the Trump regime prepares to escalate war in Syria!

U.S. troops are fighting in seven countries and deployed in more than 100. The already huge military budget is being vastly expanded, with trillions of dollars projected to be spent on newer, more “usable” nuclear weapons.

ACTION FOR TODAY! Wednesday, April 11th 

 Please join us today as we make the rounds among the SF supervisors urging them to ensure a just police contract.

When: TODAY, 4/11, 1:30pm

Where: City Hall, North Light Court (inside)

1 Dr. Carleton B. Goodlett Pl

After a short prep meeting, we’ll head up to the supervisors’ offices.

Also, please email and call your supervisor, especially if you can’t attend. You are welcome to use this script:

My name is _____, and I live in District _____. I strongly urge you to support the demands of the #NoJusticeNoDeal Coalition, as you continue contract negotations with the POA. Please insist that the POA stop blocking necessary police reform in San Francisco. This is a moral imperative, and we are fighting for the lives of all who live in the city. No Justice, No Deal!


Finally, thought I’d pass along this letter sent to the supes by HOMEY. This may help you in drafting your own organization’s letter to them. Hats off to HOMEY’s Roberto Alfaro!

Dear Honorable Supervisors:

HOMEY  is a 20-year old non-profit in the Mission District that serves 300 participants a year. Many of our participants live high-risk lifestyles, are in the criminal justice system, or are youth and young adults who need social service support at  HOMEY.

I am writing to urge your to support the  demands  of the #NoJusticeNoDeal Coalition. In San Francisco’s upcoming contract negotiations with the Police Officers Association (POA), please insist the POA stop blocking necessary police reform in San Francisco. This issue impacts our community deeply and we are urging you to support the demands of our large coalition of 38 community-based organizations and over 1,000 petitioners on this matter.

We are seeking  real and meaningful  reform inside the San Francisco Police Department that will have lasting and positive impact on public safety and demand that reform happen within the  SFPD immediately. We understand that change is not easy, but we have continued to make the necessary changes to prevent incidents like the one that happened to  Jesus Delgado  and many others.  Please, we urge you to support our demands!

No Justice! No Deal!

No Justice! No Deal Petition

No Justice! No Deal! 

*  SF Examiner, 2/9/18

*  Mission Local, 3/22/18

*  48 Hills, 4/5/18

Thank you,

Roberto Eligio Alfaro, Executive Director


Fr. Richard Smith, Ph.D.
Special Project Organizer
Faith in Action Bay Area


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