Berkeley Occupation Update

From an email I just sent to our supporters, and the city. Call this the official announcement. Enough is enough! No more games!

There are two people I am aware of who are in danger of dying on the streets. Clark Sullivan is the second one. He will be out of the nursing home on the 17th.

I cannot speak for Ani, but I do know all about Clark’s situation. He started Snubbed by the HUB with us. That was 1 1/2 years ago. The HUB has done nothing. Ani has been on our radar for almost as long. She has said the HUB has spoken to her.

As of today, we have helped 56 into housing, while the HUB has housed two of us. Me and Mike Lee. The perceived leaders.

What is going on? Why is Ani still homeless?

On the 17th, we are preparing to start protesting again. I will be occupying again. I will be leading the occupiers in a new series of direct, targeted actions against the city. I feel the city no longer considers us a threat.

I have spent the last year waiting patiently, and being diplomatic. I have acted as the system expects the people to act, instead of acting as the protester that created change.

It is again time to stop playing their game, and start playing our own.

Those interested in participating, please contact me. There will be no announcement of targets until you see us there.

–Mike Zint

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