SFPD moved in on ICE Protesters shortly after midnight

By Bob of Occupy

July 9, 2018

It’s two o”oclock. SFPD moved in and blocked off all access to ICE Occupied encampment shortly after midnight.

I was standing on the sidewalk outside on Sansome Street when they arrived. Cops rushed forward and one told me to move, and as I was moving he knocked me down with his stick. When I started to get up, he knocked me down again. No injuries, but so unnecessary on his part to say the least.

Occupiers were surrounded, shouts of arrest rang out, and then after a short while silence. Could not see what was happening inside, nor the Lawyers Guild representative I was with the same, as well as a masked person named Banshee. Every now and again the Occupiers started chanting. Left because there was nothing I could do nor see.

There was a cameraman there who, as I was leaving, I asked who he represented. He responded Everyone.

I would have hope more of the community had come out, and at least stood outside and showed a presence of non-acceptance of inhuman immigration actions and, of course, once again on our streets, police state tactics.

–Bob of Occupy

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