Tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 13th, 7:00am – Mass Action: Stand with Communities, Not Corporations! (from Adrienne Fong)

THANK YOU to ALL who were part of the 30,000+ who marched on Saturday  and to ALL who participated in the street mural paintings at the Civic Center. Appreciation to all who came out to Monday’s demonstration. The march and murals are not the end of what is going on this week.

Reminder of tomorrow’s (Thursday) action that will be led by Indigenous Peoples and Communities most impacted by climate change:

Mass Action:

 Stand With Communities, Not Corporations! 

March and Mass Action at Global Climate Action Summit

Thursday, September 13, 2018

7:00am – 12 Noon 

Meet at:

Jessie Square

736 Mission St.   

San Francisco

Info / RSVP:

This week, Governor Brown is convening the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) in SF to promote his “real climate leadership” credentials on a global stage. But Jerry Brown’s promotion of continued fossil fuel production, carbon trading markets and other incentives to oil, gas and other polluting corporations, perpetuates climate change and decimates Indigenous communities and Native nations, communities of color and other working class peoples throughout California and around the world

People of the world are being led astray by polluting industries and elected officials promoting climate capitalist systems like carbon trading and carbon tax shell games. These systems do nothing to stop the fossil fuel industry from continuing to cause climate disruption. They allow the fossil fuel industry to continue to harm Indigenous people and communities around the world from extraction to transport to refining.

Such perverse subsidies for “climate capitalism” will turn frontline communities into sacrifice zones for decades to come. Despite Brown’s efforts to show he is different from Trump and the forces of climate denial, his “climate leadership” promotes a similar corporate agenda – aimed at expanding the dig, burn, drive, dump industries, and the banks and tanks economy destroying our communities and the air, land and water we depend on.

All are welcome to stand in solidarity with frontline communities protecting Mother Earth, and cultivating real solutions to the twin crisis of climate change and capitalism. Join  us to demand that elected leaders stand with our communities on the streets, and not the climate profiteers gathered inside. 

All are welcome to participate in the civil disobedience action or to come to support the action against Jerry Brown and corporate solutions

Photos by Peg Hunter 

Monday, September 10, 2018

RISE Against Climate Capitalism

For a Safe & Sustainable Future

Mass action at the Governor’s Task Force on Climate and Forests meeting




Sponsors: It Takes Roots, Indigenous Rising Media, Idle No More SF Bay, Indigenous at RISE Days of Action, Diablo Rising Tide, Indigenous Rising Network, Ruckus Society

For other events this week:

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