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A. Tensions over Mission District gentrification flare at hearing on 16th Street project – February 7, 2019

B. Haiti: Thousands in Haiti demand resignation of Moise – February 7, 2019

C. An Arizona City Warns It Will Sue If Razor Wire Isn’t Removed From Its Border Fence – February 7, 2019

D. HHS official says agency would never have supported family separation tactics – February 7, 2019

E. NBC’s Jawdropping McCarthyite Smear of Tulsi Gabbard


Tell Congress to END U.S. Support for War in Yemen NOW!


Congress could vote on this as early as next week.

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Event changed from Saturday  to Sunday:

Sunday, February 10, 1:00pm, U.S. Hands Off Venezuela Rally

Lake Merritt Columns

599 Embarcadero


Rally to demand U.S. Hands Off Venezuela in support of the elected Maduro Bolivarian government at The Lake Merritt Columns/Pergola/ThePillars, 599 El Embarcadero, Oakland
We demand:
No U.S. Coup!
– No troops
– No sanctions
– Return Venezuelan money to the legitimate Maduro government
– No proxy interventions (i.e. through Colombia or Brazil)
Recognize the elected Maduro Bolivarian government 
No recognition of the self-imposed, rogue Guaidò “government”.
Initiated by:
We Are All Venezuela

Sponsors: We Are All Venezuelans + 3 Other groups


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Monday, February 11 & Tuesday, February 12

Monday, February 11

1.  Monday, 11:00am. Habeas Hearing + Pack the Court for Joaquin

450 Golden Gate Ave.


11:00am – Press Conference

12 Noon – Hearing

Please join us to accompany Joaquin and his family for a press conference and a hearing in federal court

Joaquin’s legal team has filed a habeas petition asking a federal judge to issue an injunction prohibiting ICE from re-detaining Joaquin. A temporary injunction is currently in place until February 12. At the hearing, the judge will determine whether to extend the injunction or rescind it and permit ICE to incarcerate Joaquin, separating him from his U.S. citizen family. We hope to pack the court to envelop Joaquin and his family with support!

Brief Hx:

Joaquin arrived in the United States when he was about 10 years old, when he was brought from Mexico to Los Banos, CA. He became a lawful permanent resident (“LPR”) and enlisted in the U.S. Navy. He served the United States on board the USS Tarawa and was deployed to Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He received several medals, including the Navy Unit Commendation Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, and Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, among others. He believed when he enlisted that service in the military would provide automatic citizenship. In fact, he may have been told by military officials that he was already a U.S. Citizen.

Since being released, Joaquin has focused full time on his rehabilitation. He completed a 6-month in-patient rehabilitation program, continues to attend domestic violence offender classes, and regularly meets with mental health professionals at the VA. His VA social worker has written that he is “among the most remarkable veterans I have worked with, and his resilience, perseverance, and hard work have resulted in him meeting and exceeding his many goals.” Joaquin has also advocating for other immigrants in similar situations as his, speaking in congregations and speaking to public officials.

Follow the Central Valley’s support for Joaquin and his family below:
Tuesday, February 12, 2019, at 9AM-
Accompany Joaquin at his ICE check-in at ICE Fresno Sub Office:
2440 Tulare Street
Fresno, CA 93721
Visit the FB page for more information:

Sponsors: Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity & Pangea Legal Services


2.  Monday, 12Noon – 1:00pm, Living Graveyard

Oakland Federal Building
1301 Clay Street (nr. 12th St. BART)

Covered with sheets to represent the dead of the war of occupation on Iraq, people lie down on the city sidewalk in front of the Federal Building, This is legal, non-violent witness Please bring a white sheet to cover yourself with.  A pad to lie on is recommended.

Iraqi Deaths 3,102,080

U.S. Deaths 4,566  Coalition 4,889

Syrian Deaths, unknown  • Afghan Deaths 30,000 + 

Pakistani Deaths over 1,000 from drone attacks  

Palestinian Deaths Thousands

U.S. Deaths in Afghanistan  2,419

Coalition Deaths in Afghanistan  3,56`

Itching for a fight with Iran

In his State of the Union speech Trump said, “18 years ago, violent terrorists attacked the USS Cole.  .  .  .  My administration has acted decisively to confront the world’s leading state sponsor of terror, the radical regime in Iran.  .  . .  They do bad, bad things. To ensure this corrupt dictatorship never acquires nuclear weapons, I withdrew the United States from the disastrous Iran nuclear deal.”

From NPR’s fact check: “While the U.S. has pulled out. . . some European countries, Russia & China are working to save it. Iran has complied with the 2015 deal, which requires limits and inspections of its nuclear facilities in return for relief from economic sanctions.

“U.S. officials acknowledge Iran’s compliance but say the deal should require broad changes in Iran’s behavior in the Middle East and on human rights. . . Trump says he will force Iran to renegotiate a new deal.”

Iran did not attack the Cole

It is quite clear from CNN’s report and the Britannica online encyclopedia that the Cole was attacked by “Muslim militants associated with the organization al-Qaeda.”

It is evident that Trump is using the historic Cole attack to drum up hostilities against Iran, which is actually at odds with al-Qaeda.

Info: Ecumenical Peace Institute,,

3.  Monday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm, SF Speak Out @ Japan Consulate to Stop Re-starting of Japananese Nuke Plants

San Francisco Japanese Consulate

275 Battery St. (nr. California)


Join No Nukes Action when we have our monthly action at the San Francisco Japanese Consulate to opposed the restarting of Japan’s nuclear plants. The Abe government has claimed that it has “decontaminated” Fukushima and is coercing the refugees and their children and families to return to the area or lose their housing subsidies. The facts are that the melted nuclear rods are still highly dangerous and hot requiring thousands of tons of water. The government wants to release this radioactive water which is in hundreds of tanks surround the plants into the Pacifica ocean despite the opposition of fisherman and the community.

In order to get the 2020 Olympics the Abe government claimed that Fukushima problem had been solved and that it was “decontaminated”. This is was an overt brazen lie and falsification of the real situation and show the real political charter of the Abe government. 
At the same time, there is an increase in the amount of cesium in the waters around Fukushima nearly eight years after the explosion of the nuclear plants and contamination of Fukushima, Japan and the world.

The Abe government is also pushing for militarization and removal of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution that prevents military interventions outside Japan. They are also pushing for a new US military base in Okinawa despite the opposition of the mass of Okinawan people and the governor. This base would also have US nuclear ships and weapons which is presently against the US Japan Security Agreement. The US has already violated this agreement many times and used Okinawa as a base for illegal wars around the world.


4.  Monday, 5:00pm – 6:00pm, Rally prior to Taser Forum: Demand Truth and Transparency of DA, Sheriff (See item # 5)

400 County Center

Rally in Courtyard

Redwood City

Rally prior to San Mateo County Taser Forum to demand Truth and Transparency in San Mateo County from all elected officials: SMC Board of Supervisors, District Attorney, Sheriff and Coroner

Tasers used by law enforcement have resulted in the recent deaths of 3 people in San Mateo County: Chinedu Okobi – Oct 3, 2018, Warren Ragudo – Jan 16, 2018, and Ramsey Saad – August 13, 2018. 

#Justice4Chinedu, the Raging Grannies Action League, and members of the faith community call on District Attorney Wagstaffe to immediately release all the videos and 911 Call logs for Oct 3, 2018 in the matter of the murder of Chinedu Valentine Okobi, on Oct 3, 2018 in Millbrae, CA by five (5) SMC Sheriff Deputies. 

#Justice4Chinedu explains: “It has been over 120 days since the murder of Chinedu Valentine Okobi at the hands of San Mateo County Sheriff’s officers.”


5.  Monday, 5:00pm, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Taser Study Session (See item # 4)

400 County Center – First Floor

Redwood City

Must go through building security

Long overdue, the SMC Supes have decided to have a COMMUNITY Study Session on the use of Tasers, by county Law enforcement. In 2018 Law enforcement tased 3 persons to death. Public Comment is part of this session, and we need all people to come and speak up about use of the murdering weapons which are used as an extension of excessive force by law enforcement.

Justice4Chinedu, and members of the community at large, have been speaking out at BoS meetings since his death on 3 Oct 2018, requesting the immediate release of video and 911 call logs for this date. The Board of Supes have done nothing, in spite of unrelenting public comment, and contact from constituents, and on 4 Dec 2018, they approved a $4M contract with Axon, the taser manufacturer without an RFP. This was in the afternoon, the same day, after >90 mins of public commentary in the morning.

Come let our Supervisors, DA & Sheriff know what we think of their underhanded tactics, and egregious duplicity in this matter, and for those who have no voice!

Study Session on Tasers Speakers: 
* John C. Beiers, San Mateo County Counsel
* David A. Silberman, Chief Deputy County Counsel 
* Sheriff Carlos Bolanos 
* Undersheriff Mark Robbins 
* Detective Michael Tabak Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PERT) 
* Michael Brave, Axon Director, CEW Legal 
* Amy Nguyen, Axon Litigation Counsel & CEW Legal Advisor 
* Alan Schlosser, Senior Counsel, American Civil Liberties Union 
* Julie Traun, Bar Association of San Francisco 
* Zian H. Tseng, M.D., M.A.S., UCSF

If you wish to speak to the Board during the meeting, please fill out a green speaker’s slip as you enter the Board Chambers.

If you wish to provide a written comment during the meeting in lieu of speaking, please submit a pink written comment slip, which will be distributed to the Board and included in the official record.

If you wish to submit your written comment in advance of the meeting, please email it to:

Sponsor: Justice For Chinedu

Info:  &

6.  Monday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, What Is The Untold Story of the Buffalo Soldier

Bandung Books

2277 International Blvd.


F R E E Food + L I V E Performances
L I M I T E D Capacity

Join us for a community forum, in commemoration of Philippine Solidarity Week and Black History Month. As we uplift the African-American Buffalo Soldiers’ acts of solidarity, fighting alongside Filipino Revolutionaries during the Philippine-American War, we look to the past for lessons to guide our future.

120 years after the war — one in which over 1 million Filipinos died in just 3 years — U.S. intervention in the archipelago continues; in fact, it never ended. 

However, the National Democratic movement is reaching even greater mass support, as the U.S.-DuterTrump regime creates worsening conditions for the broad masses of urban poor, workers, women, indigenous peoples, and others.

While the origin of the name “Buffalo Soldier” is debatable and controversial, and the soldiers’ role in the American Indian Wars is heartbreaking, one thing is for certain: African-American persons of conscience made a bold and dangerous choice after witnessing the plight of Filipinos during the Philippine American War. It is their brave acts of solidarity that we uplift on this 120th Anniversary of the fight against U.S. imperialism in the Philippine islands.

Sponsor: Anakbayan East Bay


Tuesday, February 12

7.  Tuesday, 6:00pm – 7:30pm, Medicare for All Barnstorm

The Women’s Building

3543 18th St.


Demand that Congress pass Medicare for All (M4A)! Come to the SF M4A barnstorm, a mass organizing rally. Activists across the country will be hosting M4A barnstorms in February after a real single-payer bill is introduced in the house. This is part of a national grassroots pressure campaign – see the map – to bring a real M4A bill to a vote.

Sponsor: DSA


8.  Tuesday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, Do No Harm Coalition 2019 Kick-Off

UCSF Library CL213 / 214 – Lower level


Accessibility: Free Event! UCSF Library is Wheelchair Accessible so you can take an elevator down to the lower level.

 We are able to interpret in Spanish, please contact the us if you would like other forms of interpretation and we will try to accommodate.

All are welcomed

Come celebrate Do No Harm in their 2019 Kick-Off – we’ll be having speakers Rupa Marya and Maria Cristina Gutierrez speak on their work with the Frisco5 Hunger Strike, Mothers on the March, and the Justice Study as well as connecting with local community organizations around housing, gentrification, policing, and immigration.

Rupa Marya, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine at UCSF, Faculty Director of the Do No Harm Coalition and a leading figure at the intersection of medicine and social justice, investigates the health effects of police violence on communities through The Justice Study and is helping set up the Mni Wiconi free community clinic under Lakota leadership at Standing Rock. She is also the leader of the internationally touring band Rupa and the April Fishes.

Maria Cristina Gutierrez, Frisco5 Hunger Striker, Mothers on the March Leaders, and Organizer with the Black and Brown Club of SF. She has been living and organizing in San Francisco’s Mission District the past 35 years.


9. Tuesday, 7:00pm – 9:00pm, Resisting the Coup in Venezuela: Emergency Teach-In

The Eric Quezada Center for Culture & Politics

518 Valencia St.


Wheelchair accessible

This event will be recorded and available for viewing remotely.
” To request language interpretation, CART transcription, or other access needs, please contact

Join Center for Political Education for a discussion about the US-backed coup attempt in Venezuela, the history of intervention in the region, and discussion about what groups in the Bay Area can do to respond to this crisis.

On January 23rd, Juan Guaidó, the relatively unknown head of Venezuela’s National Assembly from the right-wing Popular Will party, declared himself acting president and rejected President Nicolas Maduro’s swearing-in to a second term. President Trump and a coalition of regional allies in Latin America, anchored by right-wing governments in Brazil and Colombia, immediately recognized Guaidó as the country’s new president. It is now apparent that Guaidó had been plotting this take-over with forces in the US,, Colombia and Brazil. The US government has announced billions of dollars in new sanctions against the country’s state-owned oil company PDVSA aimed at crippling Venezuela’s economy, while cynically offering to provide humanitarian aid, and has appointed notorious cold warrior Elliott Abrams as the US special envoy responsible for “restoring democracy in Venezuela”.

Venezuela is undoubtedly experiencing an unprecedented political and economic crisis. The response from much of the Left within the United States has largely been one of confusion and silence.

conversation will be led by: 
” Carolina Morales, queer Venezuelan organizer 
” Roberto Lovato, a writer and journalist based at the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto.


10. Tuesday, 7:00pm – 9:00pm, White Supremacy and Capitalism: Why you can’t abolish one without overthrowing the other – Screening

Revolution Books – Berkeley

2444 Durant Ave.


Discussion & video clips from the filmed speech by Bob Avakian, “WHY WE NEED AN ACTUAL REVOLUTION AND HOW WE CAN REALLY MAKE REVOLUTION.” 
Watch the trailer here:


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