Clarification for location for Sunday’s demo + 2 articles on Tasers and Reminder for Monday (from Adrienne Fong)

Clarification / Correction of location:

Sunday, February 10, 1:00pm, U.S. Hands Off Venezuela Rally

Lake Merritt Columns

599 El Embarcadero


 The correct street is El Embarcadero, which is only one block long and runs between Grand Ave and Lakeshore Ave at the north end of Lake Merritt. People are confused with the other street, Embarcadero, which runs east along the Oakland estuary from Jack London Square. They are two different streets.”

Thanks to Mike W. for pointing out the error.

Rally to demand U.S. Hands Off Venezuela in support of the elected Maduro Bolivarian government at The Lake Merritt Columns/Pergola/ThePillars, 599 El Embarcadero, Oakland
We demand:
No U.S. Coup!
– No troops
– No sanctions
– Return Venezuelan money to the legitimate Maduro government
– No proxy interventions (i.e. through Colombia or Brazil)

Recognize the elected Maduro Bolivarian government 
No recognition of the self-imposed, rogue Guaidò “government”.
Initiated by:
We Are All Venezuela

Sponsors: We Are All Venezuelans + 3 Other groups


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First item was posted yesterday and I’m told it will be aired on Monday 2/11 – the video is hard to watch but you might want to view it before Monday. If you can’t make it to Monday’s “San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Taser Study Session” I hope that you will consider emailing them a comment:

Second item is from the SF Chronicle.

UPDATE: On Monday, February 11, ABC News 15 at 10 PM will have experts around the country speak on the incident of the man being tazed 11 times. The screams of the victim’s sons watching their father be tazed are heart-wrenching. The violent behavior of law enforcement will now be memorialized, as have scores of others since 2014.

1. Abuse of Force: Body camera video shows man tased 11 times by Glendale officers – February 8, 2019

2. San Mateo County to review Tasers after 3 unarmed men die in stun-gun incidents – February 7, 2019

Reminder for Monday

Notice on item # 5 the list of scheduled speakers for the study session on tasers!

Monday, February 11

4.  Monday, 5:00pm – 6:00pm, Rally prior to Taser Forum: Demand Truth and Transparency of DA, Sheriff (See item # 5)

400 County Center

Rally in Courtyard

Redwood City

Rally prior to San Mateo County Taser Forum to demand Truth and Transparency in San Mateo County from all elected officials: SMC Board of Supervisors, District Attorney, Sheriff and Coroner

Tasers used by law enforcement have resulted in the recent deaths of 3 people in San Mateo County: Chinedu Okobi – Oct 3, 2018, Warren Ragudo – Jan 16, 2018, and Ramsey Saad – August 13, 2018. 

#Justice4Chinedu, the Raging Grannies Action League, and members of the faith community call on District Attorney Wagstaffe to immediately release all the videos and 911 Call logs for Oct 3, 2018 in the matter of the murder of Chinedu Valentine Okobi, on Oct 3, 2018 in Millbrae, CA by five (5) SMC Sheriff Deputies. 

#Justice4Chinedu explains: “It has been over 120 days since the murder of Chinedu Valentine Okobi at the hands of San Mateo County Sheriff’s officers.”


5.  Monday, 5:00pm, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Taser Study Session (See item # 4)

400 County Center – First Floor

Redwood City

Must go through building security

Long overdue, the SMC Supes have decided to have a COMMUNITY Study Session on the use of Tasers, by county Law enforcement. In 2018 Law enforcement tased 3 persons to death. Public Comment is part of this session, and we need all people to come and speak up about use of the murdering weapons which are used as an extension of excessive force by law enforcement.

Justice4Chinedu, and members of the community at large, have been speaking out at BoS meetings since his death on 3 Oct 2018, requesting the immediate release of video and 911 call logs for this date. The Board of Supes have done nothing, in spite of unrelenting public comment, and contact from constituents, and on 4 Dec 2018, they approved a $4M contract with Axon, the taser manufacturer without an RFP. This was in the afternoon, the same day, after >90 mins of public commentary in the morning.

Come let our Supervisors, DA & Sheriff know what we think of their underhanded tactics, and egregious duplicity in this matter, and for those who have no voice!

Study Session on Tasers Speakers:

* John C. Beiers, San Mateo County Counsel
* David A. Silberman, Chief Deputy County Counsel 
* Sheriff Carlos Bolanos 
* Undersheriff Mark Robbins 
* Detective Michael Tabak Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PERT) 
* Michael Brave, Axon Director, CEW Legal 
* Amy Nguyen, Axon Litigation Counsel & CEW Legal Advisor 
* Alan Schlosser, Senior Counsel, American Civil Liberties Union 
* Julie Traun, Bar Association of San Francisco 
* Zian H. Tseng, M.D., M.A.S., UCSF

If you wish to speak to the Board during the meeting, please fill out a green speaker’s slip as you enter the Board Chambers.

If you wish to provide a written comment during the meeting in lieu of speaking, please submit a pink written comment slip, which will be distributed to the Board and included in the official record.

If you wish to submit your written comment in advance of the meeting, please email it to:

Sponsor: Justice For Chinedu

Info:  &

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