Chile: Around one million protesters flood the streets of Santiago

Ruptly An estimated one million protesters flooded the streets of Santiago streets in what is thought to be one of the biggest protests in Chile’s history as protesters’ frustration with the country’s government grows. The protesters, occupying the capital’s wide avenues, congregated in Santiago’s central square as more demonstrations happened all over the country. Riot police were deployed and tried to disperse the mass with water cannons and tear gas. Hundreds of protesters later clashed with police as the march turned violent. Over the past week of protests at least 19 people were reportedly killed and the government declared a state of emergency putting in place a curfew in the hope to tame demonstrations. The current wave of demonstrations, which is considered to be the worst in decades, was sparked by a now-suspended metro fare hike. The demonstrations have since evolved into a movement with wider grievances aimed at addressing the rising cost of living, pension reform and police conduct during demonstrations as well as demanding the resignation of President Sebastian Pinera. Video ID: 20191026-010 Video on Demand: Contact:

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