This is where our country is headed

This mass surveillance and control of the population is assured here in the US because most citizens prefer convenience and security over freedom and government Of The People. If it’s easier to buy a hamburger with facial recognition, without giving it a thought as to the consequences of that submission, they will leap wholeheartedly. Their limited critical thinking capacities will only see the immediate gratification choice and run with that.

Imagine, as it is in China now, you use a public toilet. When you enter you are issued an 18 inch roll of toilet paper through facial recognition. That’s it. You can get more if you wait nine minutes. If you attempt to get more in less than nine minutes, the toilet paper dispenser will notify you that you are being denied.

This technology, now a part of China’s landscape, is the future for us. They already have millions of cameras in place and adding more.

Think of the US with 5G technology.

Throw away your wallets and purses. Reach out and embrace your own servitude to the State.

–Bob of Occupy

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