Articles ~ Actions ~ Events for Wed., Jan. 8 – Sun. Jan. 12 (from Adrienne Fong)

Articles ~ Actions ~ Events for Wed., Jan. 8 – Sun. Jan. 12th

Am not back posting on a regular basis but these are emergent times.

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A. Iran Strikes US Forces in Ain al-Assad and Erbil Base in Iraq – January 7, 2020

B. ‘We’re going to war, bro’: Fort Bragg’s 82nd Airborne deploys to the Middle East– January 7, 2020|3

C. The USA is now at war, de-facto and de-jure, with BOTH Iraq and Iran – January 5, 2020

See events for actions around War with Iran

   # 1, # 8, # 13

D. Border stops for people of Iranian descent spark outrage  – January 5, 2020

E. Iran abandons nuclear deal over US killing general – January 5, 2020

F. Lawsuit: Civil Rights Lawyer Feared for His Life as Oakland Officers Held Him at Gunpoint During ‘Potentially Deadly’ Traffic Stop – Dec. 31, 2019

   This happened to Atty. Adante Pointer – who has represented many families who have lost loved ones to police brutality.


1. Tell Congress: Stop Trump’s Path to War


2. Free Chelsea Manning Now



Wednesday, Jan. 8 – Sunday, Jan. 12

Wednesday, January 8

1. Wednesday, 5:00pm – 7:00pm, Emergency Protest! No New War With Iran!

Powell & Market Sts.


The Trump regime has brought the world to the brink of a catastrophic new war in the Middle East, by ordering the assassination of one of Iran’s top leaders, Gen. Qassem Soleimani. Millions of people from all walks of life join the huge funeral processions in Iraq as well as Iran, demanding justice. Trump and his war monger advisors knew that the leadership in Iran would have no alternative but to respond to the extreme provocation, opening the way for a massive new U.S. military assault on that country.

It is Trump and his administration which bear the full responsibility for the threat of a new and devastating war. Prior to the assassination of Soleimani, Trump illegally broke the JCPOA, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, also known as the Iran nuclear deal. The administration imposed harsh sanctions on Iran – really an act of war – seeking to strangle the economy and cause maximum suffering for the more than 80 million Iranian people.

All people who stand for peace with justice must now act to stop a new, all-out war.



2. Wednesday, 6:30pm, Food Not Bombs Food Sharing

16th & Mission
BART Plaza

We are resuming weekly sharings on Wednesdays at the 16th/Mission BART Plaza

We will prepare and cook at St. John The Evangelist Church, 1661 15th Street (at Julian) beginning at

   4:00 PM every Wednesday, except for the 4th Wednesday of the month

We will continue preparing and cooking at Station 40, 3030B 16th Street (between Mission and Julian) beginning at

   3:00 PM on the 4th Wednesday of the month

We always need volunteers.  


3. Wednesday 7:00pm – 8:30pm, Organizing Meetings for 6th Annual MLK Day Weekend

Omni Commons
4799 Shattuck Ave.

Join us in planning, organizing and building for the 6th Annual MLK Day Weekend, including the Monday, 1/20, Rally and March. Come to two remaining planning meetings on Wednesday, 1/8 at Omni Ballroom, and Wednesday, 1/15 at Eastside Arts Alliance, both at 7pm.

We’re joining with many organizations to lift up the radical legacy of Martin Luther King all weekend long. We invite people and organizations to plan events all weekend, culminating in our 6th Annual Rally and March on Monday, 1/20, at noon at Oscar Grant Plaza, 14th and Broadway.

We want to lift up the struggles against ICE and Concentration Camps, for Housing for all, against school closures and cops in the schools. We will continue to support the families and community against police violence. We support movements for land and growing our own food. And we fully support the Oakland Climate Strike and Resilient Village organized by Youth Vs. Apocalypse and Mycelium Youth Network:

Host: APTP


4. Wednesday, 7:00pm – 9:00pm, U.S. assassination of Iranian leader & danger of war

Revolution Books – Berkeley
2444 Durant Ave.

Come, discuss and act. This is a moment when what people do can change the course of history. Be part of this.

U.S. Carries Out Assassination of Iranian Leader and Escalates Conflict

Oppose U.S. Imperialist Aggression-Trump/Pence Out Now!
* What’s Behind the US-Provoked Escalation in the Middle East
* Why We Must Oppose Any and All Acts of U.S. Aggression
* How Can We Mobilize People to Get Out in the Streets to Oppose a US War on Iran?
* How a World Without Imperialism Would Be Radically Different and Far Better

At 10 p.m. Thursday night U.S. Eastern Standard Time, the Pentagon stated that Donald Trump ordered the assassination of the major Iranian figure Major General Qassim Soleimani. Soleimani was the commander of the Quds Force, an Iranian government force that commands militias in different countries of the region. He was widely thought to be the second or third most important leader in Iran. The assassination of a figure of such prominence is objectively an act of war.

To be clear: Soleimani was a longtime butcher for the reactionary Iranian regime. But the butchery carried out by America in that region alone is 1,000 times greater than anything the likes of Soleimani could dream of, and the U.S. has absolutely no right to be carrying out assassinations and threatening further escalations. In fact, the U.S. has no right to be in that region, period.

Hosts: Revolution Books & Refuse Facism – Bay Area


Thursday, January 9

5. Thursday, 9:00am – 12Noon, Court Support for Kayla Moore Family

US Court of Appeals for  Ninth Circuit
95 7th St. (@ Mission St.)

9am Rally

What to bring: ID
What not to bring: Don’t bring anything you aren’t supposed to bring on an airplane (substances, sharp objects, etc.)

The Moore family’s 9th circuit appeal in their case against the City of Berkeley and the cops who killed Kayla has been scheduled for oral arguments to be heard on January 9, 2020.


On February 12, 2013, Kayla Moore was in her apartment with her caretaker when BPD officers knocked on her door to do a “wellness check” because a friend had called police saying that he was concerned about her behavior. Within minutes, Kayla was face down and suffocating under a pile of six officers. Kayla died just after midnight. In the six years since she was killed, no officer has been disciplined and no policy has been changed. There is no reason to believe that this will be the last time that a person with a mental health disability suffers from inappropriate and disproportionate Berkeley police response.

After Judge Breyer’s decision in March 2018 to throw out the entire case without letting the evidence go before a jury, the family decided to appeal. It is their belief, and ours, that the overwhelming amount of conflicting evidence in the case—including the cops changing their stories, as well as experts disagreeing about the cause of death—necessitates that the case go before a jury. Legally, the judge cannot simply decide that he likes one argument more than another one; that is for the jury to decide.

, the evidence that we do have points to the fact that the City and the cops are at fault for Kayla’s death. How can a “wellness check” result in the death of a disabled woman in her own apartment? We strongly believe that Kayla would be alive today if cops were not deployed to situations where what is needed are trained and compassionate caregivers.

We believe that the Moore family’s case should go before a jury, as is required by law when there is conflicting evidence in a case. We are building momentum toward the hearing date. We want to fill the courtroom and show support for Kayla Moore and her family. We demand a jury trial so the appalling facts of the case can be heard.

The court can fit a few hundred observers, and is usually empty. Let’s pack the court!


6. Thursday, 12Noon – 1:00pm, First 100 Days Campaign

350 Rhode Island

Accessibility: The location can be reached within one block by the 10, 19, 22, and 55 MUNI lines and will be held on the sidewalk in front of the address.

The No New SF Jail Coalition will be kicking off 2020

To mark the January 9th inauguration of a new progressive majority on the Board of Supervisors and District Attorney Chesa Boudin taking office, we will be holding a rally and press conference at the District Attorney’s office

to ensure that our elected officials implement their campaign promises to decarcerate San Francisco and close the jail at 850 Bryant.

Hosts: No New SF Jail, CUAV, Critical Resistance Oakland, Democratic Socialist of America – SF


7. Thursday, 4:00pm – 6:00pm, Save Our Democracy, Protest Facebook

Facebook HQ
1601 Willow Rd.
Menlo Park


Bus from San Francisco and San Mateo: A bus to Menlo Park will be leaving San Francisco’s Pioneer Monument on Fulton Street, which is near the Civic Center BART station at 3 PM on Thursday. It will stop for another pick up at the Hillsdale Caltrain station in San Mateo. Seats are first come, first served, so sign up now by registering for this event or emailing

Public transit: Please use this website for public transit info. If using Caltrain, there is a Willow Road shuttle from the Menlo Park Caltrain station.

Facebook refuses to take down advertisements by US politicians that feature even the most blatant falsehoods. And its efforts to stop the spread of toxic hate and disinformation that have created a climate of fear for immigrants, suppressed voter turnout among African Americans, and threaten the upcoming US census count are too little, too late.


In-person protest @ Facebook Headquarters

Online protest
On January 9, “black out” Facebook by covering your Facebook cover photo and profile photo with a completely black box. See for more info and instructions on how to replace these photos on your Facebook page.

Media Alliance, Global Exchange, MediaJustice, CODEPINK, CREDO Action, Indivisible SF, Indivisible SF Peninsula/CA-14, Indivisible Healdsburg,, Free Press Action, SumOfUs, RYSE, Vigil for Democracy, Coastside United for Action, Courage Campaign, Raging Grannies Action League, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, and others.

Info:  or

8. Thursday, 5:00pm, No War with Iran: Day of Action

One Post St. (above Montgromery BART)

RSVP to SF Event:

To find events in other areas:

A coalition of progressive groups have announced plans to come together this Thursday to lead marches across the U.S. against President Donald Trump’s push to wage war on Iran.

Win Without War, MoveOn, Indivisible, Vets About Face, and the National Iranian-American Council (NIAC) are among the groups leading the demonstrations. 

“Nearly 50 events around the country, more to come,” Jamal Abdi, NIAC president, tweeted Tuesday.

According to a Tuesday press release from the coalition, Thursday’s marches will focus on beating back continuing White House threats to attack Iran.

“In the wake of the Trump administration’s reckless assassination of Iranian General Soleimani, and threats to escalate conflict, activists carrying a ‘no war’ message will urge restraint and that the United States avoid yet another unnecessary, costly war of choice in the Middle East,” the group said. 


Friday, January 10

9. Friday, 11:30am – 12:30pm, Compassion Has No Walls Vigil at ICE Building

630 Sansome St.

Join us this month as we stand with those directly impacted by unjust immigration systems and laws. Together we will inspire and be inspired, sing and pray, support and be supported, and honor all of humanity.

This month, our vigil is hosted by Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity staff to kick off our new year of compassion beyond all walls and borders. Benjamin Mertz will also join us to lead our group in song.


10. Friday, 12Noon – 2:00pm, Protest the San Francisco Police Officers Association

San Francisco Police Officers Association
800 Bryant  @ 6th Street (outside)

Mothers on the March Against Police Murders and Black and Brown for Justice, Peace and Equality

    ‘Declare the Police Officers Association a Non Grata Organization’

    ‘Jail Killer Cops!’

The Police Officers Association claims to be a union, in reality it is an organization that is based on racism, white supremacy and Nazi ideology. It protects police officers that come into our communities to terrorize and murder our black and brown brothers and sisters.

We demand that the San Francisco Police Officers Association be shut down!

All are welcomed to stand with us.

11. Friday, 7:00pm – 8:30pm, Trump + Pentagon Threaten New War on Iran

2969 Mission St.

$3-10 donation, no one turned away for lack of funds.
Refreshments provided. Wheelchair accessible.

The Trump administration and Pentagon have moved to start a war with Iran by assassinating Qassem Soleimani, the top military leader of that country. Trump and the Pentagon have acted illegally, in violation of the Constitution, the War Powers Act and international law.

The targeted assassination and murder of a central leader of Iran is designed to initiate a new war. Unless the people of the United States rise up and stop it, this war will engulf the whole region and could quickly turn into a global conflict of unpredictable scope and potentially the gravest consequences.

Plus – Trump: Pro-Israel, Anti-Palestinian and Anti-Semitic

The Trump administration has given the go-ahead to the racist Israeli government to step up its oppression of the Palestinian people. Trump pretends to be a friend of Jewish people, but his regime’s open racism has emboldened the most anti-Semitic and fascist elements in society, and is the main cause of the sharp rise in deadly attacks on Jewish people across the country.


Saturday, January 11

12. Saturday, 10:00am – 12Noon, Training & Mobilization To Keep People In Their Homes

3250 24th St.

Training & Mobilization To Keep People In Their Homes

Host: Housing Rights Committee of SF


13. Saturday, 12Noon – 2:00pm, Trump / Pence Out Now! No War on Iran

Meet at:

24th & Mission Sts.

Trump has been impeached. He has ratcheted up the danger of war with Iran. Now let’s go all the way to drive Trump and the whole fascist regime from power.


Everyone with a conscience must face this hard truth.
But that alone is not enough—we must now ACT ON IT.
There is a way to remove this whole regime—the #OUTNOW Movement of sustained, non-violent protest that doesn’t stop until the regime has been removed from power.

Info:  or

14. Saturday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm, Stop The 2020 Olympics in Japan, End Nuclear Power & Nuclear Weapons

SF Japanese Consulate
275 Battery St (nr. Califonria)

Join the No Nukes Action NNA on Saturday, March 11, 2020 to demand the cancellation of the Olympics in Japan and Fukushima. The Abe government lied to the International Olympic Committee and the people of the world that Fukushima had been

Now the government is threatening to release 1.5 million tons of radioactive water with tritium and other dangerous material in the Pacific ocean. This environmental crime and threat to all humanity
must be opposed.

We cannot be silent as the Abe government with the collusion of the IOC continues to greenwash the Olympics in Japan.
The Government is also demanding that families return to Fukushima and has actually built public schools near the Fukushima plant to show that it is safe.

These children are used as guinea pigs as the government
continues to try to remove the melted nuclear rods from the broken down plants.

The Abe government is also moving to militarize and remove Article 9 from the constitution which disallows offensive war and the use of Japanese military forces outside Japan. Despite this law, the government is sending military naval vessels to the Middle East to join with the US and other imperial powers in threatening the people of the Middle East.

If your organization would like to endorse and speak at the rally please contact our committee
No Nukes Action Committee


Sunday, January 7

15. Sunday, 9:30am – 11:00am, No Way To Treat A Child: Mistreatment and Persecution of Palestinian Children

Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco
1187 Franklin St.

Israel is the only country in the world to automatically prosecute children in military courts that lack basic safeguards for a fair trial. From the moment of arrest, Palestinian children encounter ill-treatment and torture at the hands of Israeli forces. Three out of four experience physical violence during arrest or interrogation.

On April 30, 2019, U.S. Congresswoman Betty McCollum (D-MN) introduced the Promoting Human Rights for Palestinian Children Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act also known as H.R. 2407, a bill prohibiting U.S. taxpayer funding for the military detention of children in any country, including Israel.

Come hear a panel of experts and activists who will give eye-witness accounts of their on-the-ground experiences in Israel/Palestine and discuss the importance of this piece of legislation.

Panelists: Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, Sharif Zakout, Rev. John Anderson


16. Sunday, 3:00pm – 5:00pm, Haiti 10 Years After the Earthquake

1121 64th Street

$10-20 no one turned away for lack of funds, all proceeds go directly to the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund to support community relief efforts on the ground in Haiti and the peoples’ continued grassroots mobilizations.

Join us at PLACE at 3pm on Sunday, January 12th to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the 2010 earthquake that shook Haiti and learn about and celebrate the people’s continuous struggle for autonomy and self-determination.

On January 12, 2010 the earth trembled, more than 300,000
Haitians died, and hundreds of thousands more were left homeless. Generous people worldwide donated millions of dollars, but much of this money never reached Haitians on the ground. Under UN occupation since the coup that overthrew elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 2004, Haitians have since been battered by a cholera epidemic introduced by UN troops from Nepal, hurricanes, and a series of vicious, kleptocratic governments forced on Haiti by the United States, Canada, and France. Undaunted, the Haitian majority bravely continues to organize a mass movement calling for the overthrow of the imposed government, providing inspiration to all who struggle for freedom and democracy.

Hosts: Haiti Action Committee and PLACE



Sat. Jan. 25 – Global Day of Protest – No War On Iran!

The Trump administration is dragging the United States into a war with Iran that could engulf the whole region and could quickly turn into a global conflict of unpredictable scope and the gravest consequences.
The people of the world need to rise up and stop it. For all who believe in peace, for all who are opposed to yet another catastrophic war, now is the time to take action. On Saturday, January 25 in cities across the globe, there will be protests against a new war in the Middle East. Please join us. 

Register a protest organized in your city here!Initiators for this call include the ANSWER Coalition, CODEPINK, Popular Resistance, Black Alliance for Peace, National Iranian-American Council (NIAC), Veterans For Peace, US Labor Against the War (USLAW), Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), United National Anti-War Committee, Pastors for Peace/Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization, International Action Center, United For Peace and Justice, Alliance For Global Justice (AFGJ), December 12th Movement, World Beyond War, Dorothy Day Catholic Worker, Dominican Sisters/ICAN, Nonviolence International, Food Not Bombs and many other anti-war and peace organizations. 

To add your name as an endorser click here.

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