OP-ED: What is Fear doing to us now with this “pandemic”?

The Coronavirus Pandemic

Fear often overwhelms clear thinking. It did on 9/11. We were told that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction, that he was involved in 9/11, he was bosom buddies with Osama bin Laden, and……he was developing a nuclear bomb that we couldn’t wait for it to appear in the form of a mushroom cloud. That all turned out to be a “pack of lies”.

The Coronovirus, Donald Trump tells us, it originated in Wuhan, China. The Chinese say we brought it there. Who’s right about that? How many of us even know there is this rather serious disagreement?

What is the proof of either side? Does anybody know?

Very few of us are even aware of this. Why? We’re too busy following our government’s directives to stay sheltered inside and not to talk to anyone outside, always maintaining six feet from our fellow citizens when we go to the grocery store. Mmm! Those who do talk to others, what are they talking about through their masks? COVID 19. Nothing more. What are our TV news talking heads talking about? COVID 19. Be afraid, be very afraid. Be terrified and lock step behind the directives of our government.

Is there any questioning going on beyond the exigencies of Fear? You answer that question.

Allow me to digress for a moment. In 2003, the world was terrorized by a virus called SARS. Do you know how many people died from SARS worldwide? A little more than 800. After being told by our Authoritarian Experts that there would be millions of cases, WORLDWIDE, it turned out there were only a little more than 800. How could that be?

And those Experts told us that the virus originated in China around cities like Foshan near Quandong in southern China. Did they tell us that those cities were the centers for the world where all the electronic trash was sent to be disassembled and recycled by poor Chinese workers who did so for $1.50 an hour? Did they tell us that these workers labored around huge vats of acid, breathing in a cacophany of chemicals daily in the pursuit of feeding and caring for their families? Did they tell us that the corporations who profited from this exploitation dumped what they couldn’t salvage into their waterways, so much so that they poisoned the drinking water for the people that lived there? Their local governments ended up having to ship in clean drinking water.

And what did the corporations tell us? These people were the carriers of SARS. That was their “Cover Story” to the world, their covering up of their corporate criminal behavior. And it took our eyes off the ball, didn’t it?

Those Chinese Workers didn’t have a viral infection that caused fear and terror in the world. Their respiratory health problems, etc. were the result of Corporate Crime and the corporations covered it up by directing our attentions away from the Truth.

So in confronting this pandemic, are we asking the right questions or are we, once again, being directed away from deeper questioning? FEAR is a tremendous manipulator and controller. It DIVERTED our eyes and minds after 9/11, didn’t it?

What is FEAR doing to us now?

–Bob of Occupy

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