“Our Revolution” responds to New York effort to remove Sanders from ballot

Governor Andrew Cuomo is considering a proposal to cancel the New York primary, and New York election officials are meeting next week to discuss the matter.

TAKE ACTION: Sign our petition now demanding that New York does not prevent Bernie Sanders supporters from making their voice heard by canceling the New York primary.


Bernie Sanders is keeping his name on the ballot in all remaining primary states in order to accrue enough delegates to fight for critical Democratic Party reforms and ensure that the party platform is progressive enough to meet this moment of national crisis.

Neither Bernie or I want to see a repeat of the tragic crowded polling locations we saw when Republicans overruled Bernie’s desire to delay the Wisconsin primary. However, there is no public safety issue if New York holds a primary by mail.

Mike: if Governor Cuomo were to outright cancel this primary, it would set a terrible precedent that the most dangerous president in modern history, Donald Trump, could then use as an excuse to outright cancel the general election in November.

New York has just weeks to decide whether to cancel the primary. Add your name here to urge the Governor and the Board of Elections not to use this crisis as an excuse to crush democracy, suppress progressive reform, and give President Trump something he can cite to try to cancel the November election!

New York State Democratic Chair Jay Jacobs and State Senate Deputy Majority Leader Mike Gianaris are both on the record supporting the continuation of the primary because Bernie explicitly cited his desire to remain on the ballot in remaining contests. Most NY counties have their congressional primary and/or special elections the same day, eliminating any excuse to cancel.

Governor Cuomo is meeting with President Trump to ask for much-needed resources for New York state. We appreciate all of his efforts to communicate effectively with the people of New York and to get life-saving medical equipment — but we can’t allow him to ignore democracy, even during a moment of crisis.

If such a prominent Democrat is willing to cancel an election, what’s to stop Trump from using that as a precedent to try to cancel the national election in November?

Sign here to urge Governor Cuomo and New York election officials to move forward with holding a safe all mail-in ballot primary election. We can’t give Trump the ammo he needs to exploit this crisis to further erode our democracy!


Thank you for protecting our democracy,

Larry Cohen
Board Chair
Our Revolution

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One Response to “Our Revolution” responds to New York effort to remove Sanders from ballot

  1. Craig Locke says:

    Oh, right; adding division in our ranks is a good idea…..NOT we all saw how well that worked out for us in 2016!

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