Why Democrats Can’t Win without Bernie

By Leroy Boone

May 29, 2020 (Faccebook.com)

I think the people running the DNC need to pull their collective heads out of whatever orifice they’re up and just look around.

We have the most successful women’s movement in history. #Metoo has brought down dozens if not hundreds of supposedly “untouchable” men. Meanwhile the presumed nominee of the Democratic Party has more than a half dozen women claiming he sexually harassed them or worse.

We have the worst health crisis we’ve had in a century. Yet the presumed nominee of the Democratic Party has said he opposes single payer health coverage and will veto it if it reaches his desk.

The presumed nominee of the Democratic Party has vowed only to return the U.S. to “normal,” but normal sucks for about 50 million Americans.

Then planet is literally burning, but Mr. Biden proposes only an energy plan that poisons the water more than the air.

The unemployment rate is the highest it’s been in four generations, and Mr. Biden proposes allowing low wage workers to cash in their non existent retirement accounts to survive.

Cops are now openly murdering black men and Biden’s pick for VP has enabled this by failing to prosecute the “bad” cops when she could. Mr. Biden himself crafted legislation that makes African Americans criminals just because of their socioeconomic status and skin color, further convincing racist cops that they can do what they do.

Biden himself on at least three occasions has told people not to vote for him

So listen, DNC member. I don’t know whether you worship Jehovah, Allah, Jesus, Buddha, Odin, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Mother Nature, Planet Earth, The One, The Universe, or any other higher power. That Higher Power is saying quite clearly that time is up for unbridled greed and destruction. The Supreme Being is making it quite obvious that things have to change.

God sent climate change. You laughed at Her. God sent a pandemic; you said taking care of your fellow humans wasn’t important enough to provide them with health care. God is sending protests and riots across the country to tell the Dems not to put racists in charge of the government.

To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never met any of you. I’m sure that deep, deep down you’re capable of empathy and humanity. We need you to find those qualities in yourself now. We don’t need you to find it in 2022, or 2024. We need you to find it now. And we need you to forget everything you think you know about politics and the world. Thatworld is gone and is never coming back. The system we have is unsustainable and in it’s death throes. We need all of you Establishment Democrats to congratulate yourself for all the wealth and power you’ve accumulate, and hell, even be proud of it!

And then we need you to step aside. And we need you to let others take over now. Because you can’t win if you don’t. And this isn’t about country or party, this is about human survival.

You may have Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos on your side.

But look around. It’s quite clear that Bernie Sanders has God on his side.

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