Vote YES on Prop. 15

July 6, 2020 * By Ben Grieff, Campaign Director

After more than 4 decades, California voters will have an opportunity to reclaim $12 billion a year for our schools and communities. This historic achievement has only been possible thanks to our supporters, volunteers, and the strong statewide coalition that have come together to win in November.
Receiving our proposition number signals that the campaign season has officially begun. With less than 4 months until ballots are mailed, we need your help to get our message out to voters now.
Volunteer to Help Pass Proposition 15 this November!
Guaranteeing stable, long-term revenue for our schools and communities is now more important than ever. Of course, we know that the real estate industry, the oil industry, and the anti-tax conservatives have made defeating Prop. 15 their top priority.
We can’t outspend these well-funded special interests, but we can definitely out-organize them. It’s time to start telling folks across California to vote YES on Prop. 15 in November to put our Schools & Communities First!

What we do in these next 119 days has the power to reverse 42 years of disinvestment by finally putting our Schools & Communities First. If you can’t volunteer, I hope you can make a contribution to help us win in November. 
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