Milton Friedman on Guaranteed Income / Negative Income Tax / Basic Income

Matt Orfalea Why Milton Friedman Supported Guaranteed Income | 5 Reasons Milton Friedman supported a guaranteed minimum income with a Negative Income Tax (NIT). While NIT and Universal Basic Income (UBI) are both guaranteed minimum incomes, the difference is a UBI goes to everyone automatically, while a NIT is distributed… Continue reading

Alex Morse Was Accused, Condemned and Then Vindicated. Will His Experience Change Anything?

Vague allegations against the Massachusetts congressional candidate offer a case study in how progressives navigate issues of sex and power in politics when judgment is often swift and unforgiving. By Jeremy W. Peters Aug. 23, 2020 ( Political careers usually don’t survive allegations like these. And for about a week, it… Continue reading

Five Reasons to Care About the Trump-Putin Attack on Democracy

BY STEVEN HARPER | AUGUST 24, 2020 ( A Note from Bill The evidence is spread across nearly 1,000 pages, proving that Russia, with top Trump henchmen playing right along, sought to spread confusion and distrust among American voters, influence the outcome of the election, and undermine the legitimacy of our democracy…. Continue reading